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  1. "My sister is weird." Max agreed, watching as someone he knew as only a neighbor walked past them. He ducked his head into his scarf as he walked past her, hoping she wouldn't say anything to him. They passed her and he sighed. It was surprising she didn't say anything to him. After all, he was one of the few people with brightly colored hair on his street. He looked at Erin.

    "She means well, I think. She's at least supportive of my insane gayness, unlike my parents." He said, waving to a robot as he passed it.


    ((Omg so short sorry))

  2. Max looked back at Erin. Captain Claws? Okay, that was pretty good. "The tail is weird for me too." He said, feeling it swish along the ground. He hated that, when the students turned 16, they got a new improvement to their person. It could be any kind of improvement: wings, enhanced hearing, a new type of magic skill, or even the ability to turn invisible. Whatever they got just depended on how well the principal knew the student. Because she knew Max better then he would have liked her too, she knew he had problems expressing himself and decided having a tail and ears would help express his feelings.

    He looked at Erin when he fell in step with him and grinned when he asked about his sister. "She's crazy. I don't have victims. She just thinks everyone that comes home with me is going to end up with me. I dunno, she ships me with all sorts of people. There could be a person walking their pet who looks my age and she'll call me to the window and tell me to go talk to that person." He explained, shrugging. He then laughed quietly and hid his smile. "She almost had a heart attack when she found out about my ex. She drew all kinds of fanart for her blog about me." He said, looking at Erin. "She's crazy. Just ignore her when we get to my home."

    He walked out of the trees and looked around, seeing they had successfully exited the schools campus. He and the human were now standing on the outskirts of the town and Max looked around. Not many people were out, which was good.



  3. Joe watched as Yuki started giggling and felt him pull his hand away from him. He had forgotten he was holding it. Yuki then looked at Joe and held his hand again, smiling at him. Joe felt himself blush and looked around. He liked Yuki holding his hand. It was soft and warm. He smiled at Yuki and shrugged. "I have no idea when classes start. I never pay attention to the times unless I'm in class." He looked around and started walking ahead, not knowing where he was going.

    "So, what have your classes been like?" He asked, hoping to change the subject from being lost. He felt like an idiot. How did he get lost? Sure he'd only been here for the first semester, but he thought he knew the school better than this. He looked back at Yuki. "Do you have any classes with friends?"

  4. "Cotton candy is too sweet for me." Joe said, watching Yuki. He seemed to be feeling better. That made Joe smile. I'm an idiot. Why is this kid making me smile? He listened as Yuki said he liked strawberry ice cream and continued to listen as he started talking about his cat. Purple was an interesting name for a cat. He probably would have done the same at that age. "Sounds like you and her are best friends." He said with a smile.

    He then stopped walking and looked around. Wait, where were they? This wasn't where the cafeteria was. Joe looked back behind him and saw the hallway looked unfamiliar. Oh God. Had he not been over here before? That would be bad. He looked back at Yuki and then felt embarrassed. Had he been focusing on the other male too much? He felt himself blush at the thought and looked around again. Why was Yuki making him blush? Why did he want Yuki to smile? Why was he the only person he had talked to during the last two days? Well, he didn't talk to many people. But why was Yuki always lingering in his mind? That wasn't normal. He knew that wasn't normal. "I uh, think we might be lost. I have no idea where we are." He muttered, avoiding eye contact with the black haired boy.

    This wasn't good. He wasn't even acting like himself. He was being nicer and more friendly then usual too. He let a thought settle in his mind and sighed. What if Yuki was his other half? Would that explain why he was always more calm around the boy? Or maybe it was something else. What had his old friend said... She had a crush on him? Could he have a crush on Yuki? He didn't like that idea. If he had a crush on someone, then that meant he would have to do things with that person. Things he didn't feel comfortable doing.

    Or maybe I'm just over thinking it. Yeah, I'm just over thinking it. "So Yuki-chan. I'm lost. Do you know how to get to the cafeteria from here?"

