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  1. Putting these guys even though they aren't done yet haha~


    Name: Isaiah Ortiz (Nicknames include: Io, Izzy (by his brother and ONLY his brother) and Saiah)

    Username: littlelizzie

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Sex: male

    Sexuality: asexual (homoromantic)

    Appearance: Isaiah has black hair and blue eyes. He is 6 feet tall and weighs around the right weight for his height. He wears glasses and is wearing a necklace with a heart shaped pendant. He also wears a rainbow colored string bracelet around his left wrist. He isn’t sure of his ethnicity, but he has olive skin and he tans nicely. He typically wears a blue hooded sweatshirt that has black sleeves and any color skinny jeans.

    History: He grew up in an average family. He had a mother, a father, a twin brother and a little sister. His life was sort of dull until he and his twin were sixteen, which was the age their little sister was kidnapped. The police looked for her for three months, but all of the leads they found led to dead ends. She was assumed dead by the police, and Isaiah’s family mourned. He and his brother started their own search for her, but after a close encounter with a criminal that involved a gun and knife, they gave up. Two years passed and Isaiah and his brother have grown incredibly close, telling each other secrets no one else (not even their family) knows.

    Reason for Despair: Hearing that his sister died put him into a very depressed and possibly suicidal mood. During this time, his brother was the only one that could make him smile and was his support. His brother helped get him back on his feet and for that he is forever grateful.

    Sin: Wrath

    Personality: Isaiah typically doesn’t take things seriously. He is someone who pretends to be apathetic to other people’s feelings, and he’s critical of a lot of things. He seems like a jokester and appears to not be fazed by anything. However, this is just an act he puts up. Once someone sees past his lies, they will find that he actually is a kind spirit and someone who cares about other people. He keeps most of his thoughts to himself and expresses his opinions in a harsh way. He also starts conflicts often, but hates physical fights and will refuse to fight anyone unless it’s in a verbal battle. Rather or not the conflict is started intentionally or not depends on Isaiah. Under extreme conditions, Isaiah jokes around and doesn’t express any concern for whatever the condition is. However, his mind races with thoughts and he is internally freaking out.

    Weapon: a simple broadsword that was enchanted to speak when Isaiah does something stupid.

    First Power: Suggestion – “hey lil mama let me whisper in yo’ ear” He can manipulate/command someone to do something by whispering in their ear. He can give the simple command Attack and whoever he whispered that to follows it. The person can typically not disobey his command, but if the circumstances are right they can (it just depends on the character (although not everyones character can be immune to this, since that would just be cruel~)). He will, as the roleplay goes on, really grow to like this power and use it often.

    Second Power: Vocal Manipulation – He can manipulate any form of matter with his voice. At first he must be talking when he does this, but as his power grows he becomes able to just hum and the matter will listen to him. He simply has to imagine what he wants the matter to do and it will bend to his command.

    Third Power: Water Breathing – Self-explanatory, I’d think. He can breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

    Past Life: Pollux (the other half to the zodiac sign Gemini. He was immortal.)

    Phantasm: Siren (but he likes the name Seir (sss-air))

    Phantasm Personality: An immature brat. He likes to tease Isaiah and feeds on his despair from the teasing, but he really doesn’t want to leave Isaiah’s soul. He likes to play jokes on his host, which is the exact reason why Isaiah’s sword talks. He doesn’t want Isaiah to die and actually cheers him up whenever he is sad, because he knows if he falls into complete despair again there will be no way to protect him. However, no one knows this and just see’s the teasing phantasm and annoyed host~ (He always tests fate when he teases Isaiah, but quickly learns what Isaiah’s limit is. He also, as the story progresses, stops teasing Isaiah and just teases everyone else so he doesn’t risk Isaiah dying.)

    Other: Isaiah pushes his glasses up when he is lying, nervous, scared, embarrassed or when he is feeling confident. Meaning he pushes his glasses up a lot. He also loves to write stories, and that is what he does in his free time. He draws and writes on himself with markers, but the things he writes or draws always relate to stories and most people don’t understand why he does it. He also fiddles with his necklace when he is writing and can be caught talking to himself as his own characters or about his past. He and his twin are also generally close by and share many inside jokes, although they can seperate if they need to. He is open to romance and actually gets crushes on people easily, much to his annoyance.


