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  1. Joe noticed Yuki's face flush as he touched his forehead. So it was because of him. He watched as Yuki's tail started wagging a mile a minute and laughed quietly. He then bit his lip and looked st the floor. Why was he laughing at Yuki? This didn't make any sense. He looked back at Yuki when he asked if he wanted to go get breakfast and nodded. "I don't typically eat breakfast though." He took a few books off of Yuki's pile and adjuseted his backpack strap. "You could use a dresser for your clothes, you know." He said calmly, looking down the hallway. "I'll help you carry your stuff today though. It won't happen again." He said, looking at Yuki. Oh boy. This was definitely not like him.


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    They have three classes in the morning, and three after lunch. They also have one free period after lunch they can spend in study hall or library.


    and this




    about classes.

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    Joe bent down to help Yuki pick his stuff up and remained silent as he apologized profusely. He stood also and held a notebook out to Yuki, noticing how red he was. Had he caused that? He felt his cheeks warm at the thought and averted his attention from the other males face. Oh Jesus. What was going on? "It's fine. About yesterday. Yeah." He mumbled, glancing at Yuki. He was still blushing and Joe fiddled with his backpack strap. "I came by to..." He looked at Yuki again and sighed. "Nevermind." He placed his free hand on Yuki's forehead and placed the notebook on his pile of books. "Are you running a fever or something? You're really red." He said, feeling Yuki's hair. It was soft. He then remembered he had no idea how to tell if someone was running a fever and pulled his hand away from the black haired boy, looking anywhere but his face. "You know, carrying a lot of books like that can lead to back problems." He muttered, sighing. "Do you not have a backpack or something?"

  4. Joe stared at the wall and sighed. School was starting soon, wasn't it? He didn't want to go. He covered his head with his comforter and then heard Shin scream about a tree branch and threw his blanket off of him. Okay, God. He was awake. He crawled out of bed and groaned, looking at the time. "It's too early to go anywhere." He mumbled, looking at his door. If he had to deal with Shin screaming every morning he would always be woken up. He wouldn't even need to set an alarm clock. He looked at himself in the mirror and ruffled his hair, yawning. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a simple long sleeved sweatshirt and red skinny jeans. Why did he pack colored pants? "Whatever. It doesn't matter." He whispered, throwing the clothes on his bed. He opened his door and looked into the hallway to see if any people were out, and saw Yuki go back into his room. He took note of the pink beanie and pants and hid a smile. "I wonder if his favorite color is pink." He muttered, slipping out of his door. He quickly brushed his teeth and ruffled his hair again, knowing he would just throw a beanie over it anyways. He let his hands stay on his head for a while and remembered when he had ears, but quickly realized he looked like an idiot and let them fall to his side.


    He hurried back to his room and got dressed, not realizing he had put the sweatshirt on backwards. He grabbed his black beanie and slid it over his head, liking how much the color contrasted his hair. He looked at his clock and then headed towards his door. Might as well try to apologize to Yuki. He was just trying to be friendly... I think. He grabbed his backpack and swung it over his shoulder, then opened his door and stepped out into the hallway. He walked across the hall to Cyrus and Yuki's room and stared at the door. He was about to knock on the door but hesitated. Wait, what if Yuki doesn't want me to apologize? What if he's mad at me? Would he get mad at me? He didn't seem like someone who'd get mad at anyone. Joe looked down the hall and sighed. Maybe he just wouldn't bother apologizing. But what if they had a class together? Wouldn't that be awkward? He bit his lip and looked at the floor. What should I do?