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  1. Wait, wait so whats our plot so far? This is what I've got, someone please correct me if I'm wrong?


    -Set in AU Feudal Japan

    -Demons roam around

    -MC Has the power to bind demons to weapons, those weapons can then take a human form or a weapon form that the MC can wield

    -MC is trying to take over the world/country

    -MC may or may not have a rival (Depending on what Lukos whats to do) or human companions and is a lonely lonely boy traveling with swords


    But now that I think about it, demons might be a bit hard to do, weapons turned humans might be simpler?


    @Spyro: I have a hard time imagining that but it might be possible?



    its set in feudal japan, yes.

    i think someone mentioned demons a little while back (i cant remember who) but i dont know if we all agreed on it or not. i personally think it would make a better separate RP, as this one is just supposed to be swords turning into humans. . . . . .

    also i must have missed it but my main is trying to take over the world?? pfff this is gonna be great to write wow i have so many personality options wow

    please give MC some human friends he'll just be talking to his swords for so long that'd be so depressing




  2. wait okay so am i going to fight with lukos or-- cause i mean if we can avoid conflict then by all means i would want to so


    edit: also can we set it in japan so i can have throwing stars instead of arrows (because the main lost the majority of his throwing stars and now only has two)


    also should we get some sheets set up?

  3. omg lily we're gonna do it we'll ship the inferiority complex with the main fangirl lv over 9000 im in tears omg


    also im gonna be the main character i have decided


    omg maybe maybe lily. i like my siblings tho so you may have to fite me.

    no he doesnt have any friends he's lived alone for so long he was the prince and now he's on the run he is sad and lonely


    ohhh that's a good idea! idk how to write fighting scenes but i will do it for lukos


    (im in the abyss i've fallen so far at least i have lily)

  4. Nothing wrong with playing multiple characters but if you do OMG can I play his first sword who has this total inferiority complex because he is a replica of another sword and just let me ship it like Fedex


    Also I really want to play twin blades and one blade/sword/whatever is all peaceful and tries to avoid fighting and her other half is just a blood knight

    So of anyone wants to do this with me it'll be really fun and I'll also ship them pretty hard

    i may just

    play the main because i love the idea of that inferiority complex and shipping omg

    but if lukos wants it he can have it c': unless you wanna fite me lukos i know your into fighting rn


    i'm gonna play a weapon anyways and i'm gonna just be a spear. i may make another and it might be a kusarigama, but idk pff

    edit: i may be throwing stars and they might be little kids, but it depends on how many of us there are gonna actually be XD


    ((lily i really am getting into this help me))


    One day when i can read japanese //clenches fist//


    So, would it be weapons turned people or people who can turn into weapons?


    also @lily: our 1x1----

  6. P L O T


    Popular, newly debuted idols who compete against each other to earn the most fans! When the two duos meet, though, tensions rise and feelings fly. Will they ever embrace their feelings, possibly ending their idol career before it's even taken off, or will they keep their emotions under wraps? Will the two groups ever figure out what pair is more popular then the other? Find out in this fun, exciting, rollercoaster we call IDOL BATTLES!


    S E T T I N G


    Set in Japan, in possibly the lively city Tokyo! Perhaps in the special ward Shibuya?


    Sammy's Kids


    Name: 松本 直人 (Matsumoto Naoto)

    Idol Name: (Hibiki)

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Nao has a rather attractive face, which helps him gather fans as an idol. He has a small birthmark that looks like a smudge near his left eye, but other then that his skin is pale and clear. (Well, if you don’t count the bruises on his knees as blemishes….) He stands at 5’7’’ and is relatively fit, but he isn’t amazingly built and he has only a little bit of muscle definition on his stomach. He has bleached his hair a pale blond (and he’s pretty proud of it), and there are no hints of roots showing at all. His hair is cut relatively short: it is cut in short layers on the back of his neck, and as a result his hair curls and sticks up quite often. His bangs are long, with a natural part to the right, but he keeps them pinned back with bobby pins. His eyes are a dark brown, but when he is doing his idol duties he wears green colored contacts with a prescription.

