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  1. ((just saying: a time skip may be needed next time you post. like, they can play the game then arrive at the forest and stuffs))


    Mari smiled at Chris' embarrassment and looked back at X in the rearview mirror. She thought she saw a flash of pain in his eyes but decided to ignore it and looked in her side mirror, seeing Zhane still following them. "You should let me listen to your music sometime, Chris. Maybe if you're good enough we can sing together." She joked with a smile, turning the radio on. "To beat the game, you have to guess the song title and the musician behind the song, correctly, a total of fifteen times. I'll let the radio scan the other stations and you guys have to make a noise when a song comes on that you know so I can let the station tell us if you got the song right or not." She looked at the Chris then at X. "Are you ready to play?"




    Kota wiped his forehead and looked at the sign. Yes, he had forgotten paintbrushes. But that didn't mean he was going to be deterred from making a sign. He stood and drew some circles on his arm to get rid of the excess paint on his fingers. "I never thought I'd finger paint again." He muttered, looking at his hands when he had finished drawing circles on his arms. Hopefully the paint would dry soon so he could hang the sign outside. He looked towards the stairs and then back at the sign, wondering if he should move it against a wall. He then shook his head. The paint would run if he did that. He bent his fingers and felt the paint was drying, and he poked one of the circles on his arm with his pinky and nodded. "I have to go get that cat." He moved towards the stairs and looked up them, listening for any noise.


    He sighed when he heard nothing and hurried up the stairs, slowing down when he came to the top of them. He looked around and then made his way over to the room on the far left, his eyes scanning everything to make sure the cat wasn't there. He peered into the room and saw boxes stacked upon each other. He walked into the room and moved towards the boxes, wondering what was in them. The box blocking the door was a box that he and his sisters brought the second time they had come here, not one that belonged to the house. He heard a rustle and looked around, then saw the cat bolt out of the door. For a fat thing, it sure could move fast.


    Kota quickly followed the cat and saw it in the hallway, licking it's paw. He took note of it's fur color and smiled. It had pale fur with white patches and a fluffy, stumpy tail. A stumpy tail. He had a weakness for pets with stumpy tails. He crouched down and cooed to it, then smiled when it looked back at him. It had blue eyes, just like Mari. Oh, Mari would love this cat. I have to at least pet it. He thought, gasping when it ran down the stairs. He quickly stood and ran after it, stumbling over the last step. He looked at the sign just in time to see the cat jump over it, then laughed when he saw a paw print had been imprinted on it. He walked over to the sign and hid his smile with his hands, which were by now dry. He then looked down the hallway at the cat and removed his hand from his face. "So now you're a part of the club. Well, that's cool. But you need a name." He said, gently touching a letter on the sign. He removed his finger from the sign and poked his cheek, feeling his finger was dry. "And I have to hang this up. But first," He looked at the cat and it sensed he was about to move towards it. "I must pet you." He instead moved towards the box in front of the door and opened it as quietly as he could, then pulled out a bag of cat treats. "And Rena said having these would be pointless." He shook his head and looked back at the cat, which looked interested in the bag. He smiled again and crouched to the ground, seeing the cat flinch. He moved towards it a few steps and then saw it was about to run, then he opened the bag and pulled out three treats. He held them in his hand and put his free hand on the ground and crawled foreward, eventually lying on his stomach. "Please let me pet yoooouu." He whispered, watching the cat while his hand was held out in front of him.


    A few moments passed and he saw the cat moving towards him. As much as he wanted to talk to it, he knew that staying still and saying nothing was a better idea. He watched as the cat crept towards him and couldn't help but smile when it sniffed his hand. He then bit his lip to hold back his squeal when the cat started licking the treats from his hand, and almost died when it started licking his hand. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god it's everything I ever wanted oh my god the cat is licking my hand can I please pet you oh my god. He moved his fingers slightly to watch the cats reaction and let out the tiniest squeak when it rubbed against his hand. He then tried to pet its head, which proved to be hard to do since he was on his stomach, and smiled like an idiot when it moved closer to him. He quickly sat up and in one quick motion grabbed the cat, holding it gently. He then tested the cat by hugging it and rubbing his face against its head, and fell onto his back when the cat started purring. "Oh my god you like being held and petted and you are not very soft but some baths can fix that you like treats and you have a stumpy tail you are my baby I love you." He snuggled the cat some more then sat up and looked at the sign. He set the cat down and squeezed his cheeks together when it looked back at him, then pet its back and stood. "I have to hang up this sign but I promise I will be back oh my god my precious buttercup you are so lovely." He said, reaching down to grab the sign and petting the cat again.

  2. Mari laughed along with Chris and looked at X in the rearview mirror. "Well, the game can be difficult. It involves knowing your music and being fast. Are you two up to the challenge?" She asked with a smile. She played this game with her family all the time. It wasn't a game someone could improve at, unless they increased their musical repertoire.


    ~~ (Kota just doing what Kota's do)~~


    Kota looked at Loki as he approached it and sighed. It looked the same as the last time he had come here. The paint was still peeling on the outside and the light above the entrance was still hanging by a wire. He gently tapped the door to make sure the lock wasn't broken and smiled when it didn't open. He pulled a keychain out of his pocket and grabbed the painted purple key, sliding it into the lock. He then turned the key and let the door swing open, scanning the interior before stepping in and kicking the door behind him. He heard it hit the frame and set his bag and white board down, then moved a box in front of it. He looked around after the door had successfully been stopped and smiled. "Has anyone visited you, Loki?" He asked, moving down the hallway towards a wooden board. He picked it up and then moved back towards the door, setting it down by his bag. He heard a rustle upstairs and froze, feeling his heart start racing. Was someone here? He looked up the staircase and stood after he heard something fall.


