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  1. "I, julianimal, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" The only reason dead eggs will be/are on my scroll are failed vampire bites. Or zombies (would someone please eplain zombies to me? All I know is that it has something to do with killing). I never ever kill. I freeze if I must, and if I couldn't do that, I'd release.
  2. I never got the zombies thing: Do they stay on your scroll? Or, after two weeks, go away? Killing is even more redundant now that the releasing thing is an option.
  3. Just got both of them! Can't wait for them to hatch :3
  4. And the abandoned place. Like you wouldn't notice you were crammed in there with about 170 other people, more sometimes, all rushing for that one repulsed vamp. Wouldn't the mad stampede squish the other eggs?
  5. I just started Valenth. If someone could PM me, and explain it more, that'd be great By the way, they're rigged. Lawful: http://valenth.com/info/4872429/Ambrosia+Nectar http://valenth.com/info/4855428/Sunstone+Pear http://valenth.com/info/4855618/Ambrosia+Nectar http://valenth.com/info/4855651/Ambrosia+Nectar Natural: http://valenth.com/info/4872443/Crescentoise http://valenth.com/info/4872496/Sundrop http://valenth.com/info/4872530/Roast+Goose http://valenth.com/info/4872604/Sparkling+Water Tainted: http://valenth.com/info/4872509/Stolen+Soul http://valenth.com/info/4872552/Spinestalk http://valenth.com/info/4872582/Tainted+Ichor http://valenth.com/info/4872627/Stolen+Soul
  6. I have a couple- when they were really common, along with mints, I would rescue them from the AP. Now I'm really glad that I did. I have 7. I wish I had frozen a hatchie or two, all are adults.
  7. Bright pink, red, stone, and vine. They all died. I almost cried.