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  1. also reserving yoo hella i havent been on this site in ages i dont remember how to do a whole lot but thats alright (also lu im cryinG BC KEKKAI SENSEN IS IN UR SIGNATURE THATS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIME)
  2. hello! i'd be willing to try a space adventure type rp if you all will have me :'D
  3. Desmond sighed when Alas said he could show off his magic. "Should have said you wanted to kick Chance outta here." He mumbled, but leaned towards Chance. "What is it you need help with though, my old friend?" He asked, a bored expression on his face. "I'm gonna go ask someone out." Chance smiled. Desmond frowned and looked down, and Chance tilted his head. "Jones?" Desmond looked up and slapped his cheeks, then he stood and looked across the field. "So who's the lucky kid?" He looked at Chance. "You probably won't actually need any magic to help you with it, though. You're a pretty
  4. Dez was surprised that Alas had answered all of his questions, although he didn't catch most of the answers because the boy was talking too fast. He caught that he was kind of afraid of ghosts and that his magic wasn't very stable, and he looked back at Alas when he mentioned his granddad. "You're only here because of your grandpa? What does that mean?" He asked, confused. He had gotten into the school because he had passed the test to get in. Had Alas not taken the test and had it easy getting in? He frowned. If that was the case, then his partner had to have good magic. "What kind of magic d
  5. Desmond looked at Alas when he sat next to him, then he looked at his tail when he wrapped it around his feet. He frowned and thumped his tail against the grass again, then he reached down and poked his partners tail. "I'm jealous of you." He tugged on his tail, then let go of it and looked around. "Mine's short." He said. He wouldn't say why it was short, though. He pointed to his ears and looked at Alas. "Do you have ears?" He asked, his own ears flicking when his hands touched them. He leaned back and stretched, watching Alas as he did so. He wanted to know why this kid was his partne
  6. Desmond watched lazily as other students met their partners, wondering who it was he was going to be partnered with. Would it be a boy or a girl, or something else? Would they be rude or would they be kind? Would he remember who they were once they walked up? He surely didn't recognize the name, and he knew he would remember it if the kid had left a decent impression on him. Well, he knew that wasn't true. He had forgotten a lot of his childhood due to the accident. He was watching a girl and boy meet when he realized there was someone standing in front of him. He looked at who it was an
  7. "Attention, students. As many of you are aware, there have been threats to the government about destroying monuments and assassinating important individuals. The government has decided to prepare for these attacks and put together a team of partnered students to train. Our school, Occisor College, has been asked to gather several partnered students together to test their magic powers. The following students have been chosen. If you hear your name called, then please report to the back field as soon as possible." Desmond picked up his book and started reading, barely even listening to the
  8. Kohaku smiled when the girl introduced herself, then she smiled more when the girl started talking about her favorite character. "Well, Masumoto-san, I agree. Authors always want to kill off the interesting characters. Honestly, the author could just kill off the main character and I wouldn't be upset about it." She waved her hand, then heard thunder boom outside. She looked out the window and frowned. It was still dark outside. She turned her attention back to Kumiko. "How long have you been a fan of the series? I've been a fan since the very first book, but I've been a follower since t
  9. 1x1 with RJMB - no one else can join basically its just [08:25:20 PM] im so sorry charlie: cat boys are best boys tbh [08:25:55 PM] im so sorry charlie: its gonna probably he hella fantasy and also hella gay and also hella school [08:25:57 PM] im so sorry charlie: probably [08:26:01 PM] im so sorry charlie: ??? sound good toyou [08:27:03 PM] precious brohai: YES that sounds brilliant to me omg. Plot: the setting is just this fantasy college apparently, and magical kids had to be paired together when they were younger. they then got separated and now we're in the future,
  10. Kohaku wondered if she had woke the girl when she had looked at the black haired teen. Had the girl been sleeping? She had seemed surprised, but Kohaku thought that might just be because she was sitting somewhere rather hidden from the public eye. She smiled graciously when the girl gave a sound of agreement and slid into the seat across from her, quietly observing her. She watched as the girl pulled her hood up and wondered if she was trying to hide her embarrassment or if she was trying to hide something else, but she just shrugged the thought off and took a drink of her apple spice. S
  11. The helicopter had exploded. It hadn’t been a part of Iori’s plan – he had just wanted to have a dramatic arrival. Well, he supposed that his arrival had been dramatic, but he had no idea if his parents had survived the explosion or not. He had been too afraid to go back to check on the wreckage. He didn’t want to see his parents dead bodies. He didn’t want to know if they lived or not. He would whether wait for the adults to find the helicopter and find out if there were any survivors that way than experience the truth in person. The small sixteen year old wrung his jacket out and shook
  12. Username: littlelizzie Name: Iori Kobayashi Age: 16 Gender: Male Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic Appearance: Iori is very short for his age, standing at a whopping 4'7. He weighs close to 100lbs and is surprisingly fit: however, if he were to suck in his stomach, his ribcage would become fairly visible. He has a slightly visible backbone, small wrists and knobby knees and elbows. He is pale because he cannot tan, and as a result has quite a few freckles from being out in the sun so much. He has several faded small scars along his hands, elbows, knees and arms that stayed wit
  13. yes, the candy idea was originally your idea. i fully give you that. but it has become a part of this roleplay. i dont care if you want to make another magical kid rp, but please dont make it so similar to this one (if you want to talk about this, then PM me).