    Name: Jeremiah Ortiz (Nicknames include: Jo, Miah (by his brother and ONLY his brother) and nothing else. Call him Jerry and he and Io will beat you up.)

    Username: littlelizzie

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: Jeremiah has black hair and blue eyes, like his brother. His eyes a shade few shades lighter than his brothers and his skin is a little bit darker from him being out in the sun more often. WIP

    History: He grew up in an average family. He had a mother, a father, a twin brother and a little sister. His life was sort of dull until he and his twin were sixteen, which was the age their little sister was kidnapped. The police looked for her for three months, but all of the leads they found led to dead ends. She was assumed dead by the police, and Jeremiah’s family mourned. He encouraged his brother to start their own search for her (and they did so), but after a close encounter with a criminal that involved a gun and knife, the two gave up. Two years passed and Jeremiah and his brother have grown incredibly close, telling each other secrets no one else (not even their family) knows. He does have that shared history with Isaiah, but a bit more grief has happened in his life. When he was a junior, age 17, he fell in love with someone. That person then confessed to Jeremiah and the two started a relationship, and it lasted for half a year. An accident then happened (and by accident I mean his partner killed himself) and Jeremiah fell into a suicidal state. . .

    Reason for Despair: He then attempted suicide but was saved by his brother. His brother told the two’s parents about what was happening with Jeremiah and they sent him to see a therapist, and the therapist helped Jeremiah get out of the suicidal state. He now is almost one hundred percent better and does not self-harm.

    Sin: Wrath

    Personality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Weapon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    First Power:

    Second Power:

    Third Power:

    Past Life: Castor (the other half to the zodiac sign Gemini. He was mortal.)

    Phantasm: Merman (he goes by the name Jinx, though)

    Phantasm Personality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Other: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. -Since this RP is about interaction, if you have multiple characters, they can't know each other

    How do you plan to keep this rule if at least two people (me and Esko) are going to be having siblings?


    Also, since I didn't join this before, I have a question on the past life for the humans. (Answer me here, bro.) Do they have to be a historical figure? Because David's is Gilgamesh (or whatever his name is) but is that only because of.... Something? And we're going to be RPing as the past life's too, right?


    Also, are multiple people going to have one sin? Like, one sin per person? Or is this RP going to be a limited number of people?

  3. ((After the long wait, I finally put him up! He's in the first post I made. I'll post as him tomorrow, right now I'm going to sleep. (I don't think there should be anything wrong with his magic, but if there is I'll edit it. I have an idea that involves his history which is why he has the magic he has.)))

  4. ((wow david such a long reply jkjk))


    Kota laughed at X's reaction and touched his cheek where he felt the dry paint. "I've been painting with my hands, see?" He held his hands in front of him, palms out, and looked back at the cat. He then looked back at X and furrowed his eyebrows in concern. "I would hope Loki isn't a pre-schooler. Man, that'd be incredibly hard to explain to my parents. "Yeah, see.... Me and Mari have been lying. Loki is this kid that this girl had and she gave him to me and we've been raising him... But he has the coolest name ever, right?" I...I don't think they'd be very happy with that." He said, looking at Chris as she called to the cat. He was about to comment on her reaction when Mari covered her mouth and looked back at Kota.


    "My God, Kota! I thought you weren't interested in having kids!" She said in a deep voice, imitating the two's father. "I cannot believe you have this kid. Who is the parent? Is it someone I know?"


    "Oh no, Father! It's just, this kid. Like, we found him in the sewers--" Kota said theatrically, putting his hand against his head and swooning against the tree as Mari cut him off.


    "Wait, the sewers? What are you kids doing while I'm away?" His sister asked in a raised, still deep, voice. "You best not be doing any naughty things!"


    Kota covered his mouth to stifle his laugh and looked down at Mari. "Oh Father, you know me! The most nauuughty boy ever~!" He cooed, watching Mari. He saw her eyebrow twitch and she burst out laughing, and he quickly followed suit.


    "Oh Kota, you are the most innocent boy ever. There's no way you're naughty." Mari said, taking a deep breath to control her laughter.


    "Oh Mari, you never know with me. I could be the naughtiest boy ever. Like, even naughtier then the naughtiest person ever."