  5. Max cocked an eyebrow at Erin's hair flip. "Wow. Hot-anime-boy-style, huh? I'm impressed. I couldn't pull something like that off." He said with a smile, noting the other males smile. He looked away and felt his cheeks warm. His smile was nice. It seemed sincere.

    He scoffed at Erin's joke about taking him home. He was only doing it so he could figure out how the human got here. And how he lived his life. How his realm was different then Max's realm. How the humans had only travelled to the moon. How humans didn't have to fight monsters. How humans reacted to their offspring coming out of the closet. He then looked back at Erin and saw him looking his backside over. His tail shot up and he growled. Oh god. That was so cat like. "If you're going to check me out, then I'll personally leave you to be monster meat. Or maybe I'll take you to the principal. Surely she'd have something interesting to say to you, human." He said with a glare, walking away from Erin.

    How annoying. Why was he checking him out? Was he desperate for some action? That would be pathetic. He huffed and looked back at the human. He wasn't really going to leave him for the monsters. They would tear him to shreds. No one deserved that. Except his ex. "I won't leave you to get eaten. Just don't check me out as I lead you to my house. Also, when we get inside it pretend to be nothing other then my classmate. My sister will ask you if your my next victim, but just ignore her. Her head isn't in the right place."

  6. Its exactly as Shadow says. Something happened in his past that he hates talking about. He hates that he doesn't have ears and tries to hide it. He isn't a virgin, but he didn't lose his virginity by choice.


    I could draw a few too, and they wouldn't be digital (because no computer). I may download the things I need for drawing digitally on my moms computer though...

  7. I like drawing it out haha. Joe hasn't been in a relationship before so he doesn't know why he likes Yuki's voice or why he wants to make him smile BUT HE JUST DOES.


    Edit: I may or may not be able to draw all of the Units. I need to practice so I may just end up doing it haha

  8. Chic bro, Yuki needs to figure out that the reason Joe got angry yesterday is 1) because he started asking about his past and 2) he hugged him and Joe gets scared when people suddenly wrap they're arms around him because of his past. Of course he probably won't figure that out any time soon but seeing Yuki sad is making me sad

  9. Joe smiled when he heard Yuki giggle. Yes, he had gotten him to smile. "I'll call you Yuki-chan. Mirror what you call me." He nodded and pulled Yuki back towards the school. "I would take you to the ice cream parlor off campus, but that's off campus and I'm not really up to skipping the remainder of the day." He said, looking back at Yuki. "What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? I like vanilla. And what's your favorite type of candy? I love caramel." He said, hoping to get Yuki talking again. He liked when Yuki talked. His voice made Joe feel calm.

    "You have a cat? That's pretty cool. My parents hate animals." He said, opening the door and walking into the school. "They also hate me, I think. That's why I'm moving out as soon as I can. But I hate talking about them. Let's talk about your cat. What kind of cat is she?" He asked, watching Yuki.

    He squeezed the other boys hand and looked around. If anyone caught them Joe would never be able to get over it. He would be too embarrassed. He looked back at Yuki and wanted the boy to smile. He wanted Yuki to not feel bad. He didn't even understand why he felt bad. Yeah, he kissed him. But it was on his cheek. His old friend had done that all the time. At the thought of his old friend, he frowned and looked towards the ground. No, don't think about her. She's a terrible memory. Try to make Yuki smile. He watched Yuki and waited for any sign of him feeling better.

  10. Max watched as Erin went on about his magic. He was starting to doubt him. Not only did he never hear of humans having magic, but he felt the human was lying. He rolled his eyes at Erin's suggestion to figure out if Max was a sh*tty boyfriend. No, don't cave in. Sure he's really attractive and exotic. And he seems to be gay. But, no . I'm not dealing with this now. He opened his mouth to tell the human off, but laughed when his face hit the tree.

    "That was kind of a really bad attempt at flirting with me." He said, his ears flicking back. "Why are you even trying to get together with me? I could be a murderer, or a crazy lunatic. Or I could be a girl in disguise." He said, his tail drooping to the ground. Being a girl in disguise would make a lot of things easier. He pushed the thought away and watched the human. "Seriously though, we should probably go somewhere else. My school sends robots out during classes to make sure students aren't skipping. Which I guess I'm doing." Awesome. He was going to be helping someone who would get him killed. Well, he wouldn't mind dying. He walked towards the human, ears flat against his head. "I'm going to help you return back to your realm, but if you get me killed I will come back and haunt you." He turned away from the human. "Just follow me and don't say anything until we get to my house." The one place he wouldnt get killed the moment he stepped foot in. As long as the two kept quiet, they would be able to make it back to Max's house without any suspiscion.

  11. Joe watched as Yuki drew circles in the ground. He wasn't being of any help, was he? He bit his lip and listened as the teen said he would listen to a story. "Okay, but I really suck at story telling." He sat down and crossed his legs, rubbing behind his neck. "A story..." He looked at Yuki and sighed. Maybe he could tell a bit of the truth. "Well, once upon a time there was a young boy with ears. This young boy happened to be a happy person, and someone who always liked to laugh." He looked at Yuki and smiled. "You know what? No, I fail at storytelling." He grabbed Yuki's hand and pulled it towards him. "We're going to go do something that you like. I have no idea what it is you like to do, but seeing you sad is really making me upset." He stood and held Yuki's hand. "Do you want ice cream? Or fruit? Or do you want to go do something? What is it that Yuki's do to make themselves happy? Wait, Yuki. Yuki-kun? Yuki-chan? Yuki-sama?" He asked, confused. "I shouldn't just be calling you Yuki. Unless that's okay?"

  12. Joe listened as Yuki tried to explain and sighed. He kept snivelling. He really was crying. Why, though? Maybe he tripped and hurt himself. Yuki seemed like one to cry over hurting himself. He watched the boy for a moment and sighed again. He hated when people cried. He hated it even more when people cried in front of him. He never could do anything to help them calm down. This time he would help. He didn't want Yuki to feel sad. He knealt down in front of him and tried to make eye contact. "I won't ask why your crying, although I'm curious. I also won't ask why you kissed me, although I don't really want it happening again. I won't leave you alone until you smile, although I have no idea if I can do anything to help you." He said quietly, poking Yuki's hand. "You shouldn't cry. It's never fun. You're face gets red and puffy, and your nose gets congested. Your breath becomes short and you just want to crawl in a hole." He looked around and saw the students were ignoring them.

    "I have no idea what to do to make you smile. I want you to feel happier though." He looked back at Yuki and touched his head. "My mom used to rub my head when I was sad. It helped calm me down. She also told me a made up story that was always over-exaggerated. Do you want to hear a made up story? I'm not that great of a story teller, but I can try if it'll make you happier." He started rubbing Yuki's head and hoped Yuki would look at him. I just hate seeing people cry, really. I especially don't want to see you cry.

  13. Joe looked back at Yuki with a red face and bit his lip when they're eyes met. No, don't. Why are you looking at me like that? He stared at Yuki when he kissed his cheek and he watched him stammer. What? Huh? WAIT. No, wait. "Ah, Yuki!" He called after the fleeting boy, ignoring the questions that raced through his mind. He cursed as he followed after Yuki. Okay. He kissed me. He kissed me. On the cheek. Was that like, a greeting? No, it wouldn't be. Well, in France it is. But we aren't in France. Are we? No, no. He burst outside and hurried past the other students who had free block now. Why am I even chasing him? I don't get it. What am I expecting from him anyways? An answer? Do I want an answer? He looked around and heard some students talking about a boy crying on the wall. "Yuki." He whispered, seeing him crouched against the wall.

    He walked over to the black haired boy and slowly approached him. Was he crying? Why would he be crying? He took a deep breath and gently tapped the boys head. "Hey." He said quietly, walking in front of him. "Um." He paused and tried to think of what to say. What could he say? "Uh, don't cry?" That sounded pathetic. "It's uh, okay. I think. As long as it didn't mean anything." He muttered, feeling embarrassed. He didn't want it to mean anything. If it meant something, that would be bad.

  14. "Harry Potter? Muggles?" Max looked at the human with his ears flat against his head. "So are you a Muggle?" He watched as the human rubbed his eyebrows and looked away from him. Okay, he was attractive. But he was still pissed at his ex.

    "Erin? Isn't that a girls name?" He asked, covering his mouth. "Sorry. I had a friend named Erin." He waved his hand dismissively and stared at the human when he asked if he was single. "What would it mean to you if I was single? Would you try to date me? I wouldn't try." He shrugged and looked around, thinking he heard something move in the tree tops. "One, you're a human who can die at any moment and two, I'm a sh*tty boyfriend. At least, that's what he told me." He said, sighing. Don't sigh. You're pissed at him. He abandoned you. Right, yes. Remember that. Keep holding that anger. He looked back at the human. "My names Cerio." He said, smiling. "Well, that's one of my names. I have like, fifty of them." His ears faced foreward and his tail curled around his ankle.

  15. Joe stared at the clock, ignoring the idle chit-chat around him. Come on, class. Hurry and end. He stared at the clock and looked at the closed door. So far he didn't have any classes with Yuki, which he realized upset him. Maybe Yuki could be my friend. I could use one who understands the things I have questions on. He sighed and twirled his pencil between his fingers. Maybe he could be my partner? He did say he's a Fighter. Doesn't there need to be a romantic bond though? I'm not up to any romantic bonds right now. He heard the bell ring and dropped the pencil on the floor. He stood and glanced at it, then hurriedly picked his backpack up and left the classroom. Especially since this semester just started. I should try to make at least one other friend besides that black haired cutie. He then paused. Wait, cutie? No, not cutie. Why cutie? What am I even thinking? He hurried along the hallway and rounded a corner, running into someone. He stumbled around them, apologizing repeatedly, then ran into Yuki. He tripped and almost face planted on the ground, but grabbed onto Yuki's arm before he did so.

    "Oh. My. God. What the hell is going on." He asked himself, not realizing he had spoken aloud. "Seriously, this is stupid. I can't get that kid out of my mind. Cutie, really? Why did I think that? I'm just being silly. Yeah, okay." He then realized he was holding someone and looked at Yuki, then quickly righted himself and looked around. "Sorry. I have to go do something yeah. No wait, it's free block isn't it?" He was a mess. He couldn't keep his thoughts straight. "Well, I still have to go do something. Sorry for holding your arm and almost falling into you. Yeah. Bye." He nodded curtly and moved past Yuki, feeling his face warm. Stop face. Just stop. Why are you doing this.

  16. Max stared at the human as he answered most of his questions. So he mostly human. Okay. That was cool. Yeah, he found a human. No biggy. "You have magic in the human realm? But everything I read about humans say they don't." Max put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment. This is really cool. I'm totally freaking out. A human. There's a human right here, in front of me. And he's totally attractive too. But I feel like he's lying about something. Why would his species need to survive in a different climate? Surely the human realm can provide the proper temperatures for them to live in? Maybe not... Also, Mars? That's a planet to the humans. And Pigfarts just sounds stupid. Don't believe him on that. He didn't realize his tail and ears were flicking back and forth and he looked at the human.

    "So you have a name but won't tell me what it is? Also, no. I'm not calling you boyfriend names. A relationship just ended that sucked and I am not going to call a human any other names then his own." He emphasized human, still not over the fact the boy in front of him was a human. This was like finding out aliens existed. Like finding out that video games and books were just different universes. "If you tell me your name then I'll tell you mine. Although some people already said it." He thought back to the people who had walked past him and the human earlier, going on about how he would be late to class. Whatever. Class was stupid. Although the human was going to school before he got here. Maybe human school was cooler then his school.