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  1. I just got the message that the project is trying to start up again, and I have to say I'm not really interested. I don't do much on DC anymore, so I'm going to bow out of the project. This means that Team Teal will need a replacement member and a new captain. However, my EPIC dragons are intact and my forums messages are linked to my email, so I am happy to breed a replacement egg or eggs for anyone who needs them. Just send me a PM when you need me. Thanks, Raevela
  2. Wow!! You are incredibly talented, I love your house!
  3. Does anyone know how many red star recipies there are? I'm still getting them...
  4. I agree that there are a lot of nice Christmas eggs going to waste. I have two nice ones up for grabs posted in 3 different threads, and no one is taking them. Next year I think I'll just breed on request. As for the cooking, I think I'm about 2/3 of the way through with it. And as for the Hollies, I'm in the same boat as everyone else, lol. I've seen about 6 holly eggs go by this year, but no luck catching them. One even popped up directly beneath my cursor, but I got the message that someone was faster and snatched the egg away! Oh well, maybe I can catch something really epic and trade for one next year!
  5. They are in the Desert, and there are already a few of the older eggs mixed in with them; but yeah, they will be around for a while, and drop hourly, although they empty out in about 3 minutes now.
  6. I didn't get any using IE, but I switched to Firefox with java turned off, and got 7 out of one drop. Now I'm egg locked and happy.
  7. Lol, lasted 3 minutes, does that count? Didn't get one this time, but I'll keep trying.
  8. I just had to brag about my newly bred pretty. Thanks again to stargazer 7 for providing me with the perfect mate for my Yulebuck! http://dragcave.net/lineage/FTOWi
  9. This has probably been asked before, but how many ToT items did we end up with? I got 59 and no new ones are popping up.
  10. I've bred my old Halloween dragons, but none of the eggs have shown up on the AP. They're all sitting in netherspace somewhere with 0 views or clicks.
  11. The dragons' costumes are wonderful, and I absolutely love the new look on the spitfires!! Wish they could stay like that always.
  12. I've got eggs to give away, 2 snow angels and 2 ribbons, to anyone who hasn't been able to catch them. First PM gets them. I've given up on getting a holly myself, but good luck to the hunters out there !
  13. So what would look good bred with a ribbon dancer? I haven't really thought about mates for them yet, although I have mates for all of the rest. Any ideas?
  14. I absolutely love the alternate Christmas colored dragons!! Great job, guys! I think the horse dragon has to be my favorite, with the white and red. Too bad we can't keep them that way.
  15. Definitely not lasting long enough. 2 minutes, and it's over. I thought it would be easier with several biomes, but it's not.
  16. Ok, I'm officially stuck. I have 38 items, and I can't get past the magical barrier in the basement. It says I still need a magical item, but I don't think it's the same one izombie was having problems with; I think I have everything out of the greenhouse. Can someone tell me how to get past that magical barrier?? EDIT: I just got 39th item, I'll bet this is it EDIT again: And done! This was really great fun, kudos to all who worked so hard to develop it!
  17. That one was mine, glad you like it! Just got another one yesterday, hopefully soon they'll give me a tinsel.
  18. raevela

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Love the new portal skin. Love all the updates, in fact. One possible bug noted with the St Patrick's Day skin: The navigation links (account, dragons, etc.) didn't show up when I switched to that skin. I don't know if that was just my computer or if it's an actual bug, but the Portal skin works fine. And I'm already maxed out on my new egg limits Great work everybody!
  19. I can't believe all of these things are being released at once! All of them are incredibly welcome, and thanks for all the hard work!
  20. I now have one of each of the older Valentine eggs, two new eggs in less than 20 minutes, and just before the drop started, I caught a Leetle Tree! Definitely a great way to end the night.
  21. I think I saw this one, but I voted it really low. I don't like the katamari trees, and that's what the "fake" one was. The real tree was just a string of lights or something. The ones that get the highest ratings from me are the ones I look at and go, "Wow, that's beautiful!" *still haven't seen the pac man tree*
  22. I saw that one, too, a day or two ago, I forget how long. I had the same reaction; the wreath looked really impressive. Too bad it wasn't on the tree.
  23. Shame on you, Evilminion, for playing with people's minds! You should go drink that other half-bottle of wine. I've seen a few picture trees, too, where I couldn't tell what they were, and if I can't tell in about 15 seconds, I give it a mediocre rating and move on to the next one. I give the highest marks to the traditional trees that are beautiful to look at and look like the person spent some time trying to get it just right.
  24. Katamari is a descriptive term used by someone early in the thread, and it caught on really fast. There is a game called Katamari where there is a big, sticky ball that picks up anything that is smaller than itself, and somehow the term just seemed to fit some of the trees we've seen.
  25. I like the grading scheme as listed by skauble, but I have to admit I don't take that much time at each tree. I vote mostly by first impression, meaning whether I like it or not and how much effort seems to have gone into it. If something catches my eye, then I study it more and get pickier. I'm also worried that each tree is only going to be seen by a few voters, so I'm trying to get through as many of them as I can, and I'll keep voting until the voting is over or until I've run out of trees. I feel sorry for the ones hit by glitches, there's no way to tell how good it might have been. I have, however, seen the katamari trees where you know it has to be intentional, it's just gaudy, and personally, those get low marks from me. I do try to keep in mind that a lot of these people might be young kids, but it doesn't help me rate them any higher. Still, I'm seeing several beautiful trees, and I'm enjoying the process. Overall, I have to call this contest a complete WIN!