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  1. omg yesss magical kids


    okay so my idea can be really expanded and all that but:


    our characters wake up one school morning and go about their daily morning ritual to get ready for the day ahead. they go to school and notice somethings off about their classmates and teachers. none of them can exactly figure out what it is, but the students are much less animated and only show interest in anything when something bad happens (i.e. a fight, someone gets a cut, or whatever). the end of the day rolls around and all of our characters are in the same club, so they go to the club and realize that they themselves are not acting like the rest of their classmates. this confuses them and they start to talk about the club activities, but some strange noises outside catch their attention and they all go to the window to look at what's going on. what they see can only be described as monstrous: two kids with dark figures hovering around them are trying to rip each others throats out. the clubmates dont know what to do and panic, but then the mascot makes an appearance and everyone gets some kind of power to help the students.


    i can go more into detail but i just feel i should say that the mascot would be a fish that one of our characters would have to carry around all the time



  2. psssst lu


    your art has become really nice

    your shading is starting to make sense

    the linart is still a lil off but its hard to get lineart down omg

    and your developing a style c:


    if you'd be interested i would love to draw one of your oc's in exchange for one of mine winkwonks

    or perhaps i could draw two and you could draw two if you'd want winkwonksawkwardly

  3. ahh yeah i think modern day would be best for the idea i have in mind uvu


    edit: mxm is a romantic relationship between two boys : ^ ) (fxf is between two girls, and mxf is between a boy and a girl). welcome to the site! :)

  4. kill them all

    man i'm ok with anything!!!



    i can't believe u forgot me how could u


    I'm up for a group thing instead of a 1x1! (though i might be committing myself to too much aha so I guess it depends on the topic)


    EDIT: did sOMEONE SAY BOUEIBU yes i owould like to order 100 magical boys please for takeout


    iM SO SORRY MAGE ;;;;;;


    omg yeee group things are fun lets all try to have fun (i may be committing myself to too much as well but oh well pffff---)


    oHmygod ordering magical boys like its no ones business im laughing so hard

  5. madoka magica = sadness and death with a cute monster cat mascot

    earth high defense club = cute anime boys that have a pink wombat mascot (free of death)


    i may actually have an idea that we could do to combine the two of these, but idk if everyone's on board with magical kids

  6. wow im the Saminator now

    i see


    okay so lemme see if i counted correctly


    Sen (XiaoChibi) is in

    Lu (Lady_Lunevis) is in (???? you just come in here and tell me to make the wicked 1x1's are you implying we should make one together or am i mistaken)

    Spyro (MrSpyro) is in

    Lukos (ArchiosLukos) is in


    Dotzrus, are you in or nah?


    edit: if you all are in, then we can all work together towards a plot : ^ )



  7. You have a number limit here?

    nope, there's no number limit! if you aren't comfortable with mxm then i can just scratch it out uvu


    *tentatively raises hand but then retracts it* Oh wait this is already cursed to fail oh well *puts hand back up*


    omg noooo we can make it work!! if you wanna join in then i'd love to have you c:


    *Slips out door with Qi in tow.* I leave. you have enough. its like a party, no one eats until someone gets hungry enough to get the food then everyone attacks the buffet.


    ahaha omg that's a good analogy. its very true too pffff. if you ever drop some rp's and wanna do a 1x1, feel free to pm me and we can figure out what to do~

