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Time zone: CEST (UTC +2h, Cave time +6h). Please don't add my dragons to hatcheries, I can raise them safely on my own.

Sorry, I've had (and still have) little time over past few months, that's why there are so many unsorted dragons on my scroll.


My scroll sorting: growing, unsorted Valentine's day, Leetle Tree, other unsorted, ...Magis to Tinsel..., Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, non-dragons

My first four:.Old_Magi_egg.gif.Old_Purple_Dorsal_egg.gif.Old_Canopy_egg.gif.Old_Balloon_egg.gif. My first rare:.Magma_egg.gif


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    Czech Republic
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    Please don't add my dragons to hatcheries, I can raise my dragons safely on my own.

    Currently semi-active.

    If I haven't reached my limit, I will gladly accept any egg/hatchling you send me. I don't care much about lineage or inbreeding, yet I usually prefer eggs to hatchlings, CB to bred, low-gen to high-gen, purebred to nicely lineaged to messy, non-inbreds to inbreds. Feel free to PM me if you want something. If I'm not responding within 24 hours, then I'm temporarily away and/or unable to safely raise my dragons.

    ♦♦♦♦♦ wishlist ♦♦♦♦♦
    see in my signature
    if the link isn't working, go directly to

    ♦♦♦♦♦ thank you ♦♦♦♦♦
    ♦ Snowytoshi for CB Brimstone (PMRaM) - gift
    ♦ lynixe for Ice (mSTGd) - trade (for freshly released CB Tri-Horn Wyvern)
    ♦ Lagie for Silver Shimmer-Scale (e3Axl) - gift
    ♦ Touchtorn for Bronze Tinsel (dkQek) - gift
    ♦ cherie2017 for Gold Shimmer-Scale (1zIED) - gift
    ♦ Saika for CB Green Fire Gem (e55JX) - gift
    ♦ littleangelamy22 for CB Albino (8eNQ1) - gift
    ♦ Yunako for CB Grave (ko4sZ) - gift

    ♦♦♦♦♦ my DC history ♦♦♦♦♦
    outside these dates I had no growing dragons (hiatuses shorter than 30 days are not included):

    24th March 2010 - 7th September 2010
    14th October 2010 - 1st January 2011
    19th March 2011 - 7th April 2011
    --- first big hiatus ---
    11th September 2012 - 31st December 2012
    11th February 2013 - 11th March 2013
    --- second big hiatus ---
    21st April 2017 - 27th June 2017
    31st July 2017 - now

    ♦♦♦♦♦ game style: safe mode ♦♦♦♦♦
    I'm doing my best to raise dragons safely, without sickness or even death. If possible, I'm trying them to hatch / grow up in time (at 4 days left). I don't kill, use earthquake, bite, neglect, release or freeze. I don't have corresponding dragons to expunge, but I wouldn't do that even if I could. I mostly don't abandon, but there are 2 exceptions: 1) auto-abandon if there's a multi-clutch while breeding, 2) when hunting eggs in AP, I look at the lineage and either keep it or immediately abandon it back. If someone wants to give me eggs / hatchlings and run out of Magis, I pick some egg from AP and trade it.

    Neglected and Vampire dragons: I don't neglect or bite myself, I don't request them, but they're in my wishlist, I'm catching them from AP and if someone already has them and is giving them away (raffle and so), I'm asking for them.
    Undead dragons: the probability of having anything dead on my scroll is very low, but I'll revive whenever I can. So far I only experienced sickness five times.

    In future, when I reach my scroll goal for almost all (un)common breeds, I will probably freeze and try for Neglected, Vampire, Undead and enraged Aegis dragons. But not now. I have much to do to catch up what I've missed during my 2 big hiatuses.