    He slowly walked up the stairs and screamed when a cat walked out of a room. "Oh my god!" He said, grabbing his chest. "You scared me, feline." He said, reaching towards the cat. The cats ears flattened against its head and then it bolted towards the room down the hallway. "Okay, okay. I'll see you later monsieur or mademoiselle." He smiled and looked around the upstairs, wanting to make sure no one was around.


    After he had examined all of the rooms (including the cats room) he made his way back down the stairs. He then went back towards the wooden board and pulled out the containers of paint. His eyebrows furrowed when he reached into the bag and then he bit his lip. He had forgotten to grab paintbrushes. He looked into the bag and saw the markers, then stiffled a laugh and looked at the wooden board. "Wow. Nice going, dude." He said with a smile, quickly breaking out into laughter. Why didn't I grab paintbrushes? Oh god, that's so funny. But what am I going to do now? He wiped his eyes, which had started to tear up from his laughing, and looked around. "There's nothing here for me to use. Well, this is a problem..." He trailed off and looked at his hands. "Do I want to? Hmm..." He smiled and shrugged. "What harm could it do?" Reaching into the bag again to grab a screwdriver, which he hasn't forgotten, he looked at the paint cans again. "Now to make a sign for our wonderful hide out."

  3. Mari smiled back at Chris as she sat next to her and then rolled her eyes when X commented on how her brother was Loki. She started the car and looked back at Zhane before driving towards the parking lot exit, grinning when Chris asked if she was going to freeze them all. "I would freeze you all, but then I think Kota would be pretty sad. Oh, and X, if you posted the hide-out on Tumblr Kota wouldn't forgive you. He'd be forever mad at you." She looked at the hispter in the rearview mirror with a smile, hearing in his voice that he was joking. So even he can be playful. Well, that's good to know. She exited the parking lot and turned left, looking quickly at Chris. "We actually have to go to Rena's house so I can pick something up. I left it there yesterday when I was over." She watched the road and felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. She'd have to look at the text later. "So, do you guys want to play a game? I have to warn you, I'm pretty good at games. Since, you know, Loki is my brother and stuff."




    "I'm here gurl. At home, not at Loki's. You probably are driving now so I shall go and get paint." Kota looked at the text then slid his phone into his pocket, taking a deep breath. If he was out of shape he would be completely out of breath. And if he had his backpack he'd be out of breath. Thankfully, he had no backpack and he was in shape. He opened the front door to his house and stepped in, wondering if his parents were home.


    "Hello?" A familiar feminie voice called, making Kota smile. "Is that you Rissa?" The head belonging to the voice appeared around the corner and Kota smiled, waving to his mom.


    "Just me. Do you mind if I borrow some paint?" He walked over to her and looked into the living room, noticing his cat was scratching the post his dad had made. "I need it for Loki."


    "Oh, yeah. You know, your father doesn't like you going to Loki."


    "Loki is perfectly safe. Dad's just paranoid."


    "Hah, that may be." Kota's mom pointed down the hallway towards the room used for arts and crafts. "Get whatever paint you want. If you use it all up you have to buy me a new one."


    "What? Why? You make plenty of money with your job." Kota pouted and moved down the hallway, opening the door his mom had pointed to.


    "It's a family secret." His mom said, moving towards the stairs. "Be careful going over to Loki. Call me when you're coming home."


    "If it's a family secret then why don't I get to know?" Kota whispered, his expression darkening. He sighed but shook the thought away, grabbing six small containers of paint. (The colors being pink, blue, yellow, white, green, and red of course~) He then grabbed a bag that had paint stained all over it and put the paint in it, then grabbed a rather large dry erase board (that was just lying around. His mom had planned to use it for a project, but she had decided to scrap the idea) and a container of fifteen dry erase markers. He put the dry erase markers in the bag with the paint, then left the room and headed towards the door. "I'm heading out!" He hollared up towards his mom, hearing her tell him to be careful once more. He then grabbed the door handle and stepped out of the door, looking down his street. "Time to go give Loki an actual purpose."


    ((what is the day of the week in the RP is it thursday is should be thursday cause every wednesday my characters get together and watch anime. they have an anime party and sleepover and play on Kota's trampoline yeah))

  4. Mari watched as Kota walked away then hid a smile behind her hand. I wonder if they fell for it. She thought, wiping the smile from her face and looking at Zhane. "The hide-out is super secret. Like, you can't ever tell anyone about it. If you do then your memory gets wiped." She said, stepping into her car. She looked back at X and Chris, then pulled her phone out and texted Kota.


    "How's Loki looking?"


    "You know, I would answer you if I knew how he was. I'm still going to him."


    "Well hurry up. I'll drive around for a while then go to him."


    "Don't be too suspicious. I'm going to get paint and a dry erase board and markers."


    "Paint? What are you planning?"


    "You'll see when you get here. Now ♪♫shut up and drive♫♪~"


    Mari frowned and turned her phone off, looking into the passenger seat. "You know, if one of your wants to sit up front you can. It's not like there's anyone there or anything." She said looking at Zhane out of her window. She then looked back at the two passengers and thought for a moment. Spare some time, huh? Well, I do have to get something from Rena's... Fine fine. I'll go there.

  5. "I need to push myself hard for him. But don't worry. I don't need someone looking out for me." She smiled at Chris, then turned her attention to X. He looked different. A lot different.


