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  1. //sweats nervously i kind of disappeared for a bit but i'm back!! i made a request journal on DA and got like seven requests (((imlike?????))) and if anyone wants to look at my To-Do List it is here. I'm gonna do the requests from here first though, since some people have been waiting for a while ;;;;;;; in other news, I tried to do some background stuff and came up with this drawing. it's still incomplete but I really like the trees ;7;7;7; with me doing backgrounds and stuff, i may throw some onto a request uvu annnnd i'm going to close my requests for now. i didn't think i'd get so many on dA and i have a lot to do now aha. i might do art trades or collabs if anyone would want to do them with me, but i'd have to think about it first. i may set up a join.me later if anyone would want to watch~ i might install picarto instead hmm
  2. you're backgrounds are really nice mage! i may request one after i think of something i'd want to use as my background hrmmm
  3. lukos i love this monster omg it's the perfect mix between creepy and interesting and its holding a little red bird which obviously means its friendly
  4. omg pi your little creatures are so cute!! i would love to adopt one of these lizards but i don't collect eggs anymore ;7; perhaps we could work something out? i still have to draw fred omg and Gems!! i'm making my own Gem and he's from homeworld too, but he actually is a made up gem because i couldn't find any gems i liked enough to turn into a character except for moonstone but aha moon is kind of shattered right now i may draw your Gem's if the computer will let me see a full view of them >3>
  5. Omg tinker. Omg this fanfiction. Omg tiberius and his family. Im just. Omg. poor clocks body in the beginning oh man This fanfiction is so dark and Tinker is so diferent. Probably if Clock died he'd feel lost and confused, and he might even be angry. He might seek revege but if the oppertunity arose where he could exact it he'd hesitate, as he did in the fanfiction. He probably would travel the world and maybe find someone else or pick up a cat (or perhaps the "stray cat" was a person.....?). He may go to Spy's country and find out if what he had told Clock in the past was true. He'd often wonder about how his life would be now, if Clock had lived. He'd hate Spy and be confused as to why be had to kill an innocent girl. If he ever ran into Spy, he'd probably question him or try to kill him (but then hesitate because he doesn't want to be a murderer). And talking about Spy, my dear dark haired foreigner would have forgotten about the incident entirely. He may remember the captain, because of his interactions with him, but he would only think of Tinker as someone from a time he didn't care enough about to remember. Or perhaps he's purposefully forgotten about it, as he purposefully forgets things that hurt too much to remember. He wouldn't have parttaked in the murdering of the captain, and he may have tried to stop his "friends" from killing him. But wow this alternate timeline sucks we aren't going to do it in the roleplay. I don't want to have Spy kill the girl and tbh I dont want him to kill the captain either but-- Only time will tell what will happen between them all : ^ ) (even if he doesnt kill anyone Spy still probably won't get a happy ending). (Tinker is a wild card though. If he and Clock get in a fight (whichmustneverhappen) then he may run away and become a vagabound of sorts. He may find love or a cat or love from a cat and live happily ever after making his machines, but oftentimes wondering if Clock is okay and how she's doing. If he stays on the ship then he can be Brother Bear Tinker and slowly fall for someone probablyaureusbecauseican but then never say anything to anyone and hide it really well. He may get restless staying on the ship and start to wonder what he can do with his life, and as a result he may leave the ship for a year or so to explore his options. He may be happy off the ship and become someones friend, and then he may face the tough decision of chosing to go back on board where his best friend and love of his life love interest is or staying on land and getting to know himself and his new friend better.) Either way Tinker goes, he will still probably end up with unreciprocated feelings towards a certain someone. Tinker may also wonder about who he was when he was a child (because, you know, he was experimented on and had an accidental memory wipe) and he may go on a search for his past (bringing along his trusted companion and possible love interest, mayhaps?). long story for my characters might not probably wont end up happy. Tinker has a possibility but Spy is just. No. He doesn't get happy. At least not in Meria.
  6. ZOOMS OMG JOUHAIR THATS REALLY GOOD The hair is like //STOKES INTENSELY give me your shading skills please and yeh uff anatomy is killer omg. I should probs pick up an anatomy book and look at it but-- im too laze
  7. Max looked at Erin and saw how concerned, or rather, scared he looked. He frowned slightly and looked away, debating on whether to say something or not. He looked back at the human, thinking back to a time when he had the same look on his face, and decided he would try to find out why his mood had suddenly changed. The purple haired teen moved over to Erin and crouched down in front of him, cradling his head in his hands. "You know, if your mood suddenly drops like that it's an obvious sign something is wrong." He started, his tone gentle. "I don't know why your suddenly bummed out and scared, but I can probably make a few guesses." He adjusted his seating position to a more stable one and watched the human. "You're probably scared because you're a human surrounded by Criian's. You probably are starting to worry about your safety in my world. You might be scared because I said something that got to you. If I did, then I'm sorry and I didn't mean too." Max bit his lip then let out a sigh. "I can't even begin to understand what you're thinking or feeling, because we're two different species and stuff, but I. . . I don't want you to be scared of me. I think it may be a good idea to be scared of my world, but if you don't talk to anyone and if we work together we can figure out how to get you home. I think." He paused and stared at Erin, feeling like he wasn't being helpful at all. "I don't want you to be scared, but I can't tell you how to feel. I want to say that I'll protect you from everything in my world but I don't know if that would make you feel any better. I mean, I'm just a boy with pruple hair and cat ears and a tail who skips school to drag some person I just met to my house. I.... Probably am not the best person to say he'll protect you, now that I think about it." He looked away from the human, his ears folded back in thought. "Maybe it's just better if I say I'll listen to everything you want to say. It's the one thing I can say with certainty that I'm good at doing."
