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  1. cool for new eggs I got 2 as well. nice looking.
  2. wow it done now 92/92 yesterday night from wed night wow. that lot full in.
  3. they my favorite show while I watch on BBCAmerica channel. I like new doctor who and what you think of new 11th doctor *Matt Smith* after David Tennent are? I like Amy Pond then Rose Tyler. Martha and 9th doctor *chris* is okay.
  4. that one my favorite as well same dino orange.
  5. does they will do on thanksgiving or christmas to do same thing?
  6. I had some dream from Transformers and other some not remember myself lol.. strange is it huh?
  7. 92 is finish all I had so not seen anymore pop up in and orange treat pumpkin's face bag seem so full mean it finish is it? and I got pumpkin eggs.
  8. cool that way same easter egg hunting. I almost done with trick and treat as well.. I can finish by 2 days I not know so long until 90 or 100 items find it.. wow.. take me a time. nice orange dino dragon with wing with walking and wing on sleeping cat that my favorite are. whew.. finish all in my scroll's orange bag. I am happy it done now.
  9. umm why you ask for huh? my list on my desk as well tony stewart clock alarm clock small lamp few transformers small storage box with small things in pens notepaper water bottle tv remote cd holder flashlight computer mouse laptop macbook cable modem that it is for me as well.. thanks
  10. yeah I call her Daisy after Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard when I got her in late december 2001 around that that why I like sweet name. my mom call samatha after my mom's old dog when I was born in first house that why my mom and I like name after that. that cool is it huh? and that cool, Stunningfire. but my mom's samatha's bit different kind on it.
  11. I love cat and I have own that as well.. she is calico..and her name daisy. she around 9 or 10 year old now live in my home. and other one older cat name samatha is more than 13 year old now live in my parent's home but same calico color.
  12. I hardly to get this rare often when I get lucky.. oh well that tough to get in cave.. Slivers: I got one that tough to get.. Gold : nothing to get that I tried and tried no luck.. I hope get gift from them. Chickens: I got 2 as well.. Trio : I got that for summon as need. I have that magma, 2 thunders, 2 ices Paper: I have 1 tough to get.. dinos: I got 4 dinos now. but one yellow dino is very tough to get often in cave.. Cheese: I got 1 and I will tried to get 2nd one but not seen much in cave by now.. black: tough to get by tried.. Rock: no yet to get one maybe later at time vampire: not sure maybe to get later that how hard to get those rare eggs in abandon cave as well as I not seen lot in cave right now like that not same as before when I join in so I luck had those rare eggs now in my scoll. thanks
  13. umm I remember green dino, white stripe, thunder, ice that I not sure exactly remember when I had first dragons for hatching.. oh well soon long since more dragons now.. wow.
  14. I think I get first was thunder then ice then magna as well.. they nice dragon for summon to be.. then cheese dragon but thunder and cheese dragon is my favorite as well. but for dino one blue my favorite... lol
  15. sweet! but my eggs still slowing less 4 days on dark pink and blue eggs I need more clicks view on it this week. before die out sooner. thanks. I love new eggs when come out.. look good. I like blue are best. luck not have tan yet. thank you, and edit: I not often lot here this forum for me since lot stuff do thing on others but I love look at new eggs release only.. good luck dragon hunters...
  16. I have male silver but not work with other different female dragon that I tried with breed it for new silver egg so mean I have to get female egg? So I need get female and male gold eggs and I ask why they not breed more Silver and Gold eggs right now? huh? that I need..
  17. wow.. that new egg and I got one as well.. so look beatiful.. nice.
  18. cool I got 38 so far.. nice easter eggs. and I wonder what do with them in basket? when I had with them? nice colors.. I love few red/blue and blues eggs look good.
  19. Soundwave95

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    yay.. I got 2 this eggs as flame and nebula but I need get sunlight.
  20. Sweet! I love get easter eggs.. I got some in basket right now. sound like fun to hunting new eggs.