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  1. "I'll call you Chrissy." Kota said, stepping back to give her space as she got off the window ledge. He nodded, agreeing with her suggestion to go into the room. "You know, my sister was in the show choir before. She's a good singer." He opened the door for Chrissy and waved his hand into the door. "Ladies first." He smiled.




    Mari listened to the two boys conversation and smirked when Zhane put the brace on X's wrist. Serves you right, jerk. She thought, watching as the light scanned his body. That was creepy. She shrugged when she was asked what her thoughts were and looked at the remaining braces again, not hearing the door open behind her.


    She glared at the hipster when he said phone-killer. She actually liked the sound of that. Sounded threatening to all electronics. Which she was pretty sure the hipster loved. She couldn't help but roll her eyes when the hipster said he knew everything. Really, again with that? "If you know everything, Homo Blue, then what's the first song in the first album the band Paradise Fears released?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. She knew he wouldn't know the answer. She just wanted to knock him off his high horse, for God's sake.


    She looked at Zhane when he murmured to her and smiled. "Misogynists are the absolute enemy of Tumblr. You do know that, right, Homo Blue?" She looked at him then looked back at Zhane. "Can you guess what he was looking at on his phone? The hair gel tag on Tumblr." She scoffed and rolled her eyes again. "No wonder he got so mad I took his phone from him. I took away his precious hair product that, I gotta be honest, doesn't do much good for him." She looked at the hipster out of the corner of her eye. He wasn't bad looking. If Kota actually looked at him he might say he was cute. No, if Kota looked at him Mari would have to cover Kota's eyes. He couldn't see such a rotten person at such a young age. That was just a terrible idea!


    "Mari, be nice!" She turned towards the door when she heard her brother and saw he was holding the door open for the blonde. See, her brother was a nice person. This hipster, he was not a nice person.


    "No way! This guys a huge ass so why should I be nice to him? He didn't even apologize!" She looked at the hipster. "Maybe I should just take your phone again but this time hide it." She said quietly, turning her attention back to the suitcase in front of her. "So, not giving that Homo Blue a chance to talk, do you feel any different?" She directed her question to Zhane, although she had a hunch the blue hipster might answer also.


    ((what is the magic phrase/word they have to say to transform I want Kota to say it))

  2. Kota looked back at Zhane when he realized what he had down and stuck his tongue out at him, laughing. "Make sure you keep my secret." He winked and looked at his sister, who was watching the girl with the guitar. "You could go talk to her, you know." He whispered, having chosen to ignore the hipster boys freaking out. "You wrote a song once too. Maybe you could become friends."


    "I wrote a song when I was 15, Kota. It sucked. It was about birds."


    "Yeah, birds are cool." He looked at Zhane as he opened a door and stepped inside, then looked back at Mari. "Seriously Mari, just--" He was interuppted by her brushing past him and he frowned. So she was going to be like that. That stupid hipster must have upset her. He looked towards the hipster and saw he was going into the room also, then looked at the strawberry blond. Maybe he could try to befriend her. He took a deep breath and smiled, walking over to her.


    "Hey! I'm Dakota, but I love the name Kota. It seems we're going to be in the same club for a while, so could we become friends?" He asked, his smile never faltering.




    Mari followed after the black haired boy, who had said his name was Zhane, and glanced back when she heard someone else come in. She saw it was the hipster and glared at him, then heard a voice say "DNA CONFIRMED!". She looked back at Zhane and saw the hipster pick up a bracer, she thought that was what it was called, with the blue gem. Huh, she would have thought he would chose the pink gem. She watched as the hipster said it could be a government trap and scoffed. "Why don't you be our guinea pig and try it on?" She asked with a scowl. Oh, she was not going to like this boy. She could tell.


    She looked at Zhane and moved to grab the one with the green gem. "Why are these just sitting here anyways? It's a bad idea to touch them." She paused before she grabbed it and put her hands in her jacket pocket, looking back towards the door. Kota was trying to make friends with that blonde girl. She looked back into the suitcase and let her mind run for a few seconds. It looked like a government case. Well, from what she had seen in movies. She looked at Zhane and examined the bracer. It looked like it didn't belong in a school. Like it belonged in a movie. Why was he wearing it anyways? Well, it did cover up Kota's doodles. She looked back into the suitcase and stared at them. Should she pick one up or not? What if they didn't affect males but affected females? Maybe she would wait for that other girl to come in. Or maybe the hipster could put it on. He was gay enough to be called a girl. She glanced at him and sighed quietly. She didn't mean that. Kota would punch her if she said that.