  8. ((Bruh im on my phone too i ubderstand your pain)) Max looked at Erin, slightly confused. Endet nictio was a common meal. It was just a mixture of rice, some geru eggs, some seasoning and some yari milk. "How do you not know what endet nictio is?" Ada asked, looking at her brother with furrowed eyebrows. She looked at Erin and pursed her lips, then her eyes lit up and she grinned. "You're not from around here, are you? You're from across the big blue, right?" She slid off the counter and moved towards Erin, circling him while looking him over. "Actually, what's your name? I never got to find out because Max pulled you away before I could ask." She watched the human, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. Max's eyes widened and he looked at Erin. His sister couldn't find out he was a human. That would be terrible. He put his finger to his mouth, hoping Erin knew it was a sign to keep quiet. He then moved behind Ada and grabbed her shoulders, showing her out of the kitchen. "His name's a family secret. If he tells you, he'll have to kill you." "What? No way!" Ada moved away from her brother and stared at Erin. She looked at her brother, slightly worried. "You aren't being serious, are you?" "Of course I'm being serious! I don't want my little sister to die because her curiosity gets the better of her. Don't want you to turn out like Dad, you know." At the mention of her father, Ada's expression fell. She looked to the ground and sighed. "Yeah, I guess it's best if I don't know." She looked at her brother and smiled. "But I'm totally gonna call that you two are together. Or, at the very least, will end up together." She looked at Erin then back at her brother, then stood on her tiptoes and cupped her hand around his ear. "You didn't have to bring up Dad to make me drop the subject." She whispered, an oddly serious look in her eyes. She then broke into a grin and turned away from the two boys, heading towards the stairs. "Call me down when it's time to eat!" She said, hurrying up the stairs. Max watched as his sister went up the stairs and sighed, knowing he had pulled on one of her nerves. For all the times she messed with him, whenever he tried to do it with her, he always felt quilty afterwards. He looked at Erin and walked back into the kitchen, taking note of the glass still on the floor and the puncture wound on his finger. "Sorry about her. She probably won't ask you anymore questions. At least, not today." He said, moving around the human. "It's not going to be easy having you here if you don't know anything about my culture. So, lesson one." He reached into a cupboard and pulled out eggs and seasoning. "Endet nictio is a common meal that pretty much everyone in this region knows how to make." He set the ingredients on the counter, then quickly got the rice and milk. "It's a mixture of rice, eggs, milk and some seasoning. Do you have all of those things in your world?" Max looked at Erin, his earlier grumpiness dampened.
  9. ((Look chic i found it--- Lets talk about setting and plot a bit maybe????))
  10. Sure I can! Is there a bigger picture of her anywhere? What's her name? And what shade of purple are her eyes? (Light purple, medium purple, dark purple?) And yeah, I'll throw it up on tumblr when I'm done for you c:
  11. pfff yeah, he's still there c: ALSO GUYS I was without a computer for a bit, but now I have a computer again! So I just have to install my tablet information (waitdidialreadydothat) and then I can draw~ I dunno if I will be able to stream or not, but just know that your art requests are coming! (I lost all of my art that I was working on when the other computer died ugh)
  12. ZOOOOM HELLO LUKOS I SEE YOU HAVE AN ART THREAD THATS COOL if you want to do an art trade i would definitely be up to doing so uvu <33
  13. ehehehe im glad you like him fata~~~ <333
  14. omg yasss i can now draw dae good i am pleased and iori omg //strokes i love your descriptions of the characters omg pffff "defi probably picked him up somewhere" i just laughed omg mayormaynotdrawthemlater
  15. //casually throws pastel at fata imsosorryiforgottheflowercrownicantforgivemyself ANWAYS gonna go do more requests probably aha
  17. omg yes lukos do the thing! i'm thinking of doing this one but idk aha also I might have time to set up a join.me if anyone would want to watch?? :0
  18. casually bumps this to the top of the forum to say hello and to UPDATE: my friend has left and the requests will be getting done!! sorry for making everyone wait uff i'm still accepting requests too uvu i'm thinking of doing a thing thang later where you pick a palette and gimme a character ref then i draw them with the palette but--- future plans ouo anywayS SORRY FOR BEING AWAY IM HERE NOW AND WILL DRAW FAST FAST
  19. eyy i'm joining and have to remember to read all of the character sheets :'D I'm probably gonna have two kids and I'll try to have them up by tomorrow uvu
  20. hmhmmm okay. I may just do a sketch but like, my sketches are all in blue so-- i could sketch her in green though c: actually i may set up a join.me if you'd wanna watch?? i dunno tho aah
  21. omg okok no more compliments i dunno how i'll be able to restrain my praise though oh man Is her green like, neon green or like Lez's hair color green? Edit: i want cute cat tights like that uffuff where does one get those?
  22. maannn your art is so cute ;7; i gotta go work on Fred now ohoho. The colors for her are black and bright green, right?
  23. oMG ITS LEZ oh man yes yes thank you so much for drawiNg him!! he's so cute ;7; <33
  24. omg aint that the way it goes ;;;; ufufff i may write their story but idk like i have so many stories //rolls ---- from now on i'm going to link my pictures (yes yes, click the link) unless they're small enough I also started working on the requests!! I'm going to work out poses for each one then I'm going to do a proper sketch, then i'll line and color them based on when they were requested c: