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  1. I like the firework trophy! Very cool. Thanks, TJ!
  2. I try to only breed eggs that will be seen as desireable or rare, and I give away or drop most of them. I have a couple of breeding projects in mind, but I haven't started them yet. I think I only have two eggs that I bred that I have kept for myself.
  3. I actually like that suggestion for the white dragon. I'd find that funny, too!
  4. Definitely the Persian Blue, and also the Fantasy and Eastern Unicorn. I haven't looked at them in a while, I should review the completed list. Edit: The Eastern Unicorn has to be my favorite! I would love to hoard those, but I bet they'd be rares. They just have such an exotic look to them, you can't possibly call them common!
  5. I just got a magi out of the cave yesterday, and I'm starting to see more of the older breeds. I think it's just a matter of time for the number of new dragons to catch up to the old ones, and then we'll see the drop ratios balancing out.
  6. I've noticed the cave doesn't block until there are almost 5 lines on the AP, which is nice. The cave also doesn't stay plugged for long with 3 eggs of a breed that nobody really wants. I sort through the AP periodically, and I'm finding more CB eggs on the AP, not sure if they were from people dropping misclicks or what. I like the fact that the cave shows so many of the newest release and the MM eggs, they were supposed to be common, after all. And I don't mind that the cave actually empties out after 10-15 minutes because it means a lot of people are finding things they want. I'm personally stocking up on Nebulas, lol. Overall, I love it!! Thanks, TJ, the cave seems to be flowing a lot more smoothly now. One thing I've noticed that I don't like is that strange things seem to be happening to things that I found on the AP pile when I try to give them away. I just tried giving someone a 2nd gen stripe egg from stripe/gold parents that I took off the AP a day or so ago, and she didn't get it. I tried to view it not 30 seconds later, and it had been killed. I know of someone else that tried to drop a black hatchie unsuccessfully, and found it in the wilderness almost immediately. We're watching it to see if it grows up or was frozen. Still, it seems strange. Is it possible that one of the changes to the AP is that, if something has been picked up and released a certain number of times, something happens to it to remove it from the AP?
  7. That may no longer be true. There has been a poll out (check your scroll headings-site polls) about what to do for cave blocking, and a large majority of people voted to start sending eggs to the wilderness if they had been on the AP too long. That may have been implimented, or perhaps in a trial period. Edit: Just read previous posts, lol, so I'm wrong. Still, the poll is there, and if you haven't voted, you should check it out.
  8. I don't have any of the goldfish eggs yet. Wonder what it does?
  9. Egg drop soup is definitely my favorite. My eggs just seem to get more views there. Hopefully it will come back online soon. I also miss the banner I had in my sig showing my scroll stats.
  10. I'm seeing the same pattern with my lush vs. glory eggs, and on my sister's scroll, too. The lush seems to be much more resistant to cracking, had to ER the first one. Can't wait to see TJ's grow up; I want to know what they look like!
  11. The thing is, just before a new release they pull several dragons off of the completed list, including the ones that are about to be released, so that no one can see them during the release.
  12. I know I've dropped a couple of the lush so I could get the others. Also, I had so hoped TJ's hatchlings would grow up before I had to go to bed, but I guess not. This'll be the first thing I check tomorrow! G'night all, and happy hunting.
  13. Another way for dragons to lose their name is if the person hasn't used their account in a while. They don't lose their dragons, but their dragons lose their names. It's in the Terms of Service under the Inactivity header.
  14. Yeah, a few hours ago DC time was off of real time by about 15 minutes, but it got fixed pretty quick.
  15. I just caught a dusk/dawn for someone out of the cave during the normal drops, and I've seen the lush egg a few times, too. Also saw a Hellfire sit for 3 refreshes! Unheard of!!
  16. If it is over, it wasn't even 24 hours long. It started last night at 2:00 AM Eastern (if I remember correctly). I was at the cave when they first started, so I am now happily scroll-locked. But I agree it should be longer, 48 hours at least.
  17. Someone on page 13 of this thread did get a dorkface orange scaley egg. I only had one water dragon available, and I got no interest.
  18. Trying to resist the urge to drop vine hatchling that matures in 11 hours so that I can unlock and grab one more egg. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.
  19. One of TJ's dusk hatchlings has gendered now...
  20. I caught one of each of the two new cave dropped ones, but I only had one water and magi pair to breed, and they didn't produce an egg. Need to get more of each, now.
  21. Do anything you have to in order to be able to refresh quickly. That half-second advantage of being the first to see something good pop up in the cave can make all the difference. That, and the recognition of the descriptive phrase without having to think about it. I recently trained myself to recognize the description for magma without thought, because it was the only one of the trio I didn't have. I caught two magmas out of the cave last week, and then yesterday "accidentally" caught a third because it was a reflex click and I literally had it before I could think about it.
  22. I think you must be really lucky at the cave, lol. I haven't seen any blacks in the cave, myself, but I took a CB black out of the AP pile a few days ago. I have some incredible luck with the AP, but this just floored me! It's now a hatchie on my scroll.
  23. Yaaayyy for new dragons! I have to agree that too many dragon types makes it hard to catch certain ones in the cave. Retiring dragons, though, sets off wails of concern from collectors. What if, instead of retiring older breeds, they just started appearing less often in the cave? In other words, they would drop at the same percentage rate as rares, but would still be breedable as commons. That would give people more chances to catch the new ones, and the collecting/trading value of the older types would go up if they were caveborn.
  24. I just started a couple of months ago, and I'm already hooked. I don't collect everything, just the dragons I like, but that may change in the future. I only want caveborns or short lineages, or lineages that show a lot of effort in their planning. I've gotten pretty good at snagging out of the cave, and I have had some sheer luck at getting neat stuff out of the AP pile. I don't much want anything unbreedable, and everything I've gotten like that, I've gifted. I like gifting people or replacing things lost in trade, but it is something of a hassle, and I long for the Teleport BSA to be created. Otherwise, I'm just here to have fun!
  25. Sounds like a good idea to me. I only have two blacks, but I promise not to breed them for at least a month. I want a chance at a caveborn!