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  1. Max looked back at the human when he called him Pretty-kitty and smirked. "Just call me really embarrassing boyfriend names." He said, tripping over a robot. He caught himself before he fell but felt his tail was fluffed up and he stopped walking, listening for any noise. He heard more students coming up the walkway and pulled the human into the small patch of trees off to the side of the school. He continued to drag the human along until he got far enough into the trees that he felt safe letting the boy go. He turned and looked at him, taking notice of his eye color. He then walked around the boy and whispered a spell under his breath, casting an invisibility shroud over the two of them.

    He looked back at the boy and crossed his arms. "Answer my questions and I'll let you live." He said, realizing the threat was already lost. He had gone on about helping the human, so why would he kill him now? That didn't make much sense. "First, how are you here? Humans don't just come here. Second, are you sure your one hundred percent sure your human? Third, don't actually call me boyfriend names. I don't need anything to distract from my anger now. And fourth, what's your name?" His ears flicked back and forth and his tail swished along the grass. "Also, what's it like to be a human? Do you guys get snow? Why are you warm blooded? You don't have magic, do you?" He broke a stick off a low hanging branch and held it in his hands, then watched as it grew into a flower. "You can't do stuff like that, right? Did that freak you out? It probably did, didn't it?" He realized he was talking at an incredible pace and quickly closed his mouth. His tail continued to swish along the ground, showing how curious he was.

  2. Max watched as the boy closed his eyes. What was he doing? Ah, he must be an idiot. That made sense. He then heard someone scream something and looked back towards the sidewalk. What a bunch of idiots. He was surrounded by them. Everywhere he went, there were idiots. He heard the boy agree to putting his arm in the robot and watched as he did so. He then touched a button on the back of the robot and heard a shlk. Yes, stab the boy with your needle. The robot clicked. "Move your arm now." He said calmly, pulling the robot closer to him. He heard the mechanics in the machine work and then watched as a piece of paper printed out on top of it. He set the robot down and watched as it hurried back to the sidewalk, then looked at the paper.


    He looked at the boy, surprised. There had to be a mistake. No, the robots didn't make mistakes. A human? Seriously, a human? The species he had always read about? The species he watched from his room? The species that got killed if they set foot inside a facility here? He folded the paper and put it in his pocket, then squeezed the boys cheeks together. He felt the warm skin that contrasted with his cold skin and fell backwards, looking around frantically. "Okay. Human." He held his hand up as if saying to stop, and looked at the boy. "No, you can't be here. You'll die. Okay, okay. I'll help. Yeah, okay. Help the human. Then get caught and get killed. Wow, that sucks. Maybe I'll just let the human die. No, then it would weigh on my mind." He rambled and heard some people call his name. "No, gotta go. Okay. Let's leave." He grabbed the boys wrist and stood, pulling him up with him. His ears flattened against his head as he looked back towards the sidewalk and he pulled the human through the bushes. He was so dead if anyone found out about the human. "Just be quiet and follow me." He said, looking back at the boy.

  3. Joe watched Yuki and nodded when he answered his question. "That makes two of us." He muttered, notcing Yuki's ears were bent back. Scared? Shy? Embarrassed? He reached up to touch them and felt the books slipping out of his hand, but he quickly caught them before they fell. He then felt himself blush and looked at the floor. What the censorkip.gif. No, this wasn't okay. Why was he blushing. This made no sense. The two boys came to the cafeteria and Joe quickly found a table away from the main action.

    What an idiot. Why would I say 'that makes two of us'? God, I'm so stupid. He set Yuki's books down on the table and looked at the teen. "Sorry I almost dropped your books. I don't know what happened in the hallway. Probably just me being stupid." He said, looking towards the food bar. "I'm going to go grab some fruit. Do you want me to grab anything for you? Or rather, nah. You can get your own food." He stepped away from Yuki and heard someone talking about a girl and some scrathes. Oh, so something happened last night.

  4. OKAY CHIC WE CAN JUST MAKE UP THE SETTING AS WE GO ALONG YEAH what would happen if Max just left


    Max watched as the boy sat down in the bushes and stepped back as a crowd of people rushed past him. His schoolmates were so annoying. Once the crowd passed, he looked back at the boy. He didn't look like anyone that lived around here. He didn't see any extra body parts, and his skin looked to be a normal color. A thought then occured to Max: could he be a human? No no, that wasn't likely. Humans had only come to his realm once and they died almost instantaneously. His tail flicked up once and he stared at the boy. He was curious.

    He walked over to the boy, stepping over a robot that almost tripped him. He quickly realized the robot could tell him the species of the boy and he picked it up, holding it gently. Thankfully they weren't heavy machines. He crouched in front of the boy and pressed down on the robots head, watching as it glowed and extended a wide tube in front of itself. "No matter what you do, I'll still have ears and a tail. Put your arm in this robot." He instructed, staring at the boy. What would he do if he was a human? Would he report him? That would be what a proper civillian would do. He hated being a proper civillian though. If he was a monster, would he fight him? He had his weapon handy, as all students were supposed to, but he didn't feel up to fighting anything now.



