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  1. IT LOOKS TOP CHIC A++++ god you would not believe how hard it was for me to change my icon uGH oh if anyone wants to be Joe's friend the spot is open pfff
  2. Joe knows of everyone (unless they're new) but he doesn't really converse with anyone. Kyou knows of everyone too but has made enemies, so if anyone wants to be enemies with them I'd be all for it~ And I said earlier I'd prefer Joe by himself, and I'm pretty sure Kyou is dorming with Tulvir. Edit: Eyy Esko maybe Kyou will flirt with Tulvir, add some friction and stuff
  3. Ohh that Eren is quite nice! And I see your project woW. It looks time consuming
  4. ((David if you ever see this please message me))
  5. ahaha i edited Joe and he is now harder to talk to pffff Annnd Kyou yee
  6. *ahem* of course i am keeping Kyo they're absolutely wonderful And *ahem* again Yuki and Joe may room since Joe doesn't have a roommate and if Yuki doesn't room with Joe then he won't have a roommate cause yeah Joe will do better with no one as his roomie to be honest
  7. New threads are fun though like guuurl also if you want to work out a plot you can talk to me i can help babe
  8. I think we should send everyone who's a part of the roleplay a PM. Some people left and haven't been around (like me), so it would be a good idea to PM them and see if they're even still on the site. Buuuttt, Chic should be the one to PM people because she's the one that made the roleplay and it would be kind of redundent for one or all of us to send someone a PM.
  9. Well i vote we restart so-- I wouldnt make any new characters pff
  10. //flies in//SCREECHES IM STILL INTERESTED CHIC would we restart the whole thing though? Cause i'd be cool with that i kind of want to change Joe a bit anyways //flies away//not screeching
  11. Max grinned when Erin complimented his english and watched as he closed his eyes. He stared at him and nodded as Erin said the hand gestures must be kept secret. "Wait, weeks?" Max thought about it for a moment. It'd be kind of hard for the human to be here for weeks. After all, someone could find that robot at anytime. When they found that robot they'd look at the camera and... He stopped thinking about it when Erin hugged him, and he felt his face redden. He stood awkwardly in the humans embrace and slowly reached around to hug him back. A trust gesture? Strange. He touched Erin's back and g
  12. IM CRYING BECAUSE WHAT YOU TYPED WAS SO FUNNY IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Max ignores my laughter and listens intently as Erin fills his mind with lies. How naughty of you, Erin. Lying to my precious babe. He totally believes him though and picks up his notebook, looking it over. "But I was writing in the right language..." He whispers, looking at Erin's hands when he asks about the gesture. "There are a lot of Earth hand gestures." Max set the book down and grabbed Erin's hands, quickly letting them go when he felt how warm they were compared to his. He then looked at his hands then back at Erin'
  13. ((*still hasn't heard from David in weeks and is really wondering if he is okay* also bumping))
  14. are you trying to imply something Esko. also, I wouldn't worry too much about your character getting killed. If Chic plans on killing anyones characters, she'll tell us and PM whoever it is she wants to kill. and yeah, dorms can only be shared between people of the same gender/sex. the case with Kyou and Esko is because Kyou is biologically a boy and Esko is a boy, so they share a dorm together (and I wanted one of my characters to have a roommate anyways)
  15. Isamu hurried down the hallway and pushed his glasses up. He couldn't believe he was late. He was the Vice President and he was late. That wasn't what Vice Presidents were supposed to do. He looked at Mosayu as he passed her and waved, then reached for the door handle but missed it and ran into the door. "Ow..." He groaned, grabbing his nose and twisting the door handle open. He stepped inside and saw Akihiko was holding a lecturer's pointer, then smiled and took his glasses off. "I'm super sorry for being late. There was some bullies picking on a girl and I had to stop them." He rubbed his no
  16. ohh i get it! you weren't confusing, I just didn't think about it for too long my newest character is dorming with Esko. I don't know if your dorming with anyone now though..
  17. Joe listened as Yuki apologized for screaming and sighed. It's okay, it was kind of a freaky thing. He wanted to say. He didn't though, and only frowned when Yuki pulled a blanket over his head and crouched on his bed. He took the DVD out of the player and put it back in the case, looking back over at Yuki while he shelved the DVD again. "Wait, don't keep it. No no, throw it away." He whispered, tossing the DVD towards his trashcan. He missed and heard it bounce off the can. He bit his lip to hold back a snicker and looked back towards the cat earred boy. He then approached the bed and touched
  18. What do you mean place holder level, Medora? Chic approved you, if that's what your talking about. ahh I see I see. Thanks for telling me Esko ~
  19. congrats!! okay, another question: is Esko's room messy or clean?
  20. okok cool. I'll post as Kyou and Joe soon c:
  21. Hey Esko, where's Esko? Is he in his dorm with Alice? Or are they in Alice's dorm? I need to introduce Kyou so...
  22. Ahh nevermind nevermind. I was just confused. Chic needs to hurry and get online and approve us
  23. Esko, how many characters do you already have? Who are you trying to pair up with?
  24. NAME: Kyou Tachibana (name means Apricot Wild Orange, if anyone's character wants to poke fun at it) UNIT NAME: Truthless AGE: 17 GENDER: androgyne (doesn't care what pronouns are used on them, but likes when people use gender-neutral ones like they or ze) SEX: male SEXUAL ORIENTATION: pansexual APPEARANCE: Blond hair, natural, and dark blue eyes. They're hair is cut like this but its typically messy and not gelled like in the picture. They are 5'5'' and weigh 109 pounds (which is underweight for they're height), and if they bend over then they're backbone is clearly visible. They