    At this Mari looked up at Kota and he smiled at her, reassuring her he was joking. "Hey, I'm coming down. Move over." Her brother said and looked at the cat, then picked it up and looked at the space Mari had made. He then held the cat close to his chest and jumped down, landing elegantly and twirling before grinning at Mari. "What did I score? Did you see how high I was?"


    "Definitely an eight out of ten. If you had done a flip in the air or something you'd get a ten." Mari said with a nod.


    "What? I would love to see you jump from that height and 1) land as elegantly as I did, 2) not break any bones and 3) not stumble with your landing." He looked back up at the branch he had been on and then at the group. "Guys, what do you think I scored? Could any of you jump from that height?"

  5. Max couldn't help but look at the human as he commented on loving the bushes. Were humans typically like this? He didn't think they were. From his observations of them, he had assumed them to be similar to his own species. He pushed the thought away, deciding it would be better to think about at a better time. He then moved towards his house, looking back at the snow and seeing footsteps, then opened the door.

    "Hey Max!" He was greeted, very loudly, by his sister. He groaned and rolled his eyes, seeing her short, black hair come bouncing down the stairs. "Who's the dude outside? Is that your next victim? Are you already over Anthony? I thought you were in love with him? What happened to that, anyways? Are you guys fighting? You have to--"

    "Shut up, Adalyne. How did you even see him? Wait, you weren't creeping again, were you?" Max shook his head before his sister could answer and moved her away from the door. "Do me a favor and don't tell Mom about this, okay?"

    "Why shouldn't I? Is that boy something special? Ohh, was Anthony something special?"

    "Ada, stop. Seriously, it's a sore subject. Just don't tell Mom."

    "Fine fine. I'll be coming back to him later though. And I won't tell Mom iifffff you make me something to eat." His sister smiled sweetly at Max and he sighed.

    "Fine, just wait in the kitchen. I have to go bring him in..." He trailed off as he saw his sisters eyes gleam and moved her face away with his hand. "Don't bother him." He said as he headed towards the door.

    "I can't make any promises!" Adalyne called as Max poked his head out of the door and towards the bushes the human was hiding in.

    "Hey, boy. Come inside. It's cold out, right?" He asked in a harsher tone then he would have liked to. He then looked back towards the kitchen and saw Adalyne was writing something on her skin. He growled when he realized what she was doing but decided to look back at the human. "I have clothes that may fit you and I can make you something hot to eat or drink, if you want. But uh, be careful of my sister." He said, talking more then he would have liked to. His ears flicked backwards and he frowned briefly. "Sorry for being harsh. I guess. Was I being harsh? Ugh, I don't know. Just come inside." He left the door but decided to wait close by it, leaning against a wall.



    Kota smiled as he hung the sign on the hook his siters had put into the wood. He took a step back to admire his work and grinned, looking at the door. He had put the box in front of the crack so the cat could watch him. It surprised him that the cat was so friendly. He would have never guessed it was as friendly and loving as it was. It must had been raised by a nice family.


    He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out, thankful the paint had dried on his hands. He saw a text from Mari and read that they were at the forest. He nodded and moved towards the door, peering inside to make sure the cat wouldn't run out. It seemed friendly, yeah, but cats were surprising creatures. He opened the door when he didn't see the cat and smiled when it came over to him, meowing at him when he knelt down to pet it. "Let's go visit my sister, okay?" He picked it up gently and held it (after putting his phone back in his pocket and covering the paint cans up) then exited Loki. He looked back at his sign before he dove into the trees. "I hope Loki becomes the home of the "After School Polysexuals"... Wouldn't that be great, kitty?" He snuggled the cat and then headed into the forest.




    "That is an excellent observation, Zhane." Mari smiled at Zhane's deadpanning and looked into the trees. She had just texted Kota, telling him they were here, and felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She looked at it and then at Chris and X as they walked by her. She smiled at their conversation and walked after them, sliding her phone back into her pocket. "We're almost at our destination, guys. Just follow me through the trees." Mari said, heading into the trees.


    After some walking which may or may not have been fun because of everyone there, Mari heard a meow. She paused and looked around, knowing the meow wasn't from a cat. She then realized it was her brother and smiled, hurrying ahead. "Hey sis~" Kota whisper-called to her, waving from a tree branch. Mari walked over towards him and covered her mouth to prevent her laugh. His face was covered in paint. He looked silly. "Look at this beast. Do you see this cat. Mari, this cat." She watched as he held up a very fat cat and her mouth dropped. IT WAS SO CUTE. SO FAT.