  3. Kota ignored the hipster and continued to doodle on Mari's arm. Mari, however, heard the hipsters remark on how everyone was gay and glared at him.

    "Kota, tell him I'm not gay."

    "What?" Kota felt Mari pull her arm away and stifled a laugh as the sharpie drew a long line on her arm. "Mari wait no your arm--"

    "Kota I'm gonna go beat him up."

    "What no Mari your arm has--"

    "Do you want to beat him up with me?"


    "KOTA I KNOW."


    "**** REALLY?"

    "I tried to tell you."


    "Because you weren't paying attention." Kota said, grinning. He then looked at her arm and covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing. This failed miserably though, and soon he was clutching his stomach and red faced. "I-It's a great look. You should get it tattooed."

    "I hate you. I'm going to go beat up that blue haired fag."

    "Mari!" Kota threw his sharpie at his sister and nailed her head, causing her to glare at him. He glared back and Mari bit her lip.

    "Right, sorry. I'm still going to go beat him up."

    "I don't care. Just don't get hurt, alright?"

    "I won't. He looks pathetically weak anyways."

    "Looks can be deceiving. I mean, he could be that super villain X."


    "Like gurl. You gotta be careful."

    "Kota. Kota no."

    "I'm not sorry. Go beat him up if you want to."

    "I shall." And with that, Mari walked over to the blue haired teen.

    Kota stood also and picked his sharpie up, then uncapped it and walked over to the black haired boy. "So what's your name?" He pulled the boys arm towards him and drew a little flower on the back of his hand. "Is it Zachary? Or, wait. Maybe someone said it already..." He put the sharpie to his mouth and thought for a moment, then shrugged and wrote his name on the back of the boys hand. "That's my name. Don't tell anyone though. It's a secret." He smiled and looked at his sister, who was standing in front of the hipster.

    Mari stared at the boy and saw, reflected in his glasses, the Tumblr app open. She frowned and plucked the boys phone out of his hand, looked at what he had been looking at (hair gel, really?), and closed the app. She then slid the phone into her back pants pocket and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm holding your phone hostage until you apologize for labeling all of us. I don't care if you're a "gay hipster who knows everything" or not. You don't know me or my brother. You can't label us just based on our appearance or the way we walk, or even the way we talk or our voice." She took a step back from him and looked over at her brother, who was still doodling on the black haired teen. She looked back at the blue haired boy.

    "You might be gay, but don't assume people you don't even know are. If you heard something from someone, then don't listen to them. They could just be ****ing with you. Hell, don't listen to anything anyone says. They're probably just feeding you lies so you can look like an idiot and get even more hated on." She pulled his phone out of her pocket and looked at it then back at the boy. "Don't assume something about someone unless they themselves tell you it. You'll only get in trouble." She tossed the phone at him and walked back to her brother, pulling him away by his elbow and back towards where they had been sitting.

    "Mari I was working on a masterpiece."

    "It'll be there later, Picasso."

    "Why do you like to start fights?"

    "I didn't start a fight. No punches were thrown."


    "When does this stupid club start? I want to go home."

    "Oh boy, that upset you, didn't it?"

    "Just drop it."

  4. Joe watched as Yuki helped his roommate and bit his lip. He hated the sight of blood. But Cyrus needed help. He fidgeted in the doorway, trying to think of a way to help, then suddenly stopped and looked across the hall to his room. He could get him slippers so he could walk. Yeah, that would work. "I'll be back. " He said to the two males, hurrying to his room. He opened the door and walked over to the empty bed his ex-roommate had used. He pulled the covers up and scanned underneath the bed, frowning at how messy it was. He saw two fluffy slippers and pulled them out, dusting them off. "Just who did that boy have over when I was away?" He whispered, walking out of his room. He stood in the doorway and held the slippers in his hands, not wanting to walk into the destroyed room.

    "Um, Yuki. I have slippers he can use to walk. I think it should help with the pain or something." If it didn't help with the pain, then it would at least be humourous. I mean, seeing a guy in fluffy slippers isn't normal. "Maybe it'll also make it so there's no blood in the hallways." He added as an after thought.

  5. ((i HAVE WRITERS BLOCK TOO ITS OAKY sorry if this sucks))


    Max looked back at Erin as he stopped walking. He also stopped and watched as the human started laughing, feeling his cheeks warm up. Was it that funny? He felt his ears flatten against his head as he thought about it. He guessed it could be a little funny. But not so funny that someone would burst out laughing over it. He pouted, then realized this might be a way for the human to release some stress. He smirked and put his hands on his hips, his tail wagging behind him. "Maybe you're the crazy one, laughing like that!" He joked, then covered his mouth when someone walked past them. That was embarrassing. That person was a friend of this moms that walked past him. Oh no. He quickly grabbed the humans hand and pulled him along the street, deftly avoiding all the people walking. He slipped on some snow and almost fell down, but caught himself before he collided with the ground. He then looked around quickly to make sure only the human had seen him and growled. Why were so many people out now? It was morning, for God's sake!

    The two then arrived at a street and Max quickly came to a stop. "This is my street. My house is that green one over there." He gestured to a two story house and looked back at the human. He then realized he was still holding the humans hand and quickly took his hand away and put it in his pocket, breathing out. He saw his breath turn white and he scanned the street for anyone standing outside their houses. He nodded and walked ahead, looking back at the human. "Follow me. I have to check to make sure no ones in my house, so you have to hide behind the bushes." He said. He didn't know if the human would leave footprints in the snow or not. He guessed he would. He just had to lie or cover the footprints before his mom came home. He walked ahead, looking back at the human repeatedly.

  6. Kota stumbled his pencil and watched as it fell to the ground when he heard a boy hollar after him. "Nice ass? Oh my god, no." He hurried around the corner and bumbed into his sister, noticing he hadn't picked up his pencil.

    "Looks like you already got somebody hitting on you."

    "Shut up. I don't even know who said that."

    "My moneys on the blue haired guy. He seems to be a total hipster."

    "I can't handle flirting. I fail at romance. You know this. I lost my pencil and don't have one anymore."

    "Worry not, friend." Mari pulled a pencil seemingly out of nowhere and handed it to her brother. "People in this school are so clueless. I took this from that blue haired guy when I walked past him and he didn't even notice."

    "You took this from the guy who said I have a nice ass?"

    "I didn't know he was going to say that." Mari shrugged. "This just gives you a reason to talk to him after school lets out. You should thank me."

    "But I really don't want to talk to someone who knows I'm gay."

    "Shh Kota, let's just go get lunch."




    "Mari this can't be the right place."

    "Trust me Kota, it is. I even asked a teacher where the club was."

    "So brave of you."

    "I know. I went out ot my box today."

    "Pff, right."

    The two siblings rounded a corner and saw three people loitering in the old hallway. They took in where everyone was positioned and moved past them all, not saying anything.

    Kota threw the pencil his sister had taken earlier at the blue haired boy and avoided looking in his direction. He seemed to be in a huge fight over the internet anyways. He wondered if the blue haired boy would notice the graffitti on the pencil but simply followed after his sister.

    Mari slumped against a wall and crossed her arms over her chest, looking at the girl on the windowsill. As her brother sat against the wall she joined him and cupped her hands around his ear.

    "Hey, use your gaydar and tell me if that girl is gay."

    Kota looked at the girl who was strumming a guitar and back at his sister. He cupped his hand around her ear. "You know my gaydar is entirely off, right? Why don't you use yours instead?"

    She glanced at the girl then back at her brother. "I can't. It's broken."

    "Wow, that sucks for you."

    "I take note of the sarcasm in your voice."

    "It was there to be taken note of."

    "You suck."

    "I know."

    Mari smirked and cupped her hand around her brothers ear again. "I bet Mr. Blue Gay over there has a dirty mind."

    "You're probably 100% correct. After all, everyone is so hormonal and stuff."

    "Except you surprisingly are not."

    "That's because I'm awesome."

    "That doesn't make you awesome, Kota."

    "It does. You're just jealous."

    "I'm sure."

    "Hey, let me see your arm."

    "No, you'll doodle all over it."

    "Yeah, so let me see it."

  7. "Seriously, Kota. We have to join a club."

    "Why? I have a job-- Joining a club would be a hassle."

    "It's required if you want to graduate. Didn't anyone tell you this?"

    "No. No one really talks to me though."

    "That sucks. I'll help you make friends."