  8. R E L A T I O N S H I P S


    At + Ev = New friends

    At + Issi = Close Friends

    Robin + Mana = Twins

    Calem + Remus = Friends

    Kolya + At = Good Friends

    Mana + EVERYONE = Friends

  9. C H A R A C T E R _ S H E E T _ T E M P L A T E


    [b]Name:[/b] (first and last)
    [i]Nickname:[/i] (if applicable)
    [b]Age:[/b] (high school age group)
    [b]Sex/Gender:[/b] (self-explanatory) 
    [b]Sexuality/Romanticism:[/b] (ask anyone in Chatzy omg)
    [b]Personality:[/b] (okay, i know im being pretty lax with a lot of stuff, but please try to make a good paragraph or so of personality. it's not that hard tbh) 
    [i]Likes/Dislikes:[/i] (simply what they like and dont like. optional, but if you dont do it then please delete this section)
    [b]History:[/b] ("To Be RP'd" is one of my pet peeves, so don't put it. just a couple of complete sentences and you'll be fine) 
    Now the fun part....
    [b]Emotion:[/b] (what you reserved)
    [i]What happens when they transform?:[/i] (tell us exactly WHAT happens when they transform. i mentioned earlier that the emotions take control of their personality. is this really true for your character?? do they have better control then some other characters? or is their control worse? what kind of stuff do they do when they transform? is it silly or embarrassing, or dangerous or ridiculous? tell us everything that happens to your character the moment they get into their beautiful magical outfit.) 
    [b]Magic Power:[/b] (what you reserved) 
    [i]What happens with their magic when they transform?:[/i] (put simply, how do they use their magic? make sure you keep in mind that RIGHT NOW they don't know how to control their magic very well and their emotions are mostly in control. you are more then welcome to say how their magic will develop over time, as the story progresses and they all learn. (also, weapons are okay, but im going to just say do not make it too OP or silly. if you want a weapon, its open to discussion in the Chatzy.)
    Putting this at the end cause I can't think of where else to put it.....
    [b]Regular Appearance:[/b] (DO NOT USE PICTURES. I cannot make myself more clear. I absolutely will not accept if you use a picture. You can look at a picture and describe the character that way, but do not provide a link to a character (that you didn't draw!!!) and say that it's yours. I will hunt you down and attack you. That being said: you can just give a brief description of the character. I don't need long paragraphs of information (although i do love details omg), but tell us how tall they are and how much they weigh and their basic body shape and such. It's not that hard, and it helps expand your writing skills. (If you want to be extra fun, you can tell us what kind of clothes they were typically and if they have any scars and what not.)) 
    [B]Magical Form:[/B] (i honestly don't care what you do with this, just keep in mind that none of their physical features change and their clothes have to be at least a tad bit modest. (this should be the funnest part of the sheet, so try to be creative and imaginative!))



    C O M P L E T E _ C H A R A C T E R S



  10. {{Chatzy}} {{look at the beautiful fish Sen drew for us}}


    P L O T


    Our characters wake up one school morning and go about their daily morning ritual to get ready for the day ahead. They go to school and notice somethings off about their classmates and teachers. None of them can exactly figure out what it is, but the students are much less animated and only show interest in anything when something bad happens (i.e. a fight, someone gets a cut, or whatever). The end of the day rolls around and all of our characters are in the same club, so they go to the club and realize that they themselves are not acting like the rest of their classmates. This confuses them and they start to talk about the club activities, but some strange noises outside catch their attention and they all go to the window to look at what's going on. What they see can only be described as monstrous: two kids with dark figures hovering around them are trying to rip each others throats out. The clubmates dont know what to do and panic, but then the mascot makes an appearance and everyone gets some kind of power to help the students. Now, these clubmates must find a way to vanquish every demon before its too late.....


    T H E _ S E T T I N G


    A boarding school set in America. (will make a proper setting later)


    T H E _ M A G I C


    All of the characters are able to use magic because of a positive emotion they have. Because of this, every character has one positive emotion they experience above all the others. It can be any positive emotion: love, joy, wonder, trust, surprise, friendship, kindness, amusement, etc. This emotion is the reason they have magic - granted, some powers may not make sense right now, but in due time everything will become clear (hopefully).


    The characters will have a very hard time controlling their powers when they first transform (along with their emotions, but that's for later). They will be loosing the first few times they face off against demons. They are very volatile with their emotions and none of them are able to control it instantly. There will be mistakes (the shapeshifter may be able to change into an animal, but then they may have some different animal parts here or there. or, the person who can manipulate sound doesnt understand how to do so and manipulates it to too high a frequency and hurts their teammates. the healer messes up and isnt able to heal a wound correctly. the telekinetic isnt able to lift heavy things for very long. etc, etc.).