    Kota looked at X and then looked away. Don't be stupid. You don't even know me. I don't need a stranger worrying about me. He grinned at Zhane and then grabbed Mari's arm and pulled her towards him.


    "Perfect siblings?" Kota tickled his sister and she started screaming, squeezing her arms against Kota's hands. "We kind of– OW." Mari had accidentally elbowed her brothers face.


    "L-LET ME GO KOTA." Mari screamed, struggling out of her brothers grip.


    "YOU PUNCHED ME." Kota said dramatically, releasing his sister and taking a step back. "SIBLING ABUSE. YOU GUYS SAW IT HERE FIRST." He joked, pointing at Mari.




    "TICKLING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, NOT VIOLENT." Kota grabbed his cheek and gasped. "What if my scar opened up again?"


    Mari looked at her brother, concerned, and saw he was smiling. She then rolled her eyes and grabbed Kota's sides, pinching them. Kota squealed and hurried away from Mari, who simply laughed at his reaction.


    "YOU MONSTER." Kota hissed, hugging his sides. "I TRUSTED YOU."


    Mari, who had been smiling, quickly wiped it away when she made eye contact with Kota. "WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE."






    "YOU AND ME ARE NOT THOR AND LOKI." Kota walked over to X and hid behind him, scowling at Mari. "X is my new brother."


    Mari gasped and moved towards Chris, grabbing her hand. "Well then Chris is my new sister."


    Kota's mouth dropped but he quickly smirked and moved next to X, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well sucks for you, cause I already have another sister."


    "And I already have another brother." Mari released Chris' hand and crossed her arms also, staring at Kota with a frown.


    "What?" Kota feigned confusion and looked at the group. "No you don't." He watched Mari to make sure she was fine and then relaxed when she made eye contact with him.


    "I DID." Mari said, her expression full of agony and despair.






    "LIAR!" Kota pointed at his sister and approached her, pouting. "LOKI WAS NEVER REAL."


    "YES HE WAS."






    "WHA–" Kota gasped and stared at his sister, his eyes obviously playful. "I would never do such a thing!"


    "You just DID." Mari said, leaning closer to Kota.


    Kota frowned and got teary eyed, then turned away from his sister and hid his face in his hands. "I'm running away!" He sobbed, walking into Zhane. "Ow." He whined, moving past the black haired boy without removing his hands from his face.


    "Yeah, run away you chicken!" Mari called after him. "I'll just go hang out with Loki!" She said, looking at the group. "Come on guys. We're going to our secret hide-out." She said in a huff, pulling her phone out of her pocket. She texted Kota and then put her phone back in her pocket, knowing her brother would be laughing as soon as he was out of sight of everyone. She looked back at the group with a frown, thinking that at least one of them would go to the "crying" boy. "If you're thinking of chasing after him, I wouldn't. He's going to call Rena and have her pick him up. And we know what happens with Rena." She said fake viciousness, watching the group. "Just get in the car and leave him alone."


    ((SIIIBLIIINGS (applaud for the impromptu fake fight come on do iiiit))

  6. Kota looked at Chris as she stroked his hair and brushed her hand aside, sighing. "I know. I wish they wouldn't, though." He watched as Chris walked over to Mari and looked at his feet. His sisters already worried about him. He didn't need anyone else worrying. He then saw X watching him and grinned, waving to the hipster. He probably took note of my answer. Well, whatever. He thought, staring at X.


    Mari smiled at Chris as she walked up to her. "Yeah, he'll be fine. Or not. He always turns out alright in the end." She looked at her brother then back at Chris. "It's best not to ask him about it. He's just avoid the subject anyways." She watched the blonde then looked at Zhane as he rolled around a motorcycle. She quickly walked over to him and waved her hands in front of her. "Ohhh no no no. There's no way that thing is going in my car." She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Zhane.


    "Whoa, it's a motorcycle!" Kota walked over to Zhane and held his hands behind his back, smiling. "Not that motorcycles are really my thing but uh... It's still cool!"


    "And it can't fit in my car." Mari looked at her brother, who simply rolled his eyes theatrically.


    "Oh sure it can. Where's your sense of adventure?"


    "I left it at home. Seriously, Kota. It can't fit." She looked at the owner of the bike. "Zhane, tell him it can't fit."


    "Ah, come on. With Rena not with us maybe we could squeeze it–"


    "Kota, its not happening."

  7. Mari looked back at the group and saw they were all thinking about something. Ugh, Rena. Well, if she wanted to make an impression on everyone then she most certainly did. She then turned back towards the front of the car and put her feet on the dashboard, sliding down the seat.


    "I'm fine." Kota said apathetically, pulling out of the parking lot. "And thanks, but I'd rather hear everyone's problems than worry about my own." He muttered, ignoring Chris' question. Truthfully, he wasn't fine. He wanted to go home and lock himself in his room, then not talk to Rena until he could look at her without getting upset. He knew that wasn't going to happen though, since he had to go to school tomorrow. Maybe he could feign sickness. Or maybe he could just explain to his parents that he wasn't up to going to school. He could have Mari pick up all his schoolwork and have her help with it, since they had some classes together anyways. He looked at Mari when she agreed with something but didn't bother to respond.


    "Yeah, maybe we could all just become friends. Wishful thinking." Mari muttered, pulling her hood up. She agreed with Chris that maybe all of them could be together, but she didn't think they'd be friends. Unless Rena shaped up, which she sort of doubted would happen. If everyone became friends, though, then she knew her brother and Rena would be there for anyone. Kota was already there for anyone though.


    ~and then a fun (or not so fun) car ride to school~


    "Where's your bike, Zhane? Did you park it in the student parking lot or somewhere else?" Kota asked, looking back at the black haired teen. "And how big is it?"