    "I can make friends on my own, thanks!"

    A dirty blonde haired girl and dark haired boy walked up to the notice board. The girl ignored the three people crowding it, scanning the sheets posted on it. The boy looked at each person seperately, first at the strawberry blonde girl, then at the boy with blue hair, and then at the black haired boy. He smiled at them and looked at the board, seeing what his sister was staring at.

    "There's only one club still available. See, this is what happens when you wait to join a club."

    "Sorry not sorry. It's the Volunteer Club. That sounds fun. Does the club go volunteer places?"

    "How would I know? I joined the show choir club last year. Why not find the people who already wrote heir names and ask them?"

    "Well one person is named X. Kind of hard to find someone named X, especially if that's a nickname."

    "It's kind of a dumb nickname."

    "And Mari is soooo much better."

    "It's better then DiDi."

    "Only Rena calls me that."

    "Riiight." The girl looked back at the three people then nudged her brothers stomach. "Ask them if they joined the club." She whispered, her eyes lingering on the strawberry blonde girl. She averted her attention back to the sign up sheet and studied the names intensely.

    "Why me?" The boy sighed and looked at the black haired boy. "So uh, you wouldn't happen to be X, would you?"

    "Great question Kota." The girl whispered with a smirk, looking at her brother.

    "Shut up. It's better then you and your dumb "I'm just going to watch everyone for like a week before I talk to anyone" gig." He looked at the other people standing. "Just ignore us."

    "Wow, that's rude Kota. And that gig is a family secret." The girl looked at the three people standing and pouted. "Although it's not much of a secret now."

    "Oh hey!" The boy grabbed his sisters hands and held them, smiling. "Rena left school early. Maybe she wrote her name and our names on a sheet."

    The girl looked over all the sign up sheets and shook her head. "I don't see Rena's curly hand writing anywhere."

    "Bats." The boy muttered, looking at the Volunteer Club sheet. "I guess we'll all just have to join this club."

    "I hate going into things blindly though."

    "You can be just like a bat! Write down our names."

    "No, I'm not going to. I'm going to go get food." The girl pulled her hands away from her brothers and waved to him as she hurried away from the small group in front of the school notice board.

    "Wait, no don't leave me with strangers." The boy watched as his sister left and he looked at the three people around him. "Bats. Well, I'll just write all of our names then disappear like Mari." He pulled a pencil out of his shorts pocket and scribbled three names on the board. "I wonder if anyone else will join." He muttered, looking down the hallway. "Well, I'm going to disappear. Bye, strangers~"

    He stepped away from the three other students and tossed his pencil in the air as he walked down the hallway, following where he had seen his sister run away too. "Ah, when are the club activities?" He paused and looked back towards the board, then shrugged. He tossed his pencil high into the air and caught it easily, continuing on down the hallway.



    Name: Dakota Derret (Call me Kota or DiDi though.)

    User: littlelizzie

    Age: 16 (has a birthday in summer: July 23 (he's a cancer))

    A3 Morpher Standby form: a loose bracelet that doesn’t look like much, just a thin metal circle with a pink jeweled flower.

    Power: He can transform into any animal. His favorite animal to be is a mouse. If he were to get injured while he is an animal, then he will stay injured as a human. However, if he gets injured before he transforms into an animal then his wound will heal as an animal and he will be un-injured when he turns back into a human. Also, if he were to die (why wouldikillmychild) as an animal then he would stay as an animal and only those who looked for an animal with a scar on it's cheek would be able to find him.

    Appearance: Kota has dark, rusty colored hair and hazel eyes. He’s tiny, being both short and thin (he’s 5’1’’ bro). He typically wears shorts and a short sleeved shirt, but he also always has a green hoodie wrapped around his waist. He has a scar on his left cheek and when he transforms into any animal the scar is still there. He also is wearing a long necklace with a feather on the end like this. When he is at home, he wears sweatpants and a sweater (that has a tanktop underneath it). He has a scar near his shoulder on his left arm and he pretends like he doesn't remember how he got it when asked about it. He also does this with the scar on his cheek.

