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  1. yes I saw few ago 2 or 3 times in cave AP as well. and I wonder when start spring time tree change? on march or april? I just curious about it.
  2. yay both 2011 eggs already been baby dragons and look cute, and hope for adult soon.
  3. strange I had dream about valentine's egg look like dark pink with heart white line on middle and both wave lines on both sides.. look so nice to be.. lol.. when on valentine day after that oh well.. how I know egg look like to be.
  4. I wont freeze any holiday dragons myself if you freeze that will lost your dragon after release it.. I hate that. no way to do that for me. I love grow up dragon than freeze it.
  5. I catch in AP area like ice, thunder, magma that tough to catch and not so many in AP area to be. I have silver too. I need for Gold. oh well.
  6. does they will same male or female egg? like that I like to know.
  7. thanks! 2 eggs now sweet look so nice of egg and happy valentine to you guys..
  8. that cool, strange about Earth day's on my birthday day. hope look like to be maybe same spring's. one my favorite are.
  9. yeah I like that valentine's tree are and it cute. but I think will change to spring tree in march or later after winter. I guess so.
  10. I wonder I see that tree been change it as well. any you had. this week from winter tree that I got before. cool is it huh?
  11. yeah, nothing wrong with moon and good for night light so we can see it. for night.. and not know for plan on moon future unlike Mars?
  12. yeah I almost cant eat cheese now. beacause taste change and start vomit after I eat. before was fine so now change it not know why. I can't stand now same as sauce, and others etc.. I can't eat much now. I just eat light than any cheese but I still eating lot with cottage cheese only. strange myself.
  13. I like cheese but start bother me lot now. I like Parmesan, cheddar, Camembert, Asiago, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Brie, Colby-Jack cheese, Cream cheese, Monterey Jack, Cottage cheese that all for me to like eating to be.
  14. wonder happen? down error too.
  15. my parents love me as well. they always check on me often when I had problem myself.
  16. ouch we had near 13 inches of snow this time. oh boy I hate snow.
  17. I had bad blizzard here we will have 6 to 10 inches snow right now. hope finish by tomorrow. I dont like this blizzard's.
  18. we maybe had other snow on tues and wed as well. like 3rd time. I hate it.
  19. I can't remember that. spring dragon, green, cheese, bluna after that.. oh well.
  20. I am short under 5'1 as well.
  21. Cardcaptor Sakura and Inuyasha and Magic Knight Rayearth and Sailor Moon so much for me.
  22. both look cute. I had grey cat with brown spots on back she die of kidney bad problem in 96 I remember at home after that. sad. my mom call her squiggy.. strange name. that I forget add it.
  23. I current playing new game from Wii that I got from Xmas as Super Mario Kart, Ghostbusters, Star Wars: The Lego Saga Complete and 2 free game from console are super mario and Wii Sport My parents had too of Wii Console with 2 free same as my are. Tetris Deluxe Party for Nintendo DS nice fun lol