  8. Kota looked at Chris as she walked over to him and then grinned when X asked if he was okay. "Of course I'm okay! Why wouldn't I be?" He asked, listening as X said it would take more then what Rena said to bring him down. I don't believe you. He thought, turning his attention to Zhane when he said he needed to go back to school to get his bike. He nodded and looked over at Mari. "We can go get your bike. Mari's car is big enough to fit it in. And yeah, I understand that about Rena. She can be a pain. And you know, even though I'm her brother, I don't even know why she's like that. She wasn't like that when we were together..." He trailed off and looked at Mari as Chris waved her over.


    Oh boy. Mari thought, moving away from the building. She walked towards the group and looked at Kota. "Is everything okay?"


    "I don't know. To me it doesn't feel like it is, but I think putting that aside would be a good idea. What does everyone want to do after we go get Zhane's bike? The park? The mall? Or maybe we could just figure it out on the way there? Yeah, we can do that. Cool, good plan." He turned from the group and walked to the car, avoiding Mari's gaze. He then opened the drivers side and sild into the seat, looking at the group. Will they know to follow? Ah, maybe it'll be like a school of fish. That'd be really funny. He briefly smiled at the thought but then looked into the building when he saw Rena. He watched her drink her beverage and bit his lip. He felt bad about leaving her. But she needed to learn that harrassing people was not a good way to make friends. He looked back at the group and saw Mari walking towards the car.


    (kota talks to much wow XD)

  9. Mari looked at the door when X and Zhane came out. She then saw Zhane punch the wall and sighed heavily. "Dammit Rena." She hissed, hurrying into the store.


    "Why did you do that?!" She paused when she saw Kota and quietly joined them.


    "Why? He started it."


    "Rena, it's who he is. Ugh..."


    "This is why you don't have friends, Rena." Mari interjected, looking at Rena. She held her hand up before the red-head could say anything. "Just stay here. Me and Kota will go explain for you." She looked at Kota, who stared at his sister.


    "You messed up, Rena. You need to apologize to X." Kota said, turning and walking towards the door.


    Rena pouted and looked out the store window. Mari walked behind her and poked between her shoulder blades, causing Rena to flinch. "I understand you have that shield up because of your past, but you need to learn to let it down with some people. Especially since you just royally ****ed up." She then walked out the door and nudged Kota.


    "I think she'll figure it out tonight. Why don't we just try to calm everyone down, okay?"


    "She always does this, Mari. You know, harass people and then NOT apologize. It's seriously annoying. I don't want to explain for her. I'm just going to go talk to X and figure out if I can be of any help." Kota took a few steps away, then looked back at his sister. "Not that I'm really much good." He sighed and walked away, leaving Mari to think about what to do.


    He looked at X and saw he was smoking, then put his hand to his mouth. Well, I don't care that he's smoking. And although I hate the smell, I have to do something to cheer him up. He looked at Chris and saw she was out of the loop, then quickly ran over to her and pulled her towards Mari's car. "Hey, I know you have no idea what's going on but I'll give you a quick recap. So my sister, Rena, just... Erm, bullied X." His bright expression faded for a moment but he shook his head and opened the car door. "I need you to help me with something. I want to tell X that he can talk to me about anything and I'm going to give him my phone number, but I also want to say how terribly sorry I am for Rena. So if you could help me - just write out an apology or something I dunno - then that would be great." He grabbed his backpack and opened it, handing a blue sharpie and red paper to Chris. "That's for my English teacher but I don't care." He grabbed a lose index card and pulled his (trusty) sharpie out of his pocket, then took the cap off and wrote something on the index card. (*insert doodle of flower wearing glasses here* "I know Rena was mean, but I hope the flower cheers you up. Please talk to me if you ever feel sad or mad or just bad." (random phone number here).) He then put the sharpie back in his pocket and looked at Chris, then grinned and looked at X.


    Mari, on the other hand, was watching from outside of the store. She sighed as Kota pulled Chris to her car and observed, with interest, when he started talking. He was to far away to be heard, but she had an idea of what he was doing. Kota, the simple boy who hates people being sad. Ah, but what was that earlier? "Not that I'm really much good"? What's that about? She got pulled out of her thoughts when Kota walked over to the two boys, then smiled when he hugged Zhane.


    "Listen, guys. How about we just try to forget about Rena, okay?" Kota released Zhane from his hug and moved towards X, knowing that offering the index card to the hipster wouldn't do any good. He, instead, hugged X and slid the index card into his jeans back pocket. He then released the blue haired boy and smiled at him (one could see it was a sad smile if they looked hard enough), and turned to look at Zhane. "Do you just want to go home? I can drive everyone. Or if you want to go somewhere else we can. It doesn't have to be a food place or anything. We could go to the park or to someone's house or to the mall or whatever. Rena wouldn't be with us." His smile faltered but he looked back at Mari's car to hide it. "I still want all of us to be friends. Rena just... Has a rough past. Not that that forgives her now." He then looked back at the two boys. "I actually want to be away from her too. She kind of... Sucks, sometimes." He mumbled, rubbing the back of his head.

  10. Mari looked at Chris when she asked her a question and tilted her head to the side. "What true? Ah, that I'm gay? Maybe." She shrugged and looked at Zhane when he patted her shoulder. "And I don't think X is nearly as severe as Rena. She doesn't really have boundaries..." Mari looked off to the side and heard them all step out of the car. She then realized Chris had hung back and looked at her, faking a smile. What do I do? Well, I should go in but what if she wants to talk to me? Hm...