    Colour: pink

    History: Kota grew up without much affection from his parents. They fed him and his sister, and they gave them the things they needed to live by, but it was an abusive relationship. He never felt that way until one day when, because he loved his parents and wanted them to understand him better, he came out as bisexual (although he was lying). They got furious and threw a knife at him (he doesn’t know if it was on accident or not), and the knife cut his cheek open. His sister, who is older than him by two years, called the police and the parents got put away for abusing their children. They then got put into the fostering system for a few weeks and eventually got split up. Kota went to live with a very nice family who was entirely accepting of him, as their own daughter was gay, and they decided to fully adopt him. He wondered where his sister was often, but he felt that if he asked about her he would be bringing up a past he didn’t want to think about. This all happened four years ago, when he was seventh grade. Kota has since grown into a boy who is accepting of pretty much everything, and someone who isn’t afraid to be himself. He learned from his sisters, both his biological one and adopted one, many things. During the his eighth grade year (both the school year and summer), two incredibly important things happened. One may be revealed in the RP, as it is A HUGE REASON AS TO WHY HE IS HOW HE IS NOW but right now it's a secret. The other thing is not a scret: it is that he met his biological sister again out school shopping. The the two have been catching up on each other’s lives and hanging out every day. However, both have kept secrets from each other (his sister telling Kota much more of her past than Kota).

    Sexuality: gaayyyyy

    Gender: male

    Personality: Despite Kota’s dark past, he is a very bright and bubbly boy. He loves to make people smile, and will go to great lengths to get someone to do so. He doesn’t understand some things, and often times will come across as naïve. The only reason he doesn’t understand many things, though, is because his parents never took time to explain anything to him. (Like, he doesn’t understand where babies come from and he doesn’t understand multiplication. Stuff like that.) Once someone tells him something, he is very quick to pick it up and will never forget it again. He keeps some things about himself secret, such as his past and his sexuality. If he doesn’t know someone very well and they ask about something he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about, he will answer the question but be somewhat secretive about it. He also sometimes steps out of his comfort zone (such as openly flirting with someone or showing a pained face) but if he does so then he quickly runs away and hides. When it is late at night a different side of him comes out and he talks to those he is close with about his past, but this doesn't happen very often (it only happens when Kota is....).

    Kota also can't handle romance very well. He doesn't get why someone would actually like him (because [secret secret]) and will avoid the subject as much as possible. (Unless it is involving his sisters, he doesn't help anyone with romance.) If someone flirts with him, he (sometimes) flirts back. However, if he is later confronted about the flirting he'll simply say it was a joke and ignore it for the rest of the day. If someone were to confess to him... Oh boy. He would run away and hide for like a week (just kidding, he would probably run away and contemplate his life). If Kota hurt someones feelings, he would pester them until he figured out what was wrong and try to fix it as soon as possible (unless it involves romance). In general, Kota is just a boy who likes to smile and have fun, and although he may seem dumb, he is actually very intelligent.

    Other: He works at an amusement park, although I have no idea if that will come into play in the RP. He also loves balloons, and carries around a sharpie at all times to either draw faces on the balloons or on somebody. He also loves anime/manga and gets very fanatic about it, and he likes fluffy, happy stories (and magical girls). He also is kind of a gymnist, so he can jump and do backflips and stuff.

    ON A DARKER NOTE - Kota absolutely HATES HIS FULL NAME (Dakota). If someone says it, then he will immediately go into a quiet, more reserved, sadder state. No one knows this though, so he just tries to ignore when someone says his full name and fakes a smile. Also, when Kota goes off and hides, he comes back with a new wound on his hands or wrists. Like, an actively bleeding wound. No one (not even his sisters) knows if he does this on purpose or if it's just an accident, and if he's asked about it he'll just avoid the topic and go to a bathroom and clean the wound. He typically doesn't cover the wound though, and sometimes the wounds get infected. As such, he has a lot of small scars on the palms of his hands and fingers.

    Now off the darker note - Kota doesn't actually care if his sisters protect him or not. He pretends to like that they do, but if they continue to go on about how he needs to be protected he'll get mad at them then leave (going off to hide again). WE'RE BACK ON THE DARKER NOTE - When he is mad, he quickly gets over it and feels absolutely awful about being mad in the first place. He then goes into hiding again. Also, he does love his sisters, but he doesn't think he needs to be babied. If he wants to go do something he'd have a hard time doing or if he feels threatened, he will ask them to help him, but he kind of despises the fact that they're always watching him (well, they aren't always watching him). He may even yell at them and then go off on his own (but not go into hiding). He also does appreciate the fact that they watch for anyone who wants to get flirty with their brother, as he has no idea what to do with romance. However, if he starts to really like someone he doesn't want them hounding the poor kid (which they have done). His relationship with his sisters is actually a bit complicated, but... Meh, that's all you get to know about how he views it. WELL TO MAKE IT EASIER EXPLAINED - He loves hanging out with his sisters, but doesn't think "they need to treat me like a national treasure".