    "Oh my God Kota that cat is amazing is it friendly?" Mari asked, realizing she was standing in front of the tree. She then hurried to lean against it (to look cool because that is important) and looked up at Kota. "Just answer my question later." She whispered, crossing her arms and watching the trees to see when the group came out.


    "Mari you don't look cool like that. I look cool. I mean, look at me. I'm in a tree with a cat. A fat cat. Who didn't leave my hands. It was hard to climb the tree. Oh hey, I see some blue." Kota set the cat down on the tree branch and easily stood on it, balancing without holding onto anything else. "Hey guys! Over here!" He waved to them and looked down at Mari.


    "Please hold onto something if you're going to stand on a branch like that." She said, concern washing over her face. Kota grabbed the branch above his head and looked back at Mari with a smile. "And make sure the cat doesn't fall."


    ((everyone should comment on Kota's face paint (which is a bunch of smudges of pink, yellow, green, blue, red, and white) and

    is the link to the playlist~))

  7. okay for my powers

    for one it will be the ability to manipulate people by whispering in their ear, the ability to manipulate matter by his voice (at first he has to actually talk, but later he can just hum) and the ability to breathe underwater.


    for the other it will be the ability of water. like, he can control ice and water and he can suck someone of all the water in their body and kill them that way dehydrate someone (while he is touching them)


    also cool you reserved siren and mermaid for me thanks~~ <3

  8. EDIT: Here's my character. I didn't want to interrupt the IC posting haha~ Also, sorry for the super late reply! My life got in the way.


    Username: littlelizzie

    Name: Macey Crockett (his actual name is Macallister, but he hates it and goes with Macey)

    Age: 20, but almost 21

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Macey has light blond, sort of white, hair. His bangs tend to fall into his face and his hair falls to cover his ears. The hair against his neck curls naturally and he often tries to get it to lay flat. He brushes his hair behind his ears often, and wears clips, headbands or ties his hair up to keep his bangs out of his eyes. He has blue eyes which often look gray, but sometimes they can be a beautiful dark blue or a vibrant light blue. His skin is pale and covered in freckles, which he gets whenever he is out in the sun for some time. He is 5'7'' and quite thin. Meaning, if he bends over you can see his backbone through his clothes (if he's wearing light clothing). He tends to wear skinny jeans with any top he wears, and his favorite top to wear is any warm sweater. He also enjoys wearing hoodies and boots. For his Task Force attire, he wears black skinny jeans, a dark gray dress shirt and a black vest that's a little big for him. He weaks combat boots with this outfit also. He carries a backpack with him always, and in this backpack are contents that shall remain a mystery for now. Also, he wears a bracelet that never leaves his body.

    Mage Type: Spirit Mage. Macey can manipulate spirits to his will. He usually does this by fusing them with an object, typically a book, and then summons the spirit whenever he needs to use them to help. He tells the spirit what he wants it to do, which is generally just a few words, and then let's it do what it must. He kind of sits back and watches it do it's work, but he can intervene by summoning another spirit or even pulling one from the air and commanding it to help. He is very good at his magic, and this surprises many other mages (both because of his young age and his skill level). He is also the only person he knows that can see spirits AND control them.

    Personality: Macey is very timid and shy, tending to be soft spoken and last to speak in a conversation. Almost the complete opposite of what you'd think of a Task Force member, he is kind hearted and does not enjoy violence. Whenever anyone needs to capture a Mage, he only backs them up and tries to remain hidden from the Mage the group is capturing. He also doesn't tell any of his spirits to severely injure a Mage and mostly tells them to distract the Mage. He is very hard to anger and gets embarrassed by the littlest things, which sometimes annoys people. He is more open with his friends and can be mischievous. He also likes to be friendly and loves physical contact with his friends, often hugging them and pulling them along places. He seems more hyper and open when with friends. However, despite his friendliness and mischieviousness, he is still soft spoken, last to speak (in most cases) and can become very shy.

    Noteworthy History: I have something in mind and will add it later.

    Other: Obviously, he can see spirits. He sometimes communicates with them, but only does this when he is alone. He is also a spirit magnet and may get bothered by them, which will put him in a bad mood.