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  1. ((Wait I'm sorry I haven't posted. I haven't had the greatest past few days but I'll post soon. Sorry for any problems I caused.))
  2. because my character is a jerk who doesn't like people who have bad throats or other things that obstruct their speech . 3 . they get bored of people easily too haha
  3. I think my new character will be with Esko for a bit then transfer to Edward's room because they get in trouble or something.
  4. Right now in the RP all of the characters are going to their dorms. An assembly just finished that ended abruptly and it was boring. Pretty much none of the characters paid attention. The characters are now, I think, back in their dorms and doing whatever they want. You're character can be roommates with any of the characters who don't yet have roommates, like Esko's newest character, or he can just be by himself (or with my character, but I dunno my character might dorm with Esko). Pretty much just make Edward go to his dormroom or something. Chic can fill you in on the important stuff like the murders and yeh
  5. I CLAIM THE OTHER HALF TO LUKOS' UNIT--- i have a great idea <3 e u e also was I going to be involved in the plot, Chic? I don't remember man everything is so blurry ugh Edit: I would say go for it with the RP, Elp, but I have no idea what Code Geass is about. Sooo yeah. If you think it's a good idea then totally go for it though~
  6. ((just brings this to the top again so it doesn't disappear //wonders if david is okay))
  7. I frown because Chic wanted to know what happened but I was tired and couldn't think of Anthony very well. I then remember Max is in his room with Erin who might be expecting something and no Erin don't expect something bad human. Max ignores both me and Erin and moves over to his window, looking out it and into his yard. He nods when he doesn't see anyone on the street then quickly frowns and realizes that means Anthony is still in the house. Why can't he just leave me alone? He asked himself, looking back at the human. He then scowled and moved towards his bed, crossing his legs and staring at the human. His ears flicked back and forth and he sighed. "I'm sorry about him. He's terrible. And I'm not much better." He looked to the floor then back at the human, deciding to just ignore what had happened. "Oh well." He then grinned and hopped off of his bed, stepping lightly and quickly over to his bookshelf. He pulled out a journal he had taken some observations of the humans down in and looked back at Erin, his tail wagging happily. He then moved to the center of his room and sat down in the middle of the carpeted floor, setting the book down in front of him and curling his legs up to rest his head against his knees. "Look at my notes and tell me if they're right." He said, excitement in his voice. He had taken the notes down in the human language, English, he believed it was. It had taken him a while to learn how to write it without much help besides the book he had stolen the one time he went over there (which absolutely no one knew about), but he had been determined and now he had his own little code to write messages in. To say the least, he was very proud of his work. (i'm entrusting you with the ability to read what the journal says. keep in mind max watched high schoolers, kids and working adults so... yeah. like make some things silly but keep some things true and stuffff-- i want erin to help max with his human knowledge max loves humans you dont understand)
  8. Joe couldn't help but turn bright red when Yuki started screaming about the people on the screen. "Yes, they're naked! And yes, they're touching each other! Yuki, it happens when people do stuff." He said in a hostile tone, then regretted it. Oh, God. No, that was bad. He pulled the covers up from the floor and saw the remote fall out of them, then uncovered the black haired teens eyes and quickly fell out of bed and hit the power button on the remote. He stared at the screen as it blinked out then let out a huge sigh. God... How humiliating. Why the hell did that *** leave that kind of movie here? And really, why did it have to be that? I bet the entire hallway heard... He looked back at Yuki and started chewing his lip. Not only was Joe embarrassed, but he had yelled at Yuki. He just felt bad now. "Um, I'm sorry for yelling earlier." He looked towards his door then back at the teen on the bed. "You were just screaming and I'm not really good with that so..." He paused and sighed again.