    Whenever Nao goes out of his house, he is forced to wear a beanie to cover his blaringly blond hair. He also covers his right eye with his long bangs, and he wears rectangular shaped green glasses that he actually needs to see. He often wears baggy clothes, but he dislikes doing that and often just wears clothes that he wouldn’t wear as an idol (i.e. sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans, capris, etc). He always wears a green string bracelet when he is in disguise.

    Personality: Nao is a bubbly person. He loves talking and likes how his voice sounds, and he seems to not really pay attention to what he says. This is a false occusation, as his mind is constantly thinking of what would happen if he said this versus this (especially in important situations, such as when someone is suspecting him of something or when he’s asked about something he doesn’t want to be asked about). He always takes cons and pros into doing everything he does, but he loves to take risks and has almost had his cover blown on more than one occasion. He doesn’t hide his true identity as much as a typical idol does because he believes his disguise is good enough, and he doesn’t really want to cover up that much. He is known to be a jokester and he pokes fun at his friends, and if he finds someone interesting then he will pester them until they either cave into his pestering or yell at him to go away. He believes personal space is stupid and acts like it doesn’t really exist, so he gets close to people a lot. Like, A LOT. He’d grab someones hand and drag them along after him, and he would totally pinch someone’s sides and see if they squealed. He is easy to befriend if one can get used to his somewhat spontaneous personality, and the fact that he always has a thoughtful look in his eyes when he isn’t blabbing on and on. Oh, and he flirts with anyone he finds cute. Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. If you cute, you getting flirted with. (He may have been punched in the stomach because of this once, but he would say it was simply an accident.) He doesn’t have any romantic or sexual interest in females, and actually sometimes strings them along, but he finds it amusing to see them all behave differently. He does feel guilty after he’s done this, but he wouldn’t go back and apologize to them because he wouldn’t see any good in doing that. He loves talking to people he has talked to before, and he loves to make friends and learn about all sorts of people's lives.

    He has a side to him that is much more quiet and calm, but this only comes out at certain times or at night. He likes to think over how the day had gone by, and he makes mental notes of what he could have done differently to avoid something from happening. He mulls over quite a bit of stuff when he is alone, but he doesn’t hate doing so and finds it relaxing.

    His idol persona is slightly different to his real self: he is much more extroverted and says things without really thinking them through. He has found out that he does this because of nerves, and he is actively trying to find a way to calm his nerves and be more himself. His heart actually races when he is front of his fans, which makes him more nervous and afraid to do stuff and make a move. If he is surprised when on stage, he would probably visibly jump and then stumble over what he was saying or singing. He would then smack himself, either mentally or physically, and take a deep breath and apologize then try again (thinking of a different way to approach the situation).

    TL;DR: Nao is what one would call an ambivert. He is flexible with social events, and he looks at the situation before he makes a decision on what to do. He is perfectly content with being with large crowds of people or being by himself. He thinks before he speaks, and if he knows he should keep his mouth shut he does so. He DOES joke a lot though, and he is still trying to get a grasp on his idol persona. He believes that his anxiety towards being an idol is only because it is something both unknown and exciting, and because he doesn’t know what the ultimate outcome will be he is hesitant to move forward. It’s an entirely new world to him, and he is kind of afraid of that.


    + Being with friends and large crowds of people

    + Being alone and thinking about all kinds of stuff

    + Stars

    + Chocolate Mint Icecream

    + Candy

    + Fruit

    + Anime and Manga

    + Reading

    + Really. Cheesy. American. Movies.

    + Languages

    + His fans on Youtube

    + Mammals

    + Singing

    + Doing covers of vocaloid songs

    + Pokemon/Zelda/RPG Games

    + Exercising, to an extent

    - Horror/Gore (he’s not afraid of it, he doesn’t see the appeal in it)

    - Cicadas

    - People questioning his sexuality

    - People picking on his sister

    - Very loud and sudden nosies (i.e. thunder, gun shots, fireworks)

    - Depressing things (especially depressing news)

    - Being sad

    - Spicy food


    History: Nao was born December 4th, on a snowy and cold day. He was taken home to a nice house, with plenty of room to play and run. Of course, he was too young to do much of this, and before he could even talk his little sister was born. He was highly curious about her, and he wanted to play with her as soon as he could. He had to wait a couple of years, though, and during those few years he was a very kind and helpful brother. He and Kumiko grew, and soon they were able to play together. Most of his childhood was spent with his sister and his friends, and he didn't pay much attention in school. (He was too busy playing with the other neighborhood children.) This upset his parents, and when he was ten he was told that if he didn't focus on school more then he wouldn't be able to play with his friends again. He took this threat to heart and focused on school, and he was doing well, having learned how to balance his social life and his school life, but when he turned fifteen his focus drifted. To boys. And to liking boys. And to wanting to date boys. And to wanting to kiss boys. This was a terrifying thing for him, as he had never even thought about anyone like that before, and he put the blame on that one new kid in his class. If he hadn't shown up, everything would be fine. Nao tried to push away his growing feelings, and he failed to succeed but decided to simply befriended the new boy. One night, when he was with his friends (including that boy who was his secret crush), he slipped up and said who he liked. This was his fatal mistake.

    When he went to school the next day, he was met with scornful looks and insults. He was called a freak and told he was sick, and he felt completely alienated and alone. He couldn't talk to his friends, because they all ignored him, and when he even looked at his crush he simply turned away. He was suddenly public enemy number one, and he couldn't talk to anyone about it. After the day ended, he didn't go home or to the club he was in, and simply wandered the town. He turned his phone off and didn't even think about going home, instead trying to figure out a way to correct his mistake. He came to the conclusion of telling everyone that it had been him just joking around, and that he had a girlfriend. This would prove to be a problem for him, as he didn't actually have a girlfriend at the time, but he knew he could figure it out. It was around this time that his sister found him, having been worried about where her brother was and wanting to know why he didn't answer her emails and texts. He apologized to her and told her he hadn't had a very good day at school and just needed to be alone, and after Kumiko had gotten him his favorite candy and dragged him to a park she was able to pry out of him exactly what had happened at school. He trusted her and came out to her, although he had been terrified she would find him disgusting, and he was beyond relieved when she also came out to him. He couldn't even think of what to say when she said that if he was unnatural and wrong, then she was unnatural and wrong too. He felt a huge weight lift off of his shoulders, and this encouraged him to stand firm with his decision about what to do with school. He went home late at night with Kumiko and made up a lie to his parents, then thanked Kumiko with a hug and was able to fall asleep. The next day, he was still met with scornful looks and insults, but after he had told everyone his lie they all loosened up and were more themselves around him. His crush, sadly, didn't talk to him very much after the accident, and he had lost a few friends, but he put on a smile and decided they weren't worth his time.

    A couple of weeks after the incident with his crush, his classmates were starting to pester him about his girlfriend. He covered by saying that she wasn't in the same grade as he was, and that she didn't like to show affection when at school. His friends and classmates didn't quite believe him, and Nao went home that day worried about what to do with his "girlfriend". He then thought of Kumiko's then best friend, and although he felt terribly guilty and bad about asking her to ask her best friend to go out with him, he did it anyways. Kumiko's best friend agreed to going out with him, and Nao was able to get past his classmates suspicions. He could tell that his little sister had a crush on her best friend and often invited her along whenever the two went out together, as he thought it would be a way to get Kumiko and her best friend closer, but she soon found excuses to let him and his girlfriend have alone time. He decided to end the relationship quickly, as he had done it only for a cover and to try to develop feelings for the opposite gender and get past his "illness", and apologized profusely to Kumiko for everything. She understood why he had dated her, and the issue was seemingly dropped.

    However, soon after Nao had broken up with Kumiko's best friend, more problems cropped up. He had found out that Kumiko's best friend had started to spread rumors about his little sister (from some kids in Kumiko's class), and he took the issue to his parents. His parents told him the issue would be better addressed with the school administrators, and he went to them and told them about the bullying of his little sister with no hesitation. He was pleased when he found out the bullying stopped, but felt remorseful for having the problem get so bad without his noticing earlier.

    Life went on, though, and he graduated from junior high school. He applied to a different high school he knew not many of his classmates would be going to, and he got in. He worried daily about how Kumiko was doing in school and if the bullying had started again, and he made sure she knew that she could tell him about everything. He worried about her lack of friends, and about her education, and about any crushes she had. However, he learned to let Kumiko handle things by herself (mostly) and he began to focus on his own high school problems.

    He decided early on to become something of a playboy at his new school, as to make sure no one found out his real sexuality again. He dated several girls, always hopeful that he would develop romantic feelings for one of them, but always ended up ending the relationship because he never felt anything for them. He worried about his sexuality, then did a lot of research about it, then worried some more. Why did he have to be different from everyone else? Why did society have to be so against people like him (and, apparently, his sister)? Why did he feel like he was sick; like he had a disease that was absolutely terrible? He couldn't get over it like he usually was able to do, and soon found that this was a problem he couldn't overcome by himself. He had wanted to talk to his sister about it and figure out how to get out of his slump, but he decided against it as she was dealing with her own problems. He took a day off from school one random day and browsed the internet for anything that would help him, and he stumbled upon a chatroom for people who were like him. People who were....gay. He was scared to say anything to anyone in the chatroom, but after someone gently asked him if they could help he spilled everything he had been keeping to himself. He opened up to this complete stranger, and when the stranger moved their conversation to email he only talked more and more. He rambled on and on for hours and the stranger was there to listen, and Nao soon found out that this stranger was a boy who was a year older then him and who happened to go to the same high school as himself. He found this very coincidental and didn't believe the stranger, but the stranger told him it was honest and true and told Nao they'd meet each other tomorrow. Nao agreed, and the two talked late into the night until Nao dozed off.

    The next day, Nao was eager to go to school. He was excited to meet the stranger from yesterday, and when the stranger emailed him and told him where he would be waiting Nao hurried there as fast as he could. He was incredibly anxious, and worried, and scared, but he was also incredibly excited to meet someone like him who he could talk to easily (besides his sister, of course). His heart was racing when he arrived at the front gates to his school, and he thought it would stop when he saw a boy standing in front of the meeting place. He hid behind a wall and sent the stranger an email, then watched to see if the boy in front of the meeting place would look at his phone. His heart skipped a beat when the boy looked at his phone, and then Nao froze when the boy looked at him. It was really the stranger from yesterday. After an awkward introduction, the stranger, who was named Daiki, told Nao that he had to get to class but that they could hang out later if Nao wasn't busy. Nao agreed and the two parted ways, and Nao went to class feeling happier then he had in quite some time.

    Nao and Daiki quickly became friends, and Nao realized one day that he had a crush on the older boy. He became stressed about this and told his sister. He then made the decision to not tell Daiki his real feelings, as he didn't want to ruin the friendship that they had, and continued to behave normally around him. Daiki, however, picked up on Nao's feelings for him (as Nao wasn't very good about hiding his feelings) and asked if Nao wanted to try dating. After he got over his embarrassment, Nao agreed and the two started going out. Nao began to accept himself when he was with Daiki, and Daiki taught Nao a lot of things he didn't understand, and Daiki even introduced Nao to YouTube and the wonderful world of video. Nao became very interested in this and decided to try it out. After looking around on the site at all the different things people did, and asking his boyfriend about what he thought he should do, Nao decided to cover songs. He made a YouTube account, asked his parents for a nice microphone, downloaded the right software for audio recording, and told all of the new friends he had made to subscribe to him. He then made his first cover, and was amazed at how many views he had gotten. This inspired him to keep going, and within a few months he had over 340,000 subscribers (it probably helped that he made some vlogs and was very into talking with his fans over social networks). Daiki was entirely supportive during all of this, and Nao was absolutely elated.

    However, Nao and Daiki's relationship started to drift apart around this time. Nao was entering his second year of high school, and Daiki was now a third year. Daiki became busy studying for entrance exams, and Nao's popularity as a YouTuber was rising. Both boys decided it would be best to end the relationship, and this was good for both of them as they had started to realize they didn't have romantic feelings for each other anymore. Daiki told Nao that they could still remain friends, and Nao agreed, saying that once things calmed down they could try a relationship again (if they both were interested in doing so). They both agreed to everything, and then fell into the habit of just being friends. Towards the end of the year, Daiki told Nao that he had fallen for someone else, and Nao congratulated him and wished his friend the best of luck with the relationship (with no ill feelings).

    Nao's sister, who had always been supporting her from the start with everything, had found new friends. He was ecstatic to meet them, and was supportive and pushed her to try to make NND videos when she had found out about it. He let her use his equipment whenever he wasn't using it, and did his best to help her out of her slump when she fell into it suddenly. He and his sister convinced their parents to get Kumiko some of her own equipment, and when Kumiko had gained some popularity the two decided to hold friendly competitions. They both became internet idols, although Nao knew he was more popular, and one day when they were both out they were scouted by a producer and asked if they wanted to become real life idols. They agreed, and the rest is pretty much history.

    Other: He chose the idol name Hibiki because it means "echo, sound". He goes by Nao. His color is sapgreen (#308014).


    Name: 武井 琥珀 (Takei Kohaku)

    Idol Name: 九郎 (Kuro)

    Age: 17

    Gender: female disguised as a male

    Appearance: Haku has a cute face, with almond shaped eyes and a small nose. She has amber eyes, which sometimes turn bright brown, and her hair is black. Her hair is cut in a pixie cut, with her bangs brushing over her forehead but not being long enough to hide her eyes. She usually wears a hat whenever she isn't being an idol, and she always has a scarf on no matter what the weather is. If she doesn't wear a hat whenever she goes out, she wears a mask. The mask is black and has teeth on it, and because of this many people give her odd looks whenever she walks by with it on. She wears long sleeves and pants often, which hides her oddly tan skin, but she does so because she has scars on her shins and arms. She wears gloves sometimes, along with long necklaces and rings. She also layers her clothes so that no one is able to exactly place her gender (as her chest is rather flat anyways), and she always has on a tight tank top underneath everything she wears. It's rare to see her dress in girly clothes, but she does actually do so whenever she's at home or when she goes to a different city (on super rare occasions, she'll leave the house in a dress). She is 5'9 and exercises regularly, so she's quite fit.

    When she's being an idol, she wears a binder so no one can see any hints of a girls chest on her. She also covers her scars with make-up if she's wearing shorts or tank tops (which she wears more often than she would like), and she also applies make-up so she can try to look more androgynous/masculine. Her producer likes to play off the shota troupe with her, so she often dresses in bright colors that catch peoples eyes.

    Personality: oh bro idk uh lets see. she's energetic and doesnt see why people need to be sad in life. like, sure, bad stuff happens, but there's always a tomorrow and the sun will always rise again!! people care about you!! crap crap she's very energetic and gets inspiration from a lot of stuff f i guess buT FUN FACT she actually gives people the cold shoulder when she first meets them because she gets scared of messing up what she says and she doesnt know if they'll like her so she's like "oh no i'll just watch for now and judge from afar dont mind me"


    History: something to do with her grandmother. im flipping tired so im gonna say here that she had a friend who was like "yo haku you could be an idol let me convince my dad you'll be famous" and so she totally got in that way and she's like "do i really have skills tho" and now she's totally a trap utaite and has the skills so yws

    Other: She chose her idol name to match with her partner Haruo/Shiro. She goes by Haku. Her color is amber (#FFBF00).

