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  1. summon but hope for teleport to be. other are ok for me to use it. I like summon best but hard to get this Guardian egg. but not yet had Influence for me when i will get pink eggs someday. because so many females for me oh well.
  2. see how work than my picture: http://dragcave.net/tree/Soundwave95
  3. I notice many black eggs in AP as well. I have CB black females myself.
  4. my yet cracking on all new eggs because they still by 5 days to left to go. I hope they need hatching soon by 3 days.
  5. yeah would nice if purple x whited striped would be cool do we for future to be
  6. same as me I had that shown my black striped had hidden now as Warning: One or more of your eggs/hatchlings is sick. If you don't know what dragon sickness is, click here to learn more. to be oh well. I hope my will getting better soon.
  7. yes! I got black striped from CB Black female breed green male striped today yay! check out my new egg: view[/url]~Eggspam Removed~ as well cool is it huh? thank you!
  8. cool black striped i might get too and I need red striped too myself. nice
  9. when i have new eggs do will continues with breeds? unlike others. I love get that more
  10. umm both look so good I might get this tiime as well. luck my scroll was open.
  11. umm I had car myself first was 1995 Honda civic 4 doors with navy blue when I bought first at 1998 then later lot problem with battery charger get old then get new car in 2009 or 2010 I think july almost 1 or 2 years use car now as 2005 Ford Focus medium blue with spoiler nice stil good using now. good use for snow I used drive in snow. no problem for while. that my 2nd car.
  12. I hope spring will change which day on next sunday or monday to start that?
  13. I love Planet's Sub, Ruby's Tuesday, Popeye's. Subway, Wendy, Taco Bell, New Greek restaurant, Arby's, Applebee's, Red Lobsters, Olive Garden, Out Borders Mexican, Church's chicken, Culver's that all my favorite restaurant are. what we had in my local to be.
  14. some your cats look cute..
  15. yes I got bronze trophy as well for now. nice. hope for silver to more dragons
  16. yeah I have 2 dvd sets of season 1 and 2 but not have season 3 like children of earth dvd yet. maybe get that. they not bad series are. I hope for Season 4 to be. and I hear some will join new actor like 2 or 3 new one to be. I hope BBCAmerica would getting Doctor Who Season 6 for spring but not know when Torchwood be coming. Oh well.. oh boy. Children Of Earth series is okay then season 1 and 2.
  17. I like watching Doctor WHo and I have some dvd set of series 1, 3, but I not have getting 2, 4 yet and I soon get series 5 with new doctor this one so funny looking and not bad this guy as Matt Smith are and with Amy Pond not bad either then David Tennant are cool too. both guy is my favorite now. Chris and others is ok. my dad said already seen Tom Bakers old doctor before. I have 4 old classics book of tom bakers's classics doctor that dad give me book he save old wow. we still watching this time and I hope for new series like 6 season very sooner in late spring hope after my birthday time on April or May to be. I can't wait to see that season 6 to be pretty good to be.
  18. hi guys, I wonder any you current watching Transformers G1 and Prime series on HUB channel? I love transformers for long time fan since G1 and new movie Transformers Dark of the Moon in july 2011 as well. On HUB is Prime series now. Any you watching? What you think of Transformers are? thanks enjoy
  19. i vote for pokemon because they so cool than digimon since never watching digimon for me.. I watching some series of pokemon before. they cool. and I have one game for DS
  20. yeah I love spring season tree..
  21. I love dog too that I had long ago when I young that we had yorkshire terror but I miss him when we move in 1989 and he die of kidney problem and he very old from my first house in Ballwin, St Louis Mo. I have picture of him. I love this kind of dog so now we had cat oh well. I like both cat and small dog msyelf. my brother and my sister in law of my brother's wife had pug name sarge cute. I almost play with him when visit my brother in Denver colorado every year in Aug for his birthday and Jill's birthday late for me. both pets are cute as well.
  22. ah I see ok thanks. I never know for sure. thanks.
  23. nice so my mac screenshot bit different size and oh well here my picture of tree so they come with color lights on tree hard you see that. that it.
  24. we had winter mix and now light snow today brrr..