  9. I don't see anywhere where there's a character limit. I can ask Chic later though~ i also want to make another character hmm but she'd be a zero or blank or something
  10. Some things you should edit in your form: The name of your character. I think you accidentally cut it out on the sheet. It's supposed to be above the "Unit Name". So it should be Name then Unit Name underneath it. Gender and sex are two different things. If your character is a female all around, then just say so in both the categories. As Esko said, Sexual Orientation isn't a yes or no question. There are many sexualities, such as straight, gay, bi, asexual, etc. A quick google search can help you with this, or I can give you a link to help. The "Fighter/Sacrifice" category is an important part to the character. In the first post, Chic explains what a fighter and sacrifice are. If you have questions about what those are, then you can just say you do and ask for help with it. If you have questions about anything, then feel free to ask. I'd love to help c:
  11. Max looked at Anthony when he stood over him then heard Erin ask something and he sat up. His ears flattened against his head, as the cat boy was thinking, then he sighed and stood. He looked at Anthony again. "Just go away. I have company over." "But your sister let me in." "Well that's great, but I didn't say you could come over." "I'm here now though, and I want to talk." "I don't." Max looked at the floor then glanced at Erin. His ears flicked back and his tail swished over what remaining broken glass was on the floor. "Just go talk to Ada if you came here with her consent." "Max, wait--" Max ignored Anthony and moved towards Erin, grabbing his wrist and pulling him away from the kitchen. He looked back at Anthony and felt his ears flick back and forth, then let out a small sigh and moved towards the stairs. He ignored his sister, who was asking why he wasn't talking to Anthony, and went up the stairs. He let go of Erin's wrist when they arrived at the landing on the top and let out another sigh. "Sorry. He's an ass. I'm an ass. Ada's an ass. We're all asses." He looked at Erin and let his ears droop. He then frowned and took a deep breath, letting it out in a huff. He suddenly turned to go to his room, looking back at Erin with a grin. "If you'd care to join me in my room I can show you glorious things." He said, his grin changing into a smile (that could very well be taken as a sign of him flirting-- not that anything will happen). He then walked over to a door and opened it, suddenly in his room because I'm having a hard time with sentences now. ((*cries* that was really badly written))
  12. Joe nodded at Yuki when he said he was okay and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, twisting the cap and taking a drink. He then moved to sit back on his bed, making sure Yuki was a safe distance away from him. He then watched the movie for a bit, pretending to be interested in it, then turned his attention to the cat eared boy when he started asking questions. He tried to answer them all and bit his lip when Yuki turned away from him. Was he boring? That would suck. He took a drink of his water and almost choked when Yuki commented on the movie. He started coughing and looked at the screen, then felt his face turn bright red and scampered off his bed. His foot was caught in a blanket and he face planted on the ground, only starting to panic when Yuki started screaming about what was happening on the TV. He tried to stand but only fell again, then cursed and removed his foot from the blankets. He looked at the TV and then at Yuki, moving in front of the TV to block his view. Joe covered his face with his hands and started going on about how his roommate was an *** and how he didn't know this movie existed then looked around for the remote. He ignored the noises from the movie and hurried to the bed, covering Yuki's eyes. He looked for the remote in the covers then looked at Yuki when he couldn't find it. "I can't find the remote Yuki I can't find it are you sitting on it is it on the floor Yuki YUKI WHERE'S THE REMOTE?"
  13. i am so sorry please forgive me i am a bad senpai and this was chics idea omg
  15. ((omg erin pull yourself together bruh)) Max blushed at Erin's suggestion and then watched as he bent down to pick up the glass shards. He frowned and crouched down to help, his tail flicking back and forth along the floor. "You don't have to do this, you know." He muttered, grabbing the bottom of the glass. He flinched when it punctured his skin and sighed, throwing the glass into the sink. He licked his hand and looked at Erin. "Don't pretend to be anything. Maybe Anthony will apologize." He said, his ears flicking backwards at the flicker of hope in his chest. He sighed again and heard the doorbell ring. He heard his sister run down the stairs and frowned, quickly standing and licking his hand again. He moved towards the front room and hid behind a wall, his ears flat against his head when his sister opened the door. He then looked back towards Erin and bit his lip. Crap. I have to hide him. He hurried over to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards the backroom. "I, uh, please don't do anything. I'll clean up the glass and stuff but please just stay here." He held his hands up to the human and moved towards the kitchen, stepping on his own tail. He yelped and fell backwards, grabbing his head and groaning. "God dammit." He growled, hearing Ada call to him. "Max, I can't control what Anthony does. Ohhh nooo, he's coming in. Oh no. He-- Oh, there he goes." The purple haired teens face heated up when he saw his ex and he let his head rest against the floor. "I'm so done with my life." He whispered, covering his face with his hands. Yes Max, be done with your life. Have Erin help you he is jealous of Anthony. Who is Anthony anyways how'd he get here so fast? Was he just walking along or does he live close by or what? Man who knows anymore.