    T H E _ E M O T I O N S


    It's highschool. Emotions are going crazy. And we're asking these kids to fight demons that are using their classmates and friends with them. It's going to be pretty hard to do so, at first. These kids do not know that their emotions are the reason they have the magical power they do. They just know that when they transform, the emotion they experience the most is much more prominent and leads them to do rather ridiculous things. Very, very ridiculous things. The emotion kind of takes over their mind and they do all sorts of things they later regret (either because what they do is actually painful, very embarrassing, or just plain ridiculous). However, these emotions are very powerful and can either cause greatness or destruction.


    The kids need to learn how to control their emotions. If they don't, their emotion can take complete control and destroy them from the inside out. (I'm not entirely sure how this happens YET, but I'm working on it and will have an explanation for it later.) Basically, if the characters get too into their emotion and magic then they can go insane. However, the reverse to that is: if they become to detached from their emotion and magic, and continuously deny the existence of the magic or emotion, they have the risk of uh, dying. Kind of extreme, but its magic and I was slightly influenced by madoka magica, so meh.


    T H E _ D E M O N S


    The demons are the bad guys, obviously. There may or may not be a conspirator or two behind the demons, and they may or may not become something of an ultimate boss for the story. It's all very mysterious. And confusing. And hush hush.


    The demons thrive on negative emotions. They latch onto a humans soul and make that human experience nothing but bad emotions. Once the human falls into despair and can not see an end to the negative emotions, the demon takes the soul and leaves behind an empty shell.


    The demons can be stopped a number of ways. You can attack the demons body, although that can be very hard to do as they don't have an entirely physical body (they are able to switch between corporeal or incorporeal whenever they want). They can be attacked when they have a body, and if there is a power that can attack something without a body then that's also a way to hurt them. They can float when their incorporeal, and they can also fly through stuff. There is a less physical way for out kids to defeat the demons and that's simply by talking to the human the demon is controlling. If a character is able to get through to an NPC and make the NPC feel a positive emotion, then the demon looses control of the human and disappears. Now, no one knows exactly where it disappears too or if it's gone forever, but at least its gone, right?


    E V E R Y O N E _ I N V O L V E D

    • Sammy (littlelizzie)
    • Mage (TehUltimateMage)
    • Dotz (Dotzrus)
    • Lu (Lady_Lunevis)
    • Sen (XiaoChibi)
    • Spyro (MrSpyro)
    • Lukos (ArchiosLukos)
    • Doc (Doctortear)
    • Den (Denwayasha)
    • Dor (Dorchades)
    E M O T I O N _ R E S E R V E S
    • Sammy - Friendship
    • Spyro - Courage
    • Doc - Generosity
    • Sen - Compassion
    • Lu - Love
    • Mage - Zeal/Zest
    • Den - Innocence
    • Lukos - Serenity
    • Dotz - Trust
    P O W E R _ R E S E R V E S
    • Den - Healing
    • Sammy - Animation
    • Doc - Telekinesis
    • Sen - Illusion Creation
    • Lu - Emotional Manipulation
    • Spyro - Shapeshifting
    • Mage - Sound Manipulation
    • Lukos - Power Redirection
    • Dotz - Shielding
    W E A P O N _ R E S E R V E S
    • Sammy - staff
    • Mage - microphone (for the b-rate idol)
    • Spyro - spear
    • Lukos - chakram
    • Sen - daggers
    C A N D Y _ R E S E R V E S
    • Sammy - soft mints
    • Mage - cinnamon hearts
    • Spyro - jawbreakers
    • Doc - razzles
    • Sen - dum dum lollipops
    • Den - gummy bears
    • Lukos - dark chocolate
  11. okay can someone tell me what the plot is exactly? i remember a bit but i want to make sure we're all on the same page probably lily would be best to tell me the plot thanks bab <3


    also i think we should do a headcount haha~

  12. Seeking RPs

    Username: littlelizzie (but please call me Sammy)

    Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): A 1x1 is what I'm looking for now. I prefer longer posts, and I like when a lot of detail. However, I can do shorter posts and sometimes I may make smaller posts because of lack of time or ideas or because i'm having a hard time thinking of what to write.