  14. HELLO ALL OF YOU GUYS AAAAAA I FEEL REALLY BAD SCHOOL AND LIFE WOW but i still am planning on doing this roleplay!! i would appreciate if a certain someone didn't STEAL MY IDEA and make a roleplay out of it without even asking me!!!!!!!!!! but i am still planning on doing this idea. i dont know how many of you are still around but if you're still wanting to do this than please go into the chatzy and we can chat there! (im going to make a password for the chatzy too because im tired of that person spamming it but i'm going to tell you all it in the chatzy so it's important you be there)
  15. OH MAN GUYS IM REALLY SORRY I LEFT i feel really really bad but i've been really sick so i havent been around ;;;;;; i still want to do this roleplay and i think a lot of you guys do too, so i'll try to get my character made soon!! (and i have to figure out the demons hmmm) however, it is 2am so im gonna go to bed haha~ AGAIN! I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY!! I'LL BE IN THE CHATZY TOMORROW (maybe??? dont hold me to this) BUT IF SOME OF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THIS THEN PLEASE TELL ME! i wont be mad and i'll understand if you dont want to roleplay with us. or, if you want to wait until finals a
  16. oh wow look at all these character sheets! o u o i'll have to read them all later bc right now i gotta clean also, Dor, you can join if you want! you just have to tell me what emotion you want and if you want to make reserves on anything in the first post uvu (candy, weapon, etc)
  17. it sounds good, Den! the only thing i have to say is that you might have to edit the club, depending on what everyone votes for uvu also: guys, please vote! we need to figure out a club and how they all met, and if they're all friends right now or if they're enemies or--- basically, just what everyone's relationship is to one another.
  18. psst lukos: you're sheet is good to go! (you can post the picture you drew of Issi to help visualize him, if you'd like~~). Just make sure you change his eye color aha also guys!!! i am very very sorry for disappearing for a few days! it was only five days instead of a month, though This roleplay is still active and it is not dead. I've just been busy with life and stuff, but i should be good to go from here on out! I'm going to work on my character, which I haven't been doing recently, and I'm going to figure out what the deal is with all the demons. If you haven't contacted me ab
  19. re: the outfit doesnt have to be the same color palette as the eye color, but i think it would be nice to have some kind of theme like that aha and for verification: yes, the color on your preferred name on the first post should be the same eye color your character has. and for those who are unclear on what is happening right now: i am filling in my character sheet and will be posting it on the thread as soon as i am done with it. if you want to post a sheet on here and work on it as well, there is no rule telling you you can;t do so! ALSO: IF YOU HAVE NOT TALKED TO ME ABOUT POWERS
  20. well, Captain America uses a shield as a weapon. however, it just depends on if you want to make the shield a weapon or not for the roleplay. if you plan on just having your character protect people, then it wouldn't count as a weapon. if you plan on having your character use the shield to attack it would count as a weapon. (of course, you could just have your character use the shield for defense now and offense later, but that would mean you'd be putting a weapon on reserve)
  21. I said on both the character sheet template and in the chatzy that up to three people can have a weapon. Just dont make it something too OP. (Hokestly, though, id prefer if we didnt use weapons but eh) EDIT: i have removed the cap from the weapons. if you want a weapon, you can have one. if you dont want one right now but think of a weapon for later, i'll allow that as well.
  22. guys i've decided this is gonna be the OOC we still need to figure out the club that all of the characters are in but we can just make a poll and do that later also idk if you want to give this roleplay a proper name but right now the name is just magical kids omg if you want to delete messages to make the thread look nicer thats fine uvu i just figured it would be better to make this the OOC so that we can talk and keep any questions here for looking back on, and so that we can keep all the character sheets in one place but right now im going to go to bed because i am ve
  23. omg yes sen agreed to do my request i am pleased idk the purple haired guys name yet but the kid with the hat is named Dominic they're best friends they've known each other since like seventh grade and Purple is always going and getting in trouble and Dom's mom is a cop so she's like "is your friend alright" and dom is like "i dont even know anymore" and they're cool until something happens....!!! your koji is cute omg i tried to do that looking over the shoulder thing and it was really hard???
  24. omg you guys are goofing around back here with code and color and im just writing and writing writing on the first page soon im going to be asking you to delete your chitter chatter aha
  25. the theme is POSITIVE EMOTIONS!! they can be any kind of emotion: joy, love, trust, surprise, friendship, kindness, amusement, etc etc. We can also do color themes, yes. We just need to discuss about characters and figure out what colors we all want in the Chatzy omg yes you can nab a spot doc <33 ummm i think for the sake of simplicity, they only can have one power. they can train the power and find ways to manipulate it, but they can only have one ; u ; so you'd have to chose between telekinesis or incorporeal-ness