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  1. 2 minutes ago, Skyrix said:

    any color, what's needed is any lightning aligned dragon aka thunder, electric, bolt and astrapi xeno
    also it seems to be the halloween 2015 alt judging from the hatchie


    Thanks, both to you and DragonLady! I don't have many coppers, and the one egg produced from a green copper x thunder was also a green copper, so I wasn't sure.

  2. My first two bluespots just hatched, one blue and one brown (or red, I guess.) Both stolen at the same time, both hatched at the same time, but the blue one is from the jungle and the red one is from the volcano. Maybe it's the environment they come from? If that's true, though, it will be interesting to see what colors the offspring have.


    Edit: clicking through the hatchery, I'm seeing reds from the coast, so it isn't a question of water, after all. So, no clue. I'll just have to catch a lot more of them and hope for the best! XD 

  3. 1 minute ago, jocosa said:


    Because the original release of Holly's were males. These mimic that. The rare females are raffle honorable mention prizes.



    I thought the originals in 2008 were influenceable, which is why I was asking. Thanks for the replies :)

  4. 19 minutes ago, InkedMyths said:

    Hey, is anyone else having a glitch wheremost of the outfits are invisible? Because I am and it's annoying and confusing. Maybe it's just because I'm on mobile, but it was working fine on Friday.. 

    I had that yesterday. Do a hard refresh (which is CTRL+F5) on that page and the problem clears up.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Gryphonic said:

    Maybe the greens are a day/night morph?  Or something time-based?  Just tossing out ideas, like when the Lunar Heralds first released.

    That's actually not a bad thought. I might save my last two egg slots for the morning just in case...

  6. I'm so glad there are more dropping, I hadn't seen any of the new eggs at all until now! Now I have two of the desert ones and three of the sapphire, and an ice egg that I clicked on by sheer force of habit, lol! Thanks to everyone involved smile.gif

  7. I am disappoint.


    I was told I was going to get a kitty, but I never got one!!!

    If you returned the first cat to the two-headed dragon who lost her, she then had a kitten. Talk to the two-headed dragon again at the Party there at the town square, and he will give you the kitten.

  8. Silly question (that must have been asked at least 1000 times already but I have no moral force to go through all the 120 pages): how long do we have to collect all the treats? UNTIL the 1st of November or until the END of 1st of November?

    Until the end of the 31st, or the beginning of the 1st, however you choose to look at it. Basically, you have about 5 more hours from this post. wink.gif


    In other news, I made enough of the mint potions to transform all of the mints on my scroll. It looks like a totally different breed. Very cool! This has been a great event, thanks to all the hard work from everyone involved. You guys outdid yourselves! biggrin.gif