  7. user posted image

    "He looks like someone just mentioned how he drunkenly gave another guy a lap dance in drag but he doesn't feel like he can say anything about it"


    so hey meet bunboy

    he doesn't have a story

    but he's 18 and possibly my mascot



    i forgot to say

    i made a new account

    and i'll update everything in the first post SOON

    but for now

    my new da account is ChasingRainClouds

    please call me Rain and don't reveal my gender if you want to go say anything thank you



    gonna wait for the small dump because hella


    omg thank thank <3333 ;o;



    puts him in my mouth

    pls do a sketchdump omg




    here's my sketchdump~





    but ahem hello all today i have a spirit who goes by the lovely name Caddo. He's in the other drawing i did with the trees like a page back (i'll link it soon).

    Hmm yes i love Caddo he has a secret which is why his stomach is wrapped (actually he has TWO secrets man this boy needs to stop it with these secrets) i'm realizing that the other traditional drawing i'm working on with him is spoiler-y but oh well. I plan on making a webcomic with him and his friends (well, i say friends but....) so if you want to know about it please ask me!! <33


    I have so many traditional doodles this is terrible. Whenever i get on the computer again i'll throw them in a small dump because ugh man so many

  10. Oh man oh man oh man mage your water colors are amazing!!! I cant use them at all (i gave all of mine away to my friend who actually knows how to use them XD). If i ever get into using them i'll look at your tips uvu

    I imagine it'd be hard to do without lineart omg i cant even imagine-- but you totally pulled it off! I really like the little dragons <33

  11. omg pi your style is so cute!! I love little key lime pie she's so adorable ouo


    would it be okay if i did the 30 day challenge too? I see all you guys putting up these drawings and i think it'd be fun ;7; it's okay if i can't though uvu

  12. Max watched Erin say he was okay and smiled, wondering if he really was going to be okay or if he had just said so to reassure the cat eared boy. He felt his face warm when the human kissed his knuckles and pulled his hand away, grabbing the back of his hand and rubbing it softly. He looked at the floor and bit his lip, then sighed and stood. He touched Erin's head and ran his fingers gently through his hair, smiling at how soft it was. He then looked at the counter and pressed his lips together.

    "So endet nictio. Eggs and milk and seasoning and rice." He looked at Erin. "You can just, uh, go look around if you want. Or I guess you can stay in here and talk to me. Whatever, really. Just don't get in my way." He reached into a cabinet below the counter and grabbed a flat pan, then put it on the stove and turned it on.

    He looked at Erin, his thoughts all over the place. He had to get the human home. He had to find out all about the humans. He had to apologize to his sister. He had to not cave into Erin's flirting. He definitely had to keep Erin a secret. He had to ignore Anthony. He had to still keep up with his schoolwork. He had to avoid any robots that would find the human. He had to make sure his sister didn't find out about Erin.

    He shook his head to try and clear his mind, noting that most of his thoughts had to do with the human. He looked at the stove and rubbed his hands together, feeling the wound on his finger. He flinched slightly and looked at it, sighing when he saw some blood had run down his finger. His ears flattened against his head as he ran his thumb across the wound, and the teen quickly turned the fire off. He licked his wound and looked at Erin, then turned away from him and left the kitchen. "I'll be back soon. I gotta fix my cut."


    ((//whispers// max's blood is pink and he accidentally got some on erin's cheeks and in his hair so--))

  13. is it bad that i forgot i made this thread?


    but i'm just gonna pop in and say that i have waayyy to many shippings. the majority of my shippings are gay, but some of the straight ones i have are mainly pokemon ones aha ;7; i have a lot of anime and show shippings, but i'm too lazy to list them all now. maybe some other day--- tbh i'm just shipping trash but its okay


    i will say that i ship pearl x amethyst, steven x connie, and ruby x sapphire. i have yet to watch the steven bomb episodes but hopefully i'll be able to tomorrow quq.

  14. omg pi pffff--- well i'm happy with my little gem child. he's a made up gem called Asterine (but he has a nickname it's just Aster) and he was sent to Earth by Homeworld for things yep. His gem is a mixture of blue and purple and looks like a galaxy or something-- he has little dots on it too they're supposed to look like stars ;u;


    yoo it's okay!! color palettes are so hard omg hardly any of my characters have color palettes XD