    Preferred Genre: Character development and interaction are things i live for!! I love me some angst and romance (prefer mxm romance tbh), and i love fantasy! i also like dystopian/post-apocalyptic, action/adventure, slice of life... i like aliens and pirates, and i love fairy tales~ i also love pokemon and i think it'd be interesting to do a sports type roleplay, but//shrugs. i like supernatural/magical stuff/mythological stuff too!

    Other: if you have a skype, then i'd love if we could exchange them! i'm much easier to get a hold of that way haha. i also have a habit of kind of disappearing from the site so.... please be patient with me XD i also like to talk about characters and all this stuff that can happen between them. oh, and if either of us want to do a more mature roleplay, then i can roleplay over google docs. also it'd be cool if we got along and had fun together ; u ;

  13. couldn't a weapon also just name itself?


    also i have questions and suggestions so i'm sorry if this is going to be long.


    so, for my MC, what exactly has happened with him? i was just going to make him a prince (probably a rightful heir to the throne) and he had to flee the throne for some reason or another. i would make him travel the country to find weapons so he can get his throne back. i dont know if that's what we were planning, but upon talking to lukos some and talking about our characters interactions i think it would make the most sense.


    also, i think there should be a section for the history, yes, but im not entirely confident about that with my character being the main. i dont want him to be out of character when he meets a weapon, and that leads me to my next question: are all of the weapons going to be MC's weapons, or will some be Atsuo's weapons, or will some just be aimlessly wandering? if they all will be MC's weapons, then i would really really like to talk to everyone privately to figure out exactly how they meet. (because i really, really, really dont want him to be out of character when he meets his weapons.)


    also, i can make weapons if need be. i dont know how good of an idea that is, though, since i recently have been writing quite a bit for roleplay replies and can make huge posts if i have a lot of characters together.


    basically. im kind of questioning exactly what the history is and what all of the weapons are doing as i dont think that was made very clear. if we could talk about it and all agree then i think it'd be better in the long run uvu

  14. Personally, I'm not a big fan of this whole elemental weapons/weapons with magical powers that have nothing to do with the weapon itself. (I don't know where the whole idea came from anyway and I just think its unnecessary and makes everything more complicated.)


    I'd prefer if the weapons were just stronger then normal weapons by being easier to wield (lighter, more flexible, etc) and/or having a stronger effect then normal weapon (more knock back then a normal weapon, able to extend for extra reach, little things like those examples that aren't external if you know what I mean).

    I agree with Lily. Throwing elements into the whole thing just makes it way more complicated. If you guys want to do an elemental rp, that's all grand and good, but I think this rp would be better off without elements or any magical mumbo jumbo (except for the whole transforming into weapons thing).


    I'll be making my characters some time this week. Just to be sure, I'm playing the MC, yes? And I'm also going to do a weapon or two hehe

  15. The sky rumbled loudly, and a car could be heard honking some distance away. People shouting about the sudden downpour and kids screaming about the puddles that were quickly forming was what the black haired teen heard from her place in the bookstore. She watched the world from her seat near the window, her gaze following a little kid who was soaking wet and the little kids mother who was trying to use an umbrella. The wind was too much for the plastic parasol, though, and the umbrella flew out of the women's hands. The teen hid a smile behind her fingers and watched, amusement twinkling in her eyes, as the mother grabbed her child and headed towards an awning, most likely to wait out the rain. She let her attention drift and saw several other people running to find cover, but watched as a lady slipped on the water and almost face planted onto the ground. She braced herself for the collision, but was surprised to see a man in a suit catch the lady before her face met the hard cement. The black haired girl let out a quiet sigh and sat back in her chair. Those two probably just fell in love, right? That was what typically happened when someone saved someone else from a terribly embarrassing thing, or from a life-threatening situation. She made an incomprehensible noise and picked at her nails for a brief second, thinking over exactly how she had ended up in this store, in this chair, people watching and doing nothing productive.