    "Kota, get something besides Cinnabons. They aren't healthy for you."


    "Like I'm worried about being healthy. You do realize I run everyday, right? Ah, Zhane and X." Kota looked at the two boys as they came in and smiled. He then looked away when X frowned and looked at the menu, trying to figure out what his two sisters wanted.


    "Oh, what's this? Bluey here wants to start analysing me?" Rena smirked and moved closer to X, looking him over. "I would love to see you try." She then grabbed his sleeve and felt how thick it was, quickly realizing he was wearing three layers. She grabbed the cuff and pulled up all three layers, seeing the scars on his wrist. "I knew it, cutter." She said, making eye contact with X. "You are way to easy to read. Heh, I would have hid them on your thighs or shoulders instead." She heard Kota say something but maintained eye contact with X, her gaze only growing colder as she stared at him. "What did those bullies call you? Gay boy? censorkip.gif*? Fag?" She asked in a condescending tone. "I bet they beat you up for being gay. Hah, of course they did! That's probably why you pretend to be more superior than everyone else. I bet even when you get insulted now it brings up that past." She let his wrist go forcefully and glared at him. "Don't try to analyze me. You'll only end up getting confused and lost, and then I'll analyze you and find out more then you could ever imagine."


    "RENA!" Kota walked over to his sister and slapped the back of her head, making her look at him. "THAT'S ENOUGH."


    "What? I was just doing what this fag does all the time."


    Kota glared at his sister and she paused, thinking. "Apologize to him."


    "Why? He started it. I was just finishing it."


    "No, I'm finishing it. Apologize to him."


    Mari looked at Kota and huffed, turning and walking away from him. Kota watched her go with a scowl and looked at X, anxious. Mari always does that. She finds a persons weak point and beats it up... "Are you okay, X?" He asked, his expression nothing but concern.

  11. ((I lied I'm posting now bahahaha AND YES YOU WOULD BE RIGHT HOWEVER--))


    Kota couldn't help but smile at X's commentary and looked at him in the rearview mirror. He then heard the hipster say they were all juniors except for him and he laughed. "You're wrong, Xavier. I'm a junior too. Maybe you're information needs to be updated." He looked at him in the rearview mirror and heard everyone else start mumbling. "She definitely caused quite a commotion." He muttered to Mari, glancing back at Rena.


    "Well, yeah. Were you expecting anything less from her?" Mari smiled and rested her head against the chair. "Are we almost there?"


    "Yes yes. Just listen to their conversation."


    "Ahh, I knew I was older! That's totally cool." Rena smiled, looking at Chris as she laughed awkwardly. "Well, that was definitely an awkward laugh if I've ever heard one. It's even more of an awkward laugh then Kota has when you talk about a certain something." She looked pointedly at her brother, who ignored her. "Well, don't worry about being gay or not. I'm surrounded by gay no matter where I go." She shrugged and listened in on X and Zhane's conversation. Hmm...


    "W-Wait!" Mari turned in her seat to look at her friend, who was watching X and Zhane. "Did you just out me to everyone in this car?"


    "Oh Mari, Mari, Mari... I did. I helped you out of the closet. You almost found Narnia in there, you know."


    "I did not almost find Narnia!" Mari said, blushing when she looked at Chris. "Ugh." She turned back around and pulled her hood up, sinking down in her chair. "Although finding Narnia would have been better than being stuck in this situation.


    Kota simply smiled and pat his sisters arm, not even bothering to look back at Rena. Who knew what that girl was going to do next?


    "You know, Bluey and Blackie, I can hear you. Just as I'm not blind, I'm not deaf either." She looked at Chris and smirked. "And you really can't figure out my sexuality just by looking at me. Or my romantacism, for that matter. I could be bisexual or asexual, or pansexual or homosexual or heterosexual or even--" She paused for dramatic affect and covered her mouth. "Polysexual." She whispered, smiling at the two bickering boys. "I could be any romanticism too. Just because my lovely brother and friend weren't able to hide who their attracted to doesn't mean I'm the same as them. Or maybe I could be releasing this certain pheramone that makes you think I'm one sexuality when I'm really the other. Ooh, or maybe it's that I'm always surrounded by gay so now you can't tell what my actual sexuality is." She looked out the window and then towards the front of the car. She then unbuckled her seatbelt and moved towards Chris, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She then looked back at X and Zhane, smug. "You guys are really hopeless. Let me just say a few things: I'm Kota's older sister by two years. I'm a senior. I'm a hipster. I can hear and see things better then you, Bluey. I can read people based on how they act around others, or just how they are in general. I know that Bluey has some personal problems and that's why he's wearing a long sleeved shirt even though it's warm out. I can tell that Blackie has some history behind him that's interesting. And you, Blondie." She picked up Chris' hand and kissed it, winking at her. "Probably hate being called a "wannabe rocker chic", right?" She then flashed a toothy grin at the three in the car and moved towards the door. "You'll only figure out my sexuality when I want you guys too. And, oh, thanks for NOT telling me what the club is." She grabbed the door handle. "I already figured it out though. Heh, this will be a fun Volunteer Club." She opened the door and stepped out, looking at Kota.


    "You are a terrible person."


    "And I love you too."


    "Why did you have to out me in front of them all?"


    "Oh Mari, we know it was bound to come up sooner or later."


    "I would have prefered later."


    "Yes, but if it was later you wouldn't get to be so honest with Blondie in there."


    "Blondie's name is Chris. And Bluey's name is Xavier. And Blackie is Zhane. They aren't hard names to remember, Rena."