  16. ((OH MY GOD ERIN WOW IM SO TEMPTED TO HAVE MAX KISS HIM BUT I CANT THE TEMPTATION IS SO STRONG BUT MAX IS MAD AT ANTHONY WOW)) Max listened as Erin rambled on about meme's and meme culture and frowned. Right, okay. It sounds way too complicated. Is that what human life is like? Wait, why haven't I seen any humans selling memes? Or have they been doing that this whole time and I just didn't notice? Maybe my whole knowledge of humans is off. Ugh, that means I have to study them again. His train of thought came to an abrupt stop when the human licked his finger. His face turned beet red and he stammered over words when Erin moved closer to him. "W-Wh-Wha- W-Wh-Why-" He swallowed hard and covered the humans mouth, moving him backwards. He bit his lip and looked towards the ground, feeling his heart thump against his chest. He let out a sigh and tried to look at Erin, but only made it to his chin before his face heated up again. "M-My name isn't Cerio. It's Max." He whispered, sliding off the counter and moving away from the human. "Sorry for not telling you." His ears flattened against his head and he grabbed a glass, filling it with water. He glanced back at Erin then felt the glass slip out of his hand when his sister screamed. "MAAAXXXX!!!! ANTHONY CALLED ME WHAT DO I DO COME HERE HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOUUU." Max's face turned bright red again and he looked at Erin, then at the broken glass. He bit his lip and then sighed. "Just leave it alone, Ada! Tell him I'm not here or something." "I'LL TELL HIM YOU HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND." "DO NOT DO THAT." "HE SAID HE WANTS TO TALK HE'S COMING OVER." "ADA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU."
  17. Joe looked at Yuki when he held the DVD up and furrowed his eyebrows. What movie was that? He wished he kept track of all the movies he gathered. And he wished his roommate hadn't left a few movies here. He didn't trust anything his roommate left. He squeezed the pillow and couldn't help but flinch when Yuki sat next to him. His tail was wagging back and forth and he averted his attention to the TV. "Um, are you hungry? I have food and stuff." He said quietly, looking at his lap. Why was Yuki sitting so close to him? And why was his heart beating quicker then usual? He stood from the bed and held the pillow in his arms, glancing back at Yuki. Okay heart, you need to chill. He told himself, moving towards a fridge besides his old roommates bed. "Are you thirsty?" He asked, opening the fridge and holding the pillow with one hand. I need to just stay calm. Just get a drink then watch the movie. Then... Have Yuki stay the night. Right, forgot that was happening.
  18. OMG OMG IM SO GLAD YOUR EXCITED HAHA~~ i probably should go post huh
  19. OKAY I WAS JUST TRYING TO WARN YA maybe have esko and alice get food or blankets or something and have them snuggle??
  21. Alright then I will make an annoying and possibly not straight popular boy I have to click the random button for a power, yes?
  22. 4 girls 5 boys alright guys i'll make a girly (yes chic i remember i'll make a girly for your girly) and a dude also do we have a popular kide yet? if not I'll make my guy super popular yes edit: omg no amara please dont slap me
  23. *trips over the pebble that Amara pushed into my path and faceplants* not nice girl not nice If it is then I shall make some characters! No no no I'm not copping out on you I've been busy with setting up my online school and this group on a different site-- I posted my reply in Mages so it's okay~ i'm gonna be more active in it you just watch *slapped* Alright for characters: how many boys and girls are there?
  24. *rushes in majestically and trips over nothing* hello hello i am here esko summoned me is the RP still open? I was reading it when it was first made but got distracted and forgot to finish it EDIT: and hey yeah I belong to chic sorry eskoo
  25. Max's tail fluffed up, again, at what Erin said about sex on the counter and moved over towards him. He shoved the jacket into his hands and removed the towel, glaring at the human. "You had me believe it was a nasty image." He grumbled, covering the drawing back up with the towel. "I don't know what she does. And she's 14. Although I don't know how old that is in your human years." He muttered the last part and hopped onto the counter, sliding over to sit in front of the human. His tail swished back and forth. "I don't know what a meme is. And you lost me about figures and value." He said, looking the human up and down. "I don't get it. Are you sure you aren't at least part something else? Maybe part eel? Part lizard? Part cat?" He asked, his ears flicking backwards as he said part cat. "Ugh, nevermind cat. I hate cats." He sighed, leaning back. He glanced at the towel and groaned, looking towards the ceiling. Why did Anthony have to go and cheat on him? Was he not good enough? Was it because he got really shy about his body? He looked back at the human and sighed. And why was this guy flirting with him? Was it because he was cute? No no, that wasn't it. Was it because he was stressed? Maybe. Maybe the human was just flirty? Were humans flirty? Did that happen? He poked Erin's nose and couldn't help but smile at the warmth. "It's pretty cool that humans are warm." He said to himself, looking around the kitchen. "So you wanted water, right?" ((is max being cute on purpose or nah? the world will never know))