    Kota lost love.



    Name: Marissa Jones (Just Mari is fine, thanks. (Call her MJ though that’ll be a nickname that develops.))

    User: littlelizzie

    Age: 17 (has a birthday in spring: May 6 (Taurus))

    A3 Morpher Standby form: A bracelet made of bells.

    Power: she can turn invisible (WAIT BELLS OH GOD THAT’LL BE FUNNY). When she turns invisible, if she is touching someone or something, then that person or thing becomes invisible also. She can stay invisible for as long as she wants but can touch people (and she will pretend to play ghost when she does this).

    Appearance: She stands at 5’5’’ and is healthy skinny, and fit. She has short, dirty blond hair that has no particular part and blue eyes. Her face is dotted with freckles, and she has a seemingly consistent light tan. She tends to wear anything, from a short skirt and leggings to cargo pants that are too big for her. She also likes to dress as a boy and does this often, and she can pull it off. (She just wraps her chest and puts her hair in a hat when she dresses as a boy.) When at home, she often wears pajama shorts and an over-sized t-shirt with, but not limited to!, a jacket, a scarf, long socks, short socks, tights, slippers, or a hat. If she's cold, she wears a jacket and hat but she doesn't put on longer pants (unless she's told like five times). She also has a few scars on her body and I'll tell you where they are as we progress with le story.

    Colour: green

    History: Hmmm~~ Still a secret, sorry ;D. I will leave this with you: she got adopted and she is Kota's adopted sister.

    Sexuality: gaaayyyy

    Gender: girl

    Personality: Mari is a kind girl, although she can have a sharp tongue and say things that might offend people. If she hurts someone’s feelings, she will go back and apologize to them after she has cooled down a bit (or not, in some cases). She's protective of her family (especially her brother). She is sneaky and an excellent liar, and she is insanely observant. She also loves to talk to her friends and likes to people watch. When she meets a new person she is quiet, seemingly shy, and watches that new person for a while before she says anything to them (although this sometimes gets thrown off by the people she meets). She is easy to get along with when someone knows her.

    If she doesn't like someone, she makes it obvious by threatening them and picking on them (calling them names, mostly). She will actually sincerely apologize to someone if she then wants to be friends with them. (She's not good at first impressions.) She also is quite protective of her brother and thinks that he can't protect himself. She is almost constantly looking out for her brother and friends, and will defend them no matter what. She is willing to sacrifice anything for the people important to her, and is not afraid to put her life on the line for her brother. She worries about Kota often but doesn't express it in her facial expression, and she is concerned about what he does when he runs away.

    She keeps her past a secret from any of her friends, but has told Kota everything about it. Rena doesn't know it, and none of her other friends know it. (The only thing Rena knows is that she grew up [blank blank blank] and had a [blank]. She doesn't know why Mari was adopted. but she knows certain things about her that seem somewhat pointless.) I may add more later hmm

    Other: Mari’s really, REALLY good at stealing things. She’s an excellent pickpocket, and she tests herself every time she steals something by making sure her bracelet doesn’t make any noise. She watches the news every night to hear about someone/something, and is very afraid to go out at night even if she is with people. She hates when anyone she cares about goes out at night, and urges them not to. Whenever that person comes back she always hugs them very tightly and asks if they are okay and if anything happened. She also has night terrors at least once every two weeks and wakes up either screaming or whispering someones name. She has nightmares more often then night terrors, but the night terrors leave her in a miserable mood and she looks terrible the next day.

    Mari lost family.



    Name: Rena Derret (I like the nickname Ren.)

    User: littlelizzie

    Age: 17 (has a birthday in winter: February 22 (pisces))

    A3 Morpher Standby form: white and black striped fingerless gloves (she wears them on both hands)

    Power: Mind reading / Memory seeing. She can see someones memories and hear someones thoughts by physically touching their skin. It has to be their skin, it can't be clothing or anything else. When she touches someones skin, she becomes able to hear their thoughts any time she focuses on the person but she can only look at someones memories for a short while after she has touched their skin. Also, when she focuses on someone she doesn't have to be looking at them (she just has to be paying attention to their voice) and the person she is focusing on can get a headache from her reading their thoughts.

