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  1. I was happy that I made it to be a part of this years Christmas with DC. I keep missing the Holidays due to personal situations year after year. The Mistletoe Dragon is just beautiful! I love them!!!! I am so happy that I was able to get them and have a pair of them in cave born. The artwork is just beautiful. I have been playing the game here and there when I can, I have to admit that I have not been able to read the story, sadly I just have not been able to do much reading and comprehending following and keeping up with everything. These meds that the docs have me on have made my vision so blurry and my brain so fuzzy that I am sort of off in la la zone most the time lol. Anyway I will sit down and read it once it is all together and my meds are adjusted!
  2. I am on the verge of tears, trying not to cry, not to just give up.. I moved across country to safety, I am working with top notch specialists trying to find ways to help me not hurt so I can function better, Training the most amazing beautiful pup to be my service dog. Trying so so hard to stay positive no matter what. We have been planning our future for so long, everything slowly falling into place, then this summer everything started to fall apart, it has been a rocky up and down roller coaster ride ever since that has at last come to a crashing end. The one and only person on this earth who ever really listens and understands me and knows me yet still loves me has lost his battle and passed away. I have not seen him in well over a year, he had gone to take care of his parents and became ill while he was there, he said as soon as the docs fix him up he will be here. I just miss him so bad. He would call me 4 or 5 times a day, he would get me laughing so hard my sides would hurt. I just want him back, I want him back in my life I can't do this without him, he is my rock I am not strong enough to do it without him here for me.
  3. Breaking my jaw was pretty bad, 6 years of braces before they could reconstruct my jaw, that was long drawn out pain. But breaking my neck in 6 places now that was for sure the worst! Never have total recovery on that one, never will. Here I am years later working with a new team of neurologists trying to help me offset pain with modern trying to find some way to help. I would not advise breaking ones neck, it is not a fun thing,
  4. We made some cherry pepper jelly and some peach pepper jelly this year both are so good.
  5. Is their an opt out option? I would like to turn it off so that I don't have to look at it or see it or be reminded that it is even there in my scroll please. I do not like this feature at all I would like an opt out button please.
  6. You must be very careful with holiday eggs, don't site them too early, don't put them in too many sites too soon. I start putting mine one site that is not a real heavy site around 4 days 10 hours for a few hours, then I may add one more site a few hours later. That may be all I use, If more is required I will add another at or around 4 days 2 hours. Never go too long without checking your eggs, best to hide them if you cant babysit them. Be Safe guard your eggs.
  7. I don't eat rabbit, I don't care if you do, I don't eat squirrel neither. just do not like it. Not a huge fan of venison, unless it is cooked rite. Moose or bear I shall say pass, but buffalo, sand hill crane, partridge, pheasant, elk yes please. Any fish but pike or salmon I eat, my fav. fish are fresh water walleye, crappie, and halibut. love most all sea food, not crazy for it breaded and fried though. I'm a full blooded Yooper if anyone knows what that is and I just said I am not crazy for venison lol, sorry to my fellow yoops.
  8. That sounds good. Have you ever made homemade garlic wine? Its for cooking, not for drinking. It is said to stink pretty bad while fermenting so not a winter thing, thinking about trying it this summer doing a batch in the garage. Wont the neighbors love us
  9. I'd rather not risk them end up in the wilderness or dead, I prefer to gift them too late for that this year sadly
  10. I totally forgot to breed any of mine some have are never bred cb's too. Silly me maybe next year.
  11. Not sure if I will try for zombie this year, have one so Im happy, just glad to be here this year, have missed too many holidays here and hope to be here and not in hospital during Christmas I missed lat 2 Halloweens, and 2 Christmas, I think I may have missed last VD too I think. Oh well I am here now yay me:)
  12. I think tonight we are going to Longhorn BBQ for dinner
  13. We find many smoked paprika types and other spices and herbs at Winco and Hucklleberries if you have those types of markets.
  14. Chilly and raining all day today but it is not snowing so it is all good
  15. I never ever ever ever EVER eat breakfast EVER
  16. baby eggplant cut into strips, double dipped in buttermilk/seasoned brown flour/bread crumbs pan fried, and whole roasted curry cauliflower, with a Sambal Oslek hollandaise sauce (homemade ofc) on the side for dipping
  17. We keep a collection of spices from all around the world, honestly some I am still learning what they are and how to use, we have a lot of fun cooking in our house, pickles and canning various things too. Some nights I sort of get bored and start smelling some of her spices and throw them in with what I am cooking haha, hey if it smells good why not? She comes home from school tastes it raises an eyebrow, usually she will grab something else and toss it in and we will giggle cuz it tastes so good. This is not an herb or spice but I must say I am loving burger wheat and beluga lentals! Experimenting is just fun. We have juniper berries, not sure what they are for, waiting to see what we are going to be doing with them. The Indian spices now those have been quite interesting. Curry is something that I have gotten pretty confident in cooking with now
  18. Thank you but not interested I will just collect and freeze my own and all myself I see no point in wasting my time on this seems just pointless to me.
  19. It is just too long to even try to say, and talking about it wont do any good anyway
  20. That's the worst part about it, I can't even do anything like that, I hurt so bad it actually hurts to type, can't do my art, can't go for a drive, even trying to take my dog for a walk is next to impossible I pretty much am not able to do much rite now. So I try to keep it all bottled up and not say anything about how upset I am getting about things.
  21. Totally understand, when my dog named Luck Dragon died I was devastated, I miss him to this very day, then when my bird that I raised from an egg died a horrible death it was an accident I don't blame the persons involved It was a bad bad bad situation for me indeed.