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  1. I think more like feather wings. but others some dragons look good.
  2. no idea I like for like future vacation trips or stuff what I want that I not sure what for now yet because of afford $$ to be. nothing to know what I like.
  3. i try new electric male breed black female but no successful.
  4. I tried breed, golds, silvers, color stripes and magma, ice but no successful like some refuse and no egg produced. no why month nothing to new eggs yet. try again next week. dang. no luck but one luck of thunder egg got one from female thunder breed with electric male today. whew.
  5. I try all silvers, gold, color stripes, icy, magma, but no luck get new eggs right away.. not know why never get new eggs in a month. oh well. no luck. some refuse and some do but no produce a egg.
  6. I tried breed magma 2 females to other kind but no luck. most breeds no luck at time. hope try again after 7 days.
  7. I saw some today at cave as well today. they still there.
  8. what I miss this one. not seen any of egg.
  9. I see some today in cave still there.
  10. I try breed all but no eggs right away today.
  11. yeah my thunder been lost after I got tueday night. need get back. I hope so. mu summon soon on sat night. i might look again or wait my breed will since no egg today.
  12. I got Thunder Egg from Cave last tuesday night and I need get back on. and thanks for update..
  13. that strange some trio, color stripes and gold and silver did not get new eggs yet because they refuse each other and did breed but no produced a egg today not know why is stop or what I not know why my dragons does. I need it. oh well. my summon will be on 30th for trios.
  14. I done for now all 53 as well. whew.
  15. 51/53 I need 2 more to done tonight... wow few eggs my favorite are.
  16. I got one this time and strange see chicken walk around on egg.
  17. for get new eggs for feel like 6 to 12 minutes for me.
  18. wow 53 umm I current at 27 eggs and still need get more up to 53 eggs to done.
  19. wow I see some eggs was so beautiful looking at.. few my favorite are.. which eggs your favorite are.. thanks.
  20. mean we get much eggs in like 30 or what. 3 days nice.
  21. I thought change earth day tree today.
  22. I tried all gold, silver, trio, stripeds but they refused each other and 2 did together but said no egg produced oh well.. hope try again later after 7 days. that twice or third time to make new egg but no luck.
  23. I hope this friday will be change tree? for only that day or few days
  24. same as me I tried breed different dragons with gold like silver one or striped but no luck. no know why.