    Appearance: Rena has red hair that falls to about mid back. She typically has her hair up in a bun, and her bangs are brushed off to one side on her face. When they aren't they cover her eyes and go across her forehead. She has brown eyes and a nice smile. She's about 5’7’’ and is a little chubby. She wears a white jacket almost every time she goes out. When she is at home she changes into pajamas that are a bit big for her and lets her hair down. She also wears glasses at home.

    Colour: white

    History: Her childhood is very similar to Kota's. She was raised by parents who didn't care about her or her brother, and it was mostly her that raised Kota. She helped him with schoolwork and took him out to get ice cream whenever they could (after asking their father for money, since he was the more approachable one). The incident then happened with Kota and the knife, and she called the police as quickly as she could, all while protecting and comforting Kota from their screaming parents. The two then got rescued by the police and both of her parents got put in jail, and the two then went into the foster system. During they're time in the foster system, both of them kept mostly to themselves and made no other friends. They then got seperated and Rena went to go live with a same-sex couple. She at first hated everything about them, but after a week went by she grew to like them enough to open up a little. She got to know them better and they got to know her better, and soon they started seeing each other as a family. The couple then filled out the paper work to adopt her and she cried, and they moved to a new house to substantiate their new family life.

    That happened when she fourteen, and during her sophomore year (age 15) some things happened that made her start getting bullied at school. (Well, having two dad's didn't make the bullying any better.) Her parents decided to pull her out of school immediately after Rena almost committed suicide and they sent her to a therapist to try to help, but she only grew more and more hostile towards people. While she was being seen by the therapist(s), she picked up the skill to read people and almost instantly hated anyone reading her. It was at this point in her life when her personality changed to something more hostile and jaded, and her parents saw the therapy was only working against her. They then took her out of it and let her recuperate from the trauma that had happened during her sophomore year, homeschooling her so she wouldn't fall behind in school. She met her brother again at a Target doing some back to school shopping for her junior year and the two have been telling each other about the year they missed. She then began her junior year at the same school Kota and everyone else goes to and didn't make many friends (mostly because she wanted to test her new found skill and bullied other students). However, because Kota was at her school, she stopped bullying people and tried to be kinder and a better sister for her brother.


    Gender: girl

    Personality: Rena isn't exactly nice. She puts up a facade to people she doesn't know, but once someone says something that sets her off her claws come out. She uses her ability to read people pretty much every time she looks at someone and doesn't have limits to what she says. She unconciously starts talking about someone's secrets (after she has figured them out) and has made some enemies by doing that. However, that's the not-so-good portion of her personality. She actually has a fun air around her and the people who don't hate her describe her as a cool girl. They say that she is easy to get along with and makes jokes, and she makes references to all sorts of things. Rena has the ability to get everyone to laugh, but because of the defensive wall built up around her she doesn't use that ability. She treats her friends (all two of them!) very kindly and doesn't feel she needs new friends, although both Mari and Kota can tell that she does. She, as I mentioned earlier, likes telling jokes and does enjoy smiling, and she even likes talking to new people! She just needs to learn to let down her defenses and not read people as often.

    As the story progresses, Rena will become more happy and hyper around the Volunteer Club. She will get touchy touchy with everyone and hug people as often as she can, and that is because of Kota. (Instead of becoming a role model for Kota, Kota becomes a role model for her.)

    Other: She does not read Mari very often and she, for some reason, can't read Kota. At all. Try as she might, her little brother remains unreadable and a mystery to her. She doesn't watch Kota as closely as Mari does, as she thinks he is more capable of doing things then when he was younger. She does, however, become as strict as a knight commanded to watch the princess when someone starts flirting with him. She appreciates everything Mari has done for Kota but has never said so, and she views Mari as a very important friend who sometimes understands her better than Kota does. (In fact, she thinks Mari would be a much better biological sister to Kota then herself. She somewhat envy's the fact that Kota and Mari appear much closer then herself and Kota, but she doesn't let it show. She may, later, get pissed and tell either Mari or Kota to go talk to the other person, in which case the relationship between the three would be strained.) (I may or may not add more info about that thing to the other two's sheets, but for now I'm done)

    Rena lost innocence.