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  1. finally come back for 1 red and 2 green stripes eggs but Silvers and today I try gold female breed with new male gold but not get new eggs and trios nothing get new eggs yet oh well.. dang. no know why. some no produce egg or not interesting each other with it. I not getting any black stripe egg yet. sad.gifsmile.gif

  2. both golds like male and female same kind sprite not same as silvers's had huh? why not different version on male and female on gold? I wonder about it. but nice I had male gold now so i can breed female gold someday. hope get more silvers and golds soon. I hope for silvers need new eggs too. smile.gif

  3. well my favorite food list is;


    Seafood- shrimp, clam, salmon, cod, mussels, crab, lobster, but other yet tried to.


    Chinese- noodle with mix meats in no veggies, curry chicken, gene tso chicken, sesame beef, thai noodle, crab rangoon, egg roll, egg soup, rice


    Steak- filet


    BBQ- Ribs, Polish sausage


    Sandwich- some from Subway, SChz deli,


    Popeye's- crispy fried chicken and cajun rice


    cold noodle salad deli


    pizza- spinach with white cheese and sometime I add with ham and sausage on and three kind meats on pizza with less red sauce(easy sauce)


    chicken wings- pram cheese with garlic on flavor.


    ilatian noodle- feduccine with alfredo sauce, and seafood with noodle with special different kind sauce like alfredo or white wine or garlic butter sauce


    baked potatoes


    taco- chili burrito, beef with rice burrito and breakfast burrito


    few others I like to try yet like spain or others foods yet. I love to.


    thanks smile.gif

  4. I tried all breed dragons but no successful right now some dragon together but said no produced eggs mad.gif no know why still not getting any new eggs right away.. so only I got nebula egg from purple and blue breed and hope for purple or blue next in egg, and also summer egg 4th as well hope last one before next fall time in sept hope so.. dang all dragons's eggs are.. nothing new and Hope for summon this sunday... smile.gif

  5. yes I seen today and pretty good unlike 80s had. not bad might watching next episode next thursday night. Funny about Snarf's no talk like 80s had talking and he keep said "meow, and others" to Lion-O as well. smile.gif

  6. well some my favorite characters from 80s and 90s like:



    Optimus Prime









    Smurfs- Smurfette, Papa


    Scoorge McDuck- Ducktales

    Darkwing Duck


    Scooby Doo, Daphine, Fred


    so many others I can't thinks... oh well.. smile.gif


  7. I add some new and familiar name from my favorite and sometime add my last name to easier to be on any dragons but for Nebula that I put space's name because match for and for seasonal dragons I put name monthly name with my last name easier when my egg are hatching. others some nothing name like running out idea to match on any kind dragons are. that all I had idea for name on dragons. smile.gif

  8. strange all golds, silvers, thunders, color stripes and nebulas, did not getting any new eggs since some said refuse each others and no produced eggs but one of gold female breed with sunstone male and got egg:






    as well that all I had. but others I not need like that. only I want nebula, gold, silver and color stripes more eggs for me to.. oh well dang. hope try again after 7 days. smile.gif

  9. not much cooking myself only some what I like eat with it. because sometime some food bother me lot like that.. not know why. So I love more like seafood and some like delis things like light food not heavy food as junk stuff.. what I like on cooking. My mom is good cooking than I do. sometime I went get some food from restaurants where my favorite are. smile.gif

  10. my samantha calico old been die down now since she not doing anything like eating and toilet very good now and blind as well. we put her sleep at vet clinic and miss her now because she been more than 16 year old very old. sad.gif


    my daisy calico young around near 10 to 12 year old now she fine and still running and playing around my house. nice cute cat are. smile.gif