    Max stared ahead and dragged his feet along the ground. He hated this. He positively hated this. It was cold, and there was snow on the ground. He watched as some other students walked past him and he groaned. They had that stupid skin changing ability. He just had the stupid ears and tail. He didn't even need to express his feelings better. He expressed them just fine without any magical help. He paused when a small circular robot passed in front of him and watched it go into the bushes. He then looked ahead at his tall school and groaned. No, he wasn't going to do this today. He didn't want to go and get mad at everyones stupid questions. He turned to follow after the robot but saw a boy was standing in the bushes, looking lost. "Dude, why are you hiding in the shrubs?" He called to him, deciding to just stay still instead of move. He had no idea what that guy could do. He could be a monster in disguise, for all he knew. He then reconsidered since he didn't think many monsters would be this close to the school.

  6. who sings bruises and bitemarks? ima listen to it but idk who sings it


    NAME: Maximus Cerio (just Max or Cerio though)

    AGE: 17



    APPEARANCE: I DONT HAVE A PICTURE OF HIM SO YOU GET A BRIEF DESCRIPTION SORRY-- He has purple hair with a lightly freckled face. His hair falls to his ears and is incredibly fluffy, and he has gray eyes that can also look blue. He has another set of ears that serve absolutely no purpose then to express his emotions and a tail, which again serves no purpuse. His ears and tail are also purple.

    PERSONALITY: Max is a curious boy, and he loves to try new types of magic. He's actually quite good at magic, and he loves to show off. He finds other cultures interesting and he likes to watch humans. He likes to read but he doesn't like studying and he admires people who work hard at school. He isn't lazy, but he doesn't really study unless necessary. He's persistent when he wants to be friends with someone he won't leave them alone. He is only just now making it obvious he is gay, and he is actually quite hostile towards people that question him about his sexuality. Right now, in the RP, he is kind of pissed at the world and if you were to ask anyone who knows him what he was like in the past they would say he was a nice boy who was well liked by most people.

    HISTORY: Oh boy he's a different race then human well I'll reveal his actual back story later but the one thing you should know about him is that he was secretly dating this super popular guy at school (and it was a HUGE SECRET). Someone saw them holding hands or kissing or something then the secret got out and the super popular boy broke up with Max and now he's pissed and yeah

    THEME SONG!!!:

  7. OKAY YEAH THAT WORKS but when he goes to the human dimension they disappear CAUSE EARS IN THE HUMAN DIMENSION WOULD BE WEIRD


    You should totally make your character while I take a shower yeah




  8. Okay I am very briefly looking at posts in this thread and see that Chaos is saying I'm his last hope AND GUYS I HAVEN'T EVEN READ ANY OF THE CHARACTER SHEETS. I have literally no idea who belongs to who EXCEPT that David is Chaos' character and he wants me to make a character for him.


    I will be reading this whole thread and making my characters tomorrow! If I don't, then someone please slap my hand.

  9. As Joe and Yuki walked along, he couldn't help but notice the younger male repeatedly look at him. Was there something on his face? It was possible. He pulled his beanie down and brushed his bangs off to the side, looking at Yuki when he asked if he was feeling okay. Joe stared at him for longer then he would have liked to admit then realized he was staring and quickly averted his attention. Had he made it obvious he wasn't feeling emotionally okay? He didn't think he did. Ah, maybe walking away suddenly the other day had given it away. "Not really." He muttered, wondering if Yuki would pry. He hated that people pried into his life. He always had, and that was one of the main reasons he had only one friend. He looked at Yuki. "Life just sucks." He said, his voice a mixture of sorrow and anger. He and Yuki rounded the corner and Joe sighed. "So, I have a question for you that you may or may not answer." He looked at Yuki and adjusted his hold on the books. "You aren't straight, are you? I don't care at all if you are or aren't, I'm just... Curious, I guess one would say." If he wasn't straight, then Joe could talk to someone about the questions he had. He didn't have anyone to talk to about sexuality back home, and his one friend was as straight as a ruler. It would help him to know someone else was at least similar to him at this school.

  10. THEME SONG OKAY UHM I GOTTA THINK OH BOY and i'll fill out the sheet soon yess




    Alright okay so. Imagine there are two other dimensions, and one dimension is the human one and one is this dimension full of monsters and magic and is a little bit more technlogically advanced then the human dimension. One character could be in the human dimension, and the other could be in the magic dimension (I was thinking mine could be in the magic one since I have this character who needs a magical place to live) and they could meet one day. Then maybe the human could come over to the magic dimension and the two could idk fight monsters or train in magic or both? Then maybe they could become wanted and run back to the human dimension or something hmm


    I dunno, just an idea. My character Max was a former RP character in a roleplay similar to this and I want to use him again sooo