    "I know, I know. Heh, did you guys see how quick I was to pick up their sexualities? Wow, I'm great."


    "Thankfully you can't read me."


    "Eh, Kota? Wait, where are you going?"


    "Food, remember? I'll just wait inside."


    "What else did you say to them anyways?"


    "Hmm, what else? Well, I said X has some problems and that's why he's wearing long sleeves even though it's hot out. I said Blackie, I mean, Zhane, has an interesting past and I said Chris probably hates being called a "wannabe rocker chic". I don't think I'm not wrong in those statements, but if I am then they'll surely correct me. Of course, when they correct me is when I can see if I was actually right or not." Rena smiled at her friend and Mari sighed, pushing Rena towards the door.


    "You're kind of freaky, you know that?"


    "I'm just reeeaally observant. Oh, Mari..."


    "If you say it I'll punch you."


    "You look tired."


    "Ugh... Just go talk to Kota!" Mari pushed Rena into the store and closed the door after her, sighing. She then looked back towards her car and walked over to the open door, sticking her head in to look at the three teenagers. "I apologize for her. She just, is seriously like Sherlock Holmes. Did she say anything that hurt your feelings?"


    ((with rena being sherlock holmes like that means i gotta know more about your characters XD or maybe she can just do that on occassion hmm))


  12. Kota noticed X's demeanor change when the camera was pointed towards him and smiled, turning his phone towards the blue haired boy and engaging himself in the other conversation. He laughed at Zhane's cry and then looked at Mari. "Aren't you still recording?"


    "Of course! Rena wouldn't want to miss this." Mari looked at Kota and noticed he was recording X. Well, whatever. Maybe he'll catch him doing something embarrassing. She then turned her phone to Chris as she smiled and waved, then felt her own self smile. "Yes, exactly. School is out, and food is a must. Mister Kota, where do you suggest we go?"


    Kota looked back at his sister and grinned. "Well, my favorite place to go of course!"


    "Oh, you know Rena and I are going to harp on you about what you get, right?"


    "Well, yeah. But I do my stretches everyday so it shouldn't be a problem." He looked at his phone then at X and smiled, stopping the recording. "I'll trust you to capture the action from here on out."


    "How will I drive?"


    "Well, I could drive. Since I drive, by myself, to... That place. You don't trust me to drive your SUV?"


    Why is he keeping where he works a secret? Mari's eyebrows furrowed but she quickly smiled and walked towards the door, where her backpack was resting. She pulled her keys out and tossed them back to Kota, who caught them midair. Mari rolled her eyes as her brother landed and looked at the group. "Showing off your skills?" She whispered as he passed her, to which the dark haired teen simply smiled. She watched as he walked out then looked down at his backpack and sighed. She picked it up and looked at X. "Hey, hipster! Come carry his backpack for me."


    Kota popped his head back through the door and smiled. "If you don't, you don't get any food."


    ~~TIME SKIP SINCE MIL ALLOWED ME TOOOOO (introducing a new character (dun dun duunnnnn))~~


    "Hey, dude." Mari faked a smile as the front door of Rena's house opened. "Just wondering, can Rena come hang out with me and Kota for a bit? We're going to go get some food with some new people..." She trailed off as Rena's dad stepped aside.


    "Do what you must, sweetie."


    "Thanks." Mari smiled at Rena's dad and looked up the stairs. "OI, RENA!"










    "KOTA!" Mari looked at the ceiling as she heard a loud thud then watched the stairs as her red-headed friend ran down them. Rena grabbed Mari's shoulders and shook her, trying to speak but only stuttering over her words. "Kota-- Why-- What-- YOU-- WHO HURT HIM?"


    "Relax, Rena. It was a joke. He's fine. He's sitting in the car. Although he might not be safe with X around..."




    "I will, I will! Do you want to go see Kota first?"






    "Right right. Sorry. I was in a heated debate about milk on Tumblr. Let's go see Kota!" Rena pulled her friend towards the door and said a quick goodbye to her parents.


    "Ah, I should say that my sister can be a bit eccentric. If she gets in a heated discussion about something... Well, you'll find out eve--"


    "KOTA!" Rena ran out the door and to the drivers side of the car, hugging him through the window.


    "Yeah yeah, hey. Hurry up and get in so we can go eat."


    "Oh~~kay! Ah, what are we eating?"


    "Taco Bell." Mari said, slapping Rena's shoulder. "I call shotgun, unless X took it." She glanced into the car and saw the front seat was unoccupied. She quickly slid into the seat and watched as Rena joined the car party (cause who needs proper typing), then looked back at X. She pulled her phone out and typed something on it, then held it up to the hipster, fully aware everyone else in the back could see it. "She's crazier then me. Be careful of what you say about you-know-who around her. Also, she's a Tumblr dork. Also also, she's hyper right now. Probably had candy. She'll calm down soon." She looked at Kota as he pulled out of the driveway and looked back at the crowd. "Just answer her questions and humor her."


    "Oh yeah, so dudes and dudette. What club are you guys in? Also, who are you all? And--"


    "She can't remember names very well, so just expect her to call you dude or homie or something for a while."


    "And how old is everyone? What grades are you all in? Are you all younger then me? Ohh, let me guess on sexualities. I'm betting the blondie there is a lesbian, mostly because Mari looked at you for longer then she usually does when she showed you her phone. And because Mari doesn't check out straight chicks. And you, Bluey, are probably really gay, right? I'm also guessing your that X guy, since you seem like a total Tumblr hipster who'd go by a name like that. And you, Blackie, are probably as straight as a stick, which in all honesty isn't very straight. Like, it can be bent all around and it can be jagged and stuff. Also, Mari, I'm not blind and I can read. I may be hyper now, but I'm actualy pretty cool when you get to know me. And I'm easier to know then those two dorks up there."


