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  1. I just look at them when what you have there.. and help views more clicks on each dragons.
  2. I still fail of gold, silver and color stripes and trios to make egg but no eggs and refused each other today. hope try next time to match.
  3. yeah. holiday dragons can breed any kinds sometime get eggs from regular dragon not holiday until holiday time then will breed that. I tried breed with my trio and metallic but refused now no eggs as well but I hope for my gold and trio will breed soon see happen. oh boy. no luck since week.
  4. well Soundwave is from transformers G1 he my favorite character and 95 is my class of 1995 that is it. that for forum username so well. I have few on other forum to be. but add with #14 on other forum. #14 is my favorite nascar driver Tony Stewart that his number.
  5. Soundwave95


    I use spring skin I like it.
  6. oh well light snow here as well like snow spring strange that day today that just starting maybe rain this tuesday
  7. I had other dream about cool you unseen before like blue/white dragon with cat's face and wing so body was light blue and tail and feet is white more warming comfort wildcat dragon. can anyone drawing for me? as well.. like tail scrawl into cat's face like lay down sleep with cover wing like that. that one I had strange dream last night oh well. is it cute huh? thanks. do I put in which section for me?
  8. well this tough one, I love spring dragon, sunsong, nebula and bluna for me
  9. pikachu need evolve into raichu as well with ASH but pikachu has some good new attacks that I seen so far. nice. if evolve into raichu then will still know ASH or feeling change? I just curious about it like something would happening to Pokemon's.
  10. strange I had about dragons turn into seafood and states and country flags lineage? do idea for that one? any one make that dragon? for me lol. oh well. today. that what I almost think about if anyone making seafood dragons yet? that one I had bit dream after I watching foodnetwork as Guy's show as well.
  11. I had female pink for my Aunt Shirley's for named. And I have new lineage someday when my pink egg hope will be male then make new egg as well.
  12. wow nice and congrats to Globe Mods
  13. I had some dream but not lot remember next day.
  14. Let know that they will release new season 6 on April 23th on BBCAmerica after my birthday (21) cool is it huh? would be good episodes this year? Does you guys think of this season.
  15. wow that nice skin I like it. I change my skin now and look cool to be.
  16. nice, so why not we wish have name for this tree unlike dragon's had? do we? if name would be cool.
  17. yep yeah I saw today was pink cool tree for spring time but not know for earth day(22) after my birthday(21) on April are. sweet tree are.
  18. I notice so many blacks and grey and greens in AP. I need clear like more colors like blue, pink, etc. oh well.
  19. I use Safari for my Mac here. I like catch egg what I like look for.
  20. yes my black striped has start cracking as well.. I happy now. hope for grew up soon. I maybe get other one after that. see which gender that i will have it.
  21. what fertility is and I never use I think. I never had purple dragon yet.