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  1. nope, his hands dont have to be in the picture!! <3 i hate drawing hands too its okay i understand
  2. i-is that an icon from dA? omg np ;;;7;;; your art is literally fab and unique and just wonderful-- hhhhh omg i can wait!! could you draw my green haired kid?
  3. draw all the cuties yes please i will draw them so much s o m u c h and our otp will inspire me to draw couples ;u; my sleep schedule is too far gone to fix OMG LEZ AND PASTEL MEETING p much anyone that meets lez gets freaked out cause he doesnt have hands well i mean he does but they kind of aren't always with him so y'know-- i will keep practicing fata i will practice everyday yess
  4. OMG YOUR ART IS REALLY NICE THOSE DRAGONS AND THOSE PEOPLE IM CRY SO NICE your anatomy is really really good too omg i cant i wish you were doing requests cause i'd love to see how my character looks in your style but i understand wanting to just draw whatever uvu that's pretty much me rn too and i saw you said 99% of your characters are bi or gay yes that is me too
  5. omg someone asked what he's like-- um he's really excitable and energetic. he likes to joke around and scares people with his hands (which float and follow him around). he's pretty mischevious and kind of sneaky because he used to be a thief ;7; uhh if you could draw him laughing at something then that'd be cool *7* or you can just draw him however you want with how i decribed him :>
  6. omg no focus on work and school though like thats important stuff but i know that feel way to much s-son?? im not a guy tho?? best senpai no im cry so many other senpais to look up too ;;;;; WHY WOULD YOU THROW APPLE WH Y HE CAUGHT YOU OMG i can picture him being thrown laffs omg tho bby its okay tAKE YOUR TIME PLEASE dont rush omgmg just remember he has no hands uvu like ye your style is super cute??? yes please so anime and adorable STYELS ARE SO HARD TO FIND THO RIP ARTISTS please spam your art thread with your oc's so i can draw them--
  7. Ohh your art is nice!! Could you please draw this kid ? (three references cause i keep drawing him )
  8. like the only time i dont think about my oc's is when im thinking about life and im just-- im so happy you think my style is beau omg than kyou so much ;;;;;; the worst senpai though FIGHT YOU OMG NO FIGHTING IS BAD [ throws sea lion anyways ] i'll tell you about him over skype ye DOODLE HIM ALL YOU WANT HE LIKES TO BE SEEN just doodle him doing whatever bruh seriously friend omg you have a style but like i feel the whole no style thing that was me like a week ago but your one year anniversery is coming up! that's super cool *7* you should draw something cute uvu
  9. but see like fata there's no rush to draw your oc's jk there is a rush do them noowwww jkjk dont take me seriously OH YEAH at three okay i remember my sleep schedule is so messed up but yes the cutie thief he and lez would get along uvu HHHHHH OKAY I WILL TRY TO GET THEM DONE IN A TIMELEY MATTER THOUGH FHHHH I LITERALLY SQUEALED WHEN YOU SAID MY STYLE WAS CARTOONY THANK YOU S O MUC H IVE WANTED A CARTOONY STYLE FOR SO LONG IM CRYING THANK YOU i have a long ways to go til i get there tho tbh EDIT: omg people said things oKAY @Pi - yes please request so
  10. omg i read all of that but didnt reply yesterday OKAY LETS SEE WHAT YOU SAID-- ah im catching up to drawing my oc's so like b ruh OH WAIT YEAH TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO DUKE wait didnt you already my minds a mess i dont remember i remember you talked about one pastel i think the theif AND YEH THE DESCRIPTIONS COOL COOL i will draw them soon bby i have other things to draw but they will be coming *7* -------- and here's the handless boy who now has a name it's lez i drew him again traditionally his shoes are still a wip but meh i have a lo
  11. I JUST THINK ABOUT MY OCS ALL THE TIME IM CRYING ALL THE TIME YOU DONT UNDERSTAND omg im just so fklsdfds over here cause you think my oc's are so nicely drawn im cryyy I AM SENPAI YESS I HAVE NEVER BEEN SENPAI BEFORE OMG OMG THANK FOR LOVING HIM AHAHA his hair is fun to color and draw and SUPER EASY IM JUST-- [ squints back, resisting laughing at your sea lion noises ] i can tell you over skype if you wanna know *winkwonk* omg im glad you like the name lez i was like "???? should it be his name or nah??!" but i stuck with it yoo oh and bby take your time ;7; you can just do
  12. omg what i make you wanna draw oc's im cryin g i never thought i'd be motivating w ow likE FATA THANK YOU IM REALLY HAPPY TO HEAR THAT ;;;;; and oh my yeS PLEASE DRAW THIS KID here's another ref i can scan over a full body of him if you wanna see his legs uvu (im gonna scan it into my thread soon ahaha) EDIT: he has no hands btw and his eyes are purple like in the first pic his name is lez
  13. of course bby <33 whenever school lets stressful for you i'd like to request a drawing ;7; well after nate and your kid for our scarf otp
  14. OMG FATA NO YOU ARENT OKAY I NEED TO DRAW ALL OF MY OC'S I ALWAYS DRAW ONES THAT ARE OLD AND I DONT THINK ABOUT A LOT LIKE SOBB WHY but yes okay yes a written ref would be cool thankk WHAT DO YOU DO TO DUKE DO YOU KILL HIS BAE do you kill him im getting to know you better andbetter and i feel you toture your oc's more then me and like friend thats not good BUT ANYWAYS YE if you could provide a description for him i'd also love to draw him <33 and psst if you wanna watch i'm gonna set up a join.me ~
  15. iM LAUHGING SO HARD I SEE MY NAME IN THE CORNER THERE OMG IM LAUGHING PFFFFFFFF but!! you're arts really good bby omg <333 and i think the shoulders look good c: mm but maybe you could make the one on the right a lil bit bigger uvu
  16. OMG FATA MY SHADING IMLAUGHIN i usee the airbrush tool on sai but for his hair i used um a marker tool from an artist on tumblr uvu OKAY AN ACTUAL REQUEST YE S I WILL DRAW PASTEL i just gotta remember what he looks like but i will totally do it omg and uh m who is your cute blondie its not nate is it? or do you mean apple im cry but omg seriously what cute blond im cryy
  18. i didnt forget i had an art thread ahaha whatt this boy took like two days but ehh i like him omg i hit preview its so big oh but!! i may take requests c: if anyone would want me to draw a character or whatever~
  19. I'm up to that! But it may lead to some sticky situations haha~ Would it be that they see what the other see's all the time, or would it just be when they wanted? I'd prefer if it was just when they thought about it Also, I'm gonna finish my characters today. I have a boy and girl, but I dunno how that plays into the ratios. I guess I could take another pokemon but I really just want two And guys, just call me Sammy~
  20. Oh man im gone for a day and two pages are added to the OOC I read everything though uvu My characters will be up by tomorrow. Right now im not feeling too well haha... i gotta go read all those sheets oh man okay tbh im just popping in to say hey im still here and will have Latios' champion and Celebi's champion in tomorrow
  21. ((I don't know if I'll be able to put up my sheets tonight. I will try my best to get them done though~ did you get my reply PM, sky?
  22. Ohh you know what, yeah. I'll reserve Celebi. If I don't get around to a sheet for it then I'll just un-reserve it and now to make characters
  23. I should have my Latios sheet up later today c: I may be interested in reserving Celebi though hmm
  24. This plot is really cool! I was wondering if I could reserve Latios? I'll try to have my sheet up by tomorrow c:
  25. im wanting to make an icon for myself with my active RP characters on this site and i was testing out a site and here's the result individual pictures -- i just drew random characters none of those are OC's ahaha