    The forecast for today hadn't called for rain. She should have known better, though, since she had seen how dark and ominous the clouds had looked before she left her house. She didn't think much about them and had just hurried to the bookstore to get the book she had been waiting almost a year for. It was the next book in the Wyard series, which was an American series that was surprisingly popular amongst Japanese people. It didn't come as a shock to her when she couldn't get into the store immediately upon her arrival. The series was fantastic. A completely different world then earth, a rich plot, a beautiful setting, amazingly thought out characters, plot twists that could kill. It was one of the most popular books in America, and was apparently well known in Japan. She glanced at the book on the table in front of her and gave a small smile. She couldn't wait to go home, curl under a blanket, drink hot chocolate and read it.


    She looked across the slightly cramped store and saw most of the people standing around were reading. Well, that was to be expected. It was a bookstore, and there was no reason to go outside now. She would do the same to pass the time faster, but she didn't think she'd be able to focus much on the words unless she had her own music to listen to. She let her gaze drift again, this time looking over the other people in the building, and drummed her fingers against her leg. These people were boring. Just standing and reading. Her eyes met those of a barista at the coffee bar in the corner of the store, and she smiled. She could go for a nice hot drink right about now.


    She stood from her seat and slid her book into her backpack, then slung the bag over her back and stepped around a man who had been a little to close for her comfort. She gestured to the seat to tell him he could take it, and he nodded once to say he would do so in a moment. Probably after he was done with the page. She turned from him and moved around everyone else who was standing, then came to the counter and waved to the barista. He smiled back and asked what the teen would have, and she responded in a neutral voice that she would have hot apple spice. The barista entered the drink into the register and told the teen how much it would be, and after she had paid she moved to the end of the counter and put her backpack back on. She watched the barista make her drink for a moment, then looked out of a window when she heard a kid scream. That one had sounded terrifying.


    She noticed no one else had paid any mind to the scream and frowned ever so slightly. What if the kid was in danger? What if it was someone being abducted? Well, she didn't really think it was anything that serious, but she felt a little upset that no one had even bothered to look outside and see if anything had happened. They're all just engrossed in their books. She told herself, knowing full well that as soon as she got home she would be like everyone too. The barista set the hot apple spice on the counter and the black haired teen thanked him, then she took the mug into her hands and looked for somewhere she could sit and put her drink down. She saw a girl who looked to be close to her age sitting in the corner, reading the book, and decided she would go sit with her. It wouldn't even matter, really, since she was just going to read and she wasn't using the tiny table in front of her anyways.


    The teen made her way over to the other girl, holding her mug carefully between her fingers. She looked the other girl over, taking note of the black hair that was hidden in a hood and the red glasses that fit her seemingly perfectly. She paused, surprising herself with her own thoughts. That girl was kind of cute. No, no. She wasn't cute. Don't do that, Kohaku. She mentally smacked herself, taking a quick breath and closing the distance between the two. She put a smile on her face and set her mug gently on the table so as to not disturb the glasses girl. She removed her hand from the table and put her hands in her jacket pocket, then tilted her head to the side. "Mind if I sit here while I drink my hot apple spice?" She asked, using her male voice. She had learned a couple of years ago how to manipulate her voice, and it was because of this skill that she was able to do what she did for her work. She was convinced her partner didn't know her real gender, and if she could fool him then she knew she could fool everyone else. Although, she didn't really think her partner was that hard to fool.


    She felt thankful for wearing the outfit she had worn today, and sent a silent thanks to her grandmother. Her jacket was large and hid whatever curves she had, her scarf hid the lack of Adam's apple in her throat, her skinny jeans weren't very skinny on her and had to be rolled up. Her hat, a simple messenger hat, hid her face just well enough so no one could recognize her at first glance. She hadn't thought of wearing her glasses when she got dressed earlier, as she didn't think she would be out very long. She was starting to regret this now, though, because if someone recognized her it would only spell trouble. Granted, she was quite new at her job and she wasn't popular enough to warrant people actively looking for her, she still worried about people recognizing her. She didn't want to let down her friends that supported her, or her family who was incredibly excited for the opportunity, or her small fanbase. She especially didn't want to let down her producer and partner. So, she simply hoped she wouldn't be recognized right now.