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  1. sweet I got blue and orange for now. 1 orange for male and 1 blue for female since I put pink's Influence as well.. hope work for new lineage someday...
  2. dang I miss one I hope find in AP and Cave soon and thanks for new dragon eggs and I love get new eggs.
  3. I tried breed all golds, color stripes, silvers but no successful but they did together but said no produced eggs oh well.. what happen that even since stopped?
  4. no luck to new eggs when they did together but no produce new eggs yet.
  5. maybe nebula or bluna for me. because I like water and space.
  6. I did that once but they did together but no successful for new egg of which white stripe male or gold female to would get one. see how work oh well. if black male will work on female gold when I will get.
  7. I been breed silvers, golds, color stripes and magma but no successful but 2 I finally successful is Icy and Thunder egg.. finally.
  8. I not have any Tinsels like gold, silver, tinsel as well.
  9. I found one black today and I got that and I put pink's BSA for male to have it. tough to get other black because my breed refuse had other black egg to be. oh well.
  10. ah cool, I found out about Prime series not very good. but I hope for DOTM film on my rent netflix.com might with my parent or myself someday. I hear some from my TCA said some few bad on films oh well. I will preview when I will watching it later. Cool, you guys nice.
  11. almost all of my dragons not getting any new eggs right away..
  12. yeah that I saw today surprised me that they only for short or longer until autumn change?
  13. almost all breeds no luck get new eggs as well but finally I had magma breed from female magma and male red stripe dragon finally one. no luck for others.. oh well. hope try again next after 7 days.
  14. I tried breed golds, silvers, trios, color stripes, electric, but no successful getting new eggs yet. hope try again after 7 days for next week to be. hope so. no luck. but I got good pink egg from pink dragons.
  15. wow that nice I like looking in the cave's way to easier to find. as for teleport that good news and also lmited eggs I like it too. thank you, TJ.. it awesome!
  16. I tried all same things but no successful but I got 1 white striped and sun egg so luck no color stripes or gold or trio or others. because some said no produced eggs from dragons. dang. so well.
  17. awesome thanks!, TJ. so excited have teleport, rare breeding, egg limits. yay.
  18. sometime I like eat meat like filet, bbq ribs, chicken, beef, sausage like that.
  19. I used fancy feast dry food. Wellness that one I did try give my cat but she keep not like it. fancy feast or chow better for her and she like eat. depend your cat like taste on any kind food are.
  20. My Sam cat getting blind like almost cant see it but she can walk around when she feel with her cheek's to be. She very old like almost about 16 year old now. She almost very thin because not eat so lot and she at my mom's home. Saddly for her. So my Daisy is fine and she near over 10 year old now and she is at my house.
  21. I tried all breeds of Gold, Silver, Trios and color-stripes but no successful make new eggs why no interest each other for egg and produces egg as well today and Hope for after 7 days see happen after.
  22. wow nice i got some new eggs and hope which i will love one. happy birthday to dc. i not know how much years dc had.
  23. I think THunder, Ice and Gold and Silver is my favorite rare. last is GoN if I got one someday.
  24. remember drive in snow/ice road for me to be add that too I forget that.
  25. bugs and spiders like insects that I hate it.. and go toilet when in store or outside and on vacation trip feel like when I walking or standing bother me. others not sure known to be. blood test.