    Mari looked back at Rena with a scowl and Rena smiled. "Love you Mari! Well, I seem to be easier then those dorks. Really, I don't think any of us are easy to know."




    "Yeah yeah, I know. Oh, did you guys know that Kota---" The radio suddenly blasted through the car, causing Mari and Rena to cover their ears. Kota looked back at Rena with narrowed eyes and she pouted. "FINE! I GET IT." She shouted, trying to be heard over the radio. Kota turned the radio down and quickly looked back at Rena.


    "Then let them answer your questions! God, you yammer and yammer so much."


    "She wasn't always like that." Kota whispered, looking at Mari.


    "Okay, you guys win. I'll stop my barrage of questions. However, Bluey, you talk first. All the questions I asked. Answer them."



  13. Mari glanced at Chris when she agreed with her. She then looked at Kota as Zhane made some poses and pulled her phone out of her pocket. She opened the camera and hit the record button, then walked over to Kota. "I'm pretty sure Rena will like this club." She whispered, looking at X as he smiled. Huh. That's not a bad face. If you smile like that more often then maybe people will like you more. She then looked away from the blue haired boy and back towards Zhane. "I guess I can try to be friends with you if Kota wants me to. However," She looked at the blue haired boy with narrowed eyes. "If you lay a finger on him you'll lose that finger. And if you comment on how all of us are gay, again, I'll give you a black eye."


    "Mari!" Kota looked at his sister then back at X. "I apologize for her. She will punch you though." He then pouted and stepped away from X, turning and sticking his tongue out at him. "And sorry, but my butt is my own. You can admire it all you want though." He winked and moved over towards Chris, circling her and then hiding behind her. Gahh what am I doing? That was super embarrassing ugh. He felt his cheeks warm and he looked at the back of Chris' head. "Change of plans. Wait, I didn't have plans." He shook his head and took his phone out, moving in front of the strawberry blonde. "Chrissy, smile!" He held his phone in front of him and looked at Mari.


    Mari, not catching her brothers look, simply watched X. Why did he smile like that? Was it Kota? Well, he is gay. And Kota is gay. And that was flirting. Right, that was flirting? I think. Wait, X... He best not have his eye on Kota. Oh hell no. If he likes Kota I will kill him. And Rena will kill him. It'll be a double murder. "Mari!" Kota said, finally getting Mari to look at him. "Are you recording?" He asked, tapping his phone. Mari looked at her phone and then nodded, turning the camera to X. "And this is the gay hipster who was flirting with Kota." She then walked towards Zhane and smiled at him. "This is Zhane, a very dramatic boy. He just did a dance for us that I'm pretty sure I got on camera." She then pointed her phone at both Kota and Chris. "This is the muscian Chrissy and you're lovely little brother." She grinned at Kota and he pointed his phone at Mari.


    "I'm recording too." He glanced back at Chirs and hid his mouth with his phone. He then gasped and looked at Mari. "Hey, why don't we go get something to eat? We could pick up Rena!" He looked at Zhane then at X. "Unless no one would want to. Or maybe we should wait here until the supervisor gets here." He pouted and looked back at Mari. "But that sounds boring." He smiled. "We can try to figure out what these bracelet things are later. Wait, when does the club meet? I can't be here on Friday's or the weekend." He looked around the room then back at Mari. "What do you want to do?"


    "I'm always open to getting food. And getting food would make for a more interesting video." She smiled and looked at the group. "Well, what does everyone (except X) want to do? We could just leave and if anyone asks us about these we just lie and say we're aliens or whatever."

  14. "You aren't the only one." Mari pulled her jacket sleeve up and showed her arm to Zhane. She had to admit, her brother was a good doodler. She didn't like the circles drawn everywhere but did think the hamster was cute. She then turned her arm over and looked at the sharpie line, frowning. Yep, that was going to stay for a while. Along with all the circles. She looked at Zhane as he posed and smiled. That was a bit theatrical. Rena would be getting a kick out of it.


    "I don't think it'd be something simple like "transform". Maybe something more like henkan!" Kota looked at his bracer and shrugged. "Guess not." He heard X harp on Mari about homo blue and then looked at him when he said the short boy was gay. "Hmm, maybe your gaydar is just broken. Or maybe you just want there to be another gay boy at this school so you won't be so alone and get bullied as much." Kota said with a frown, staring at X. "I agree with Mari. You kind of are an ass." He looked back at his sister and she stared at him.


    "You really are an ass. Kota never frowns." She crossed her arms over her chest. "If you keep going on about how everyone besides Zhane is gay you'll be getting punched. Just because you're having a bad day doesnt mean you have to rain on everyone's parade." She looked at Kota then back at X. "If you weren't here, no one would care. We'd all be having fun and no one would be missing a certain gay hipster. In fact, you should just leave. You're only upsetting everyone." She looked at Zhane. "So you think these things can transform? That'd be really magical girl like."


    "Oh my God, magical girls? They have to transform now!" Kota said, looking at Mari. His eyes sparkled and he scanned the faces of the group. That would be totally awesome! Magical girls! Like, Sailor Moon! And Madoka Magica! He let his eyes linger on Xavier for a moment and bit his lip. What he had said was mean. He didn't know Xavier. Maybe the blue haired hipster was just having a bad day, as Mari had said. He then sighed and moved towards Xavier, nudging his arm when he came to stand beside him. "I'm sorry for calling you an ass. But you should apologize. Mari was just trying to protect my feelings." He said, looking at Xavier's face. "And I don't really want anyone to know I'm gay, so don't mention it again. Please." He whispered, looking back at Mari. "I still think we should all be friends. Let's get to know each other instead of fight each other, okay?"


