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  1. it will be the best one layer drawing ever
  2. yoyo i did an actual ref for him i'll tell some info about him cause i love him His name is Lez and he says he's on the search for a place to call home (and a job). He lost his hands when he stole from a mage but they float around him, so he doesn't get that "phantom limb" feeling. He has a kind of dark past and if I say much about it it'll be all spoilery, but the picture where his eyes are scratched out kind of hint towards it a tiny bit. But not really ahaha. He meets Raen and they agree to travel together after some conflict uvu. Their story kind of revolves around Lez trying to get away from his past and Raen wanting to figure out his future ehehe. I may write their story and put it on here but idk ahaaa --- now to go work on requests \ouo
  3. WELL THE COMPUTER SUCKS AND DOESNT HAVE A GRAPHIC CARD OR SOMETHING SO I CANT DO PICARTO but i do have join.me so https://join.me/587-182-045 come watch me if you want ;7; i'm finishing up my handless boy then i'll work on requests or somethin i apologize in advance if it's incredibly laggy or crashes uff
  4. yes yes yes omg i'm so excited so many requests i am pleased ;///; but questions guyyys if i got a picarto would anyone want to watch me draw?
  5. omg yes I can draw her!! <33 she's super cutie patootie ;7; is there any pose you want her in or is just whatever fine? if you could draw my green haired kid that'd be super rad ;;;;; i think he'd look super cute in your style :'D
  6. whispers fata how's scarf boy coming along
  7. Omg your poor tablet Its okay, i'm sure your art will be fab uvu (ahh the story behind him is that he was a theif but he stole from a mage and got his hands cut off ;7; they follow him around because the mage enchanted them. He's now on a mission to find a place to call home and a thing he can do for a job, but he runs into fluffy boy and ye adventures. There's conflict with a person from his past but it's all a wip ouo) Ohh i think i'll draw Aria! I haven't drawn any girls for a while haha (I need to check out Heavenly Branches oh man)
  8. omg yES MY FIRST ART TRADE YASS UM UM i'd prefer digital ;7; what do you want me to draw?? *0*
  9. Alright alright, I'll put you in the request list!
  10. Of course i stalk fata's art thread-- What color are his eyes? And just a blue jacket is fine?
  11. omg spatio it is so clean. so very clean. andthosedetailsohmansobeautifulimjealous
  12. Ohh I like your wallpapers!! But I don't have my own computer right now so I won't request one ;3; Can you draw humans? Because if you can I'd love to request my green haired handless boy uvu maybe we could do an art trade?
  13. Hello hello yes I will draw him but first I need a reference/description of him c:
  14. NICE NICE SHADING FATA OMG <3333 the arms look a little thin but the shADING IS ABSOLUTELY FABU i also would have made the hair longer on the sides but thats probs just me
  15. omg everyone in the art section of dcf is so talented like wh y WAIT NO WHY'D YOU THROW APPLE?? HE DID NOTHING omg betrayal apple betrayed no one DOUSHITE ARTISTS DOUSHITE but fata omg i am going to draw your OC's like there will be art if its the last thing i do what even is on your checklist is it a lot of stuff?
  16. omg your art is really really cool!! there are so many details and it looks so nice and clean ;7;
  17. omg thank you so much ;;;;;; <33 there was some doctor who discussion yes eue
  18. omg he looks so nice!!! <33 thank you so much! ;;;7;;;
  19. but that's why she'd be so cute as the doctor. and besides, it's okay. Tinker is there. Have no fear.
  20. i feel like drawing clock and tinker will be the cutest because tinker would be all like "Clock no don't go after the daleks" oh man my minds racing yes i will draw clock and tinker <33
  21. OHH YES GOOD IDEA hmmm alex and pascal or clock and tinker hmmhmm did you ever show me what clock looked like?
  22. oooo i really like that!! <33 he looks so cute and the expression is really nice!! quq
  23. omg you hit the nail right on the head! I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE to talk about my OC's!! I just have soooo many though ;7; What kind of OC's do you have? can we talk about this in this thread i think so i mean they are our own creations--
  24. omg dA icons are actually the best though ehee thank you for liking him ;7; hhh the only thing i have to say is that he doesn't have hands pff (they float around him, but they dont have to be in the picture) if you have any questions about his outfit or whatever then i can tell you the colors ouo
  25. haha, nooo Lez doesn't float uvu