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  1. Here's a question: now that we've been rating trees a bit, how would you vote on your own? I think I'd give mine about an 8. It's "pretty" and "artistic," but not overly inspired or clever. Still, I like looking at it.
  2. I came across one where you literally could not see any green from the tree. It looked like the heavens opened up and dropped a dumptruck full of ornaments on it. I'm sorry, but those get a 1 or a 2 from me. I rate mostly on first impression (meaning whether I like it or not) then add points in for effort and creativity, even if I didn't particularly like it.
  3. Lol, I saw that one, too, and gave it a 1 or 2, I forget which. I was wondering, a lot of us seem to have seen some of the same trees. Does anyone know how the tree rotation works? Is it just random, or what? Edit: Just read back a couple of pages, seems like I'm not the first one to ask, and no one knows the answer. Oh, well.
  4. My eyes are starting to glaze over, to the point where I don't even notice the tree has changed to the next one. Goodnight, all, and enjoy the beautiful trees.
  5. I saw the Mr. Potato Head, too! And the button for me just said "lights or popcorn," there wasn't an option to get more beads. It's not like there was a shortage of ornaments, though, I couldn't use all that I had anyway.
  6. I find myself using about the same scale as Ardath when voting. Most of my votes are in the 3 to 6 range, but there are a few that have scored an 8, and one 9. I'm not sure I'd recognize a 10 if I saw it. I'm going to try to look at as many trees as I can in the next few days, voting seems to go pretty fast for me.
  7. I've finished mine, now I just have to keep my itchy fingers off of it! When the voting starts, can we see how our tree is doing, or do we have to wait until the end?
  8. Every time I think I know what I want to use on my tree, something else wonderful comes out. There just isn't enough room to put everything on that I want to use! I have decided on the tree topper, though, but if I go with any particular color scheme, I have to leave something wonderful out. *sigh, decisions, decisions...*
  9. My biggest problem is trying to decide what I want to use! They're all so lovely, but they can't all fit on the tree, and we still have more ornaments to come.
  10. My sister and I both got our two! I expected it to take longer than that, and I am pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Thank you TJ and spriters! Merry Christmas to everyone
  11. I saw a very few Hollies on the first day of breeding, but none since. I've caught 2 snow angels and 2 yulebucks, though, so I'm happy. I've heard of a couple of people who got "no interest" or "no egg" when they tried to breed their holiday dragons, including a Holly. Talk about upsetting!
  12. My favorite is Snow Angel x Nebula, like this. Yulebuck x BBW looks pretty good, too, as the wing shape of the BBW kind of looks like the holly wings of the Yulebuck.
  13. I just realized, with rare x rare, I can do a pb mamga line, or pb ice, thunder, etc. I think I'm going to be using up all my egg slots in breeding!
  14. WOW! Sounds like a truly awesome set of updates! It also sounds like a lot of work. Thank you, TJ, and whoever else is working their butt off to bring us all of these.
  15. I have a 3rd gen black egg with black/gold lineage up for adoption. If you want it and have room to take it, send me a PM.
  16. Yes, the new eggs can be abandoned and traded. Thank you to TJ and all of the people who have been working the last 24 hours to keep the cave up and running! Great job, everyone.
  17. Congrats! This is my first holiday drop, and I managed to get four of the crusted ones. I've influenced for two pairs.
  18. F2qj is now the top LEFT egg. And, by DC time, Halloween has another 15 minutes to go, doesn't it?
  19. No zombies for me yet. Two died and disintegrated, and five have dodged. I keep trying to kill them, but they are just determined to live. I don't really have any other dragons Iwant to kill, either, so I'm probably not going to get a zombie this year. Next year I'll be better prepared.
  20. As far as I know, they are only dropping today, on the 31st.
  21. So, I have three of the new eggs and three pumpkins, and my sister has three new eggs, too. She had 4 zombie attempts, with two successes, a male and a female, so she's happy. I still haven't killed any of my dragons yet, though. I kind of like the ones I have, but I'd also like a zombie or two. Decisions, decisions... And I'm willing to catch for people, just send me a PM.
  22. I finally got the winged kitty! That was #82 for me, getting close to the end.
  23. I figure the offspring has value as a breeder, because there are people who want dragons with zombies in the lineage. If the parent of the hatchling doesn't become a zombie, then I'd go ahead and kill the hatchie, too. But if the parent DOES become a zombie, I would keep the hatchie alive. That's what I'm planning to do, anyway. My zombie fodder are going to be the dragons I already have offspring from. Here's a question for someone else; does the time you try to resurect them make a difference? Someone said at midnight, but is that the first midnight, when the 31st begins, or the last midnight, when Halloween is ending? Or does it even matter?
  24. I just got this one. I also have the fetus in a jar, and my sister has the dragon kitty. That's the one I want the most.
  25. I got two pumpkin eggs, one of them a purebred. I don't have any adult pumpkins, so I really need some self control right now so I will still be open for the Halloween drop!