    ((Any typos? I don't think so IM ON MOBILE AND NO TYPOS YESSSS))

  15. I could do a tap titan RP. I downloaded the app the other day and could RP as the in-game characters since they don't have a set in stone personality. I'm not incredibly far in it, I'm in the caves o think?, but could defeintely do a RP.

  16. Kota looked up at Chris as she patted his head and realized she was taller than him. Everyone was taller then him. Even his two sisters were taller then him. Maybe he would hit a growth spurt this year. He looked at the three people standing in front of a suitcase and moved over to it, giving Mari a look as he walked past her. Play nice. It said, although no one besides the two (and his other sister) would be able to get that. He looked inside of it and pulled out a bracer with a pink gem, then looked at X. "Homo Blue? Well, you do have blue hair. And you made it pretty obvious you're gay. Or, I should say, a "gay hipster who knows everything". Mari, explain what this is to me." He turned to his sister and saw she didn't have one on. "Hey wait. Why aren't you wearing one? Did you force these two to wear them?" He grabbed the green gemmed bracer and handed it to Mari, ignoring the laughing that was happening behind him.


    "You have no idea what's going on, do you?" Mari asked with a sigh, watching the two boys behind her brother.


    "Not at all. I don't like the negative atmosphere you and the hipster have though." He slid the bracer on his wrist and jumped when it said "DNA confirmed". He accidentally bumped into Zhane but looked over the bracer instead of apologizing. He heard Chrissy say that Xavier Daniels was a total ass and made the connection that X was Xavier, then looked at Mari. She started this. I bet he's just feeling shy. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the blue haired boy. Or maybe not. But there really is no reason to pick on him.


    Mari sighed and watched as Kota looked between herself and the boys. He was thinking. "Why did you get me one?" She asked, hoping to pull him from his thoughts. "I don't want to die if this thing injects you with poison." She muttered, looking at Kota's wrist.


    "Wait, it can inject poison into your skin?" Kota looked at his sister then at Zhane. He then looked back at his sister and grabbed the bracer and slid it onto her wrist, nodding when it scanned her. "Good, now if it injects poison into us we can all die together." He smiled and looked at Chrissy. "Wait, not yet..." He grabbed the yellow one and walked over to Chrissy and slid it onto her wrist gracefully, then spun away from her and bumped into X.


    "Ah, Xavier. Sorry." He looked at Zhane and smiled. He then hurried over to Mari and grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards X. He smiled at X and looked back at Mari, then released her wrist and put his hands on his hips. "I vote we all be friends. This club won't be any fun unless we can all get along. So, Xavier, why don't you apologize to Mari? And Mari, you should apologize to Xavier." He then snapped and looked at Chrissy, then back at Mari. "I just realized I'm the only person that knows everyones names. Well, besides Xavier here." He looked at the boy. "So I'll do the introductions!"


    He moved behind Xavier and grabbed his hips, since he was too short to reach his shoulders. "This is Xavier Daniels, otherwise known as X, and he is a gay hipster extrodanaire!" He then moved over to Zhane and leaned against him, grabbing his hand with the brace. "This is Zhane... Something, and he was my canvas until my sister pulled me away from him." He then moved to said sister and hugged her, making her groan. "This is Marissa Jones, but she goes by Mari! I'm her adopted brother and she can be really nice or really mean to someone." He looked at Xavier. "I'm guessing she was mean to you. She doesn't mean it. Or, she does. I dunno. She's confusing." He then ran over to Chrissy and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the group. "This is Christina, who has a cool last name I don't know, and I call her Chrissy. She likes meeting fellow musicians and hopes she gets a chance to be friends with Mari!" He looked at his sister pointedly and then turned away from the group. "And I..." He paused for dramatic affect and turned to the group, hands in his pockets. "Am Dakota Derret! I go by Kota though. And contrary to popular belief, I'm not gay. I work at an amusemant park and love doodling on people!" He said with a smile, mentally slapping himself. Why would I say I'm not gay? Why? Crap. I messed up. I didn't want anyone to know crap. Mari help me. Why did I say that won't it be obvious now crap crap I need to abort no it's too late oh well just pretend it's okay yeah. He walked towards his sister and hid his thoughts with a smile.


    Dude... Mari thought, watching him. Well, whatever. If he wants to pretend to not be gay then I'll support it. She looked back into the suitcase and saw another bracer was in it. She looked it over and saw a white gem was positioned in it. She looked at her own bracer and then at Kota's, then she saw Zhane's and X's. She opened her mouth to say something but decided against it and looked at Kota. He'll notice it in a second. She thought, looking briefly at Chrissy. So she wanted to be friends with her? Hmm...


    Kota examined his bracer then looked at Mari's and saw the gem was green. He then remembered Zhane's had a red gem, and he had grabbed one with the yellow gem for Chrissy. Wait, that's like power rangers. He looked at X. He probably has a blue gem, as obvious as that would be. He then smiled and looked at Mari. "Hey, pssst." He poked her and she looked at him. He smiled wider and his eyes shined, and he opened his mouth to say something.


    "It's like power rangers, I know. You figured it out slower then I thought you would." She smiled and looked at her wrist. "The only question is what exactly they are." She muttered, looking at the ground and began to mull about what they could be.



    also for my future reference this is the color i used for kota #FF3E96

    and i totally vote we use colors kota and mari agree with meee))