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  1. I have turned my scores in. We shall see where it goes from here.
  2. Sorry guys I went on a trip. When I get home I'll score.
  3. Hey Contestants! I like what I've seen so far, but as far as I know so far, this Friday is the deadline! Make sure you get your submissions in.
  4. And with this post let it begin! Don't worry, I wont.
  5. Well because I'm judging I should make myself seen. I hope to see some interesting things.
  6. I read somewhere its supposed to be a light type, new to the series.
  7. Since the last time I posted I've had finals and forgotten about this. It's more of instead of seeing if I was still interested he went ahead and power played when I had forgotten about this that ticked me off.
  8. I'm not even going to argue with you right now as I don't feel like it, Nor will you ever change the way you think.
  9. I think I'm just going to drop out of this. Apparently people cant tell me if I'm needed or not.
  10. Fenix dashed out from under Stoneza and jumped up to grab onto his head. Zenith had moved away from the logs so he could avoid any falling dragons. He looked around and saw a new dragon crying, but saw Crusher and decided to let him handle it.
  11. Im good for whatever. Just let me know.
  12. Fenix was trying to get close to Stoneza, but could not due to how much he was moving to try and get Crusher.
  13. I don't believe it was specified. I dont think they specified any powers really.
  14. Fenix moved out of the way of the stone dragon and moved to resume his efforts in pushing it off the log.
  15. Fenix nodded before jumping into a position where he could ram himself into one of his legs, hoping to cause him to fall, or at least lose his footing.
  16. "Got it." Fenix sent back to the two. He moved behind Stoneza with Crusher and waited for the signal.
  17. Fenix did not think he could get behind Stoneza fast enough, but he started to head that direction anyways.
  18. That's a good idea but, just how are we going to do it? Fenix asked.
  19. Zenith ended up being redirected and landed in between two logs with a grunt. Fenix smiled. "Okay." He then switched logs a few times, getting space between him and the stone dragon.
  20. Ocius had found a spot to lay down. He was almost asleep when a purple dragon that looked like a horse entered the area. He stayed quiet and still, unsure if he should confront this new dragon or not.
  21. Fenix grabbed onto Tetra's tail, and used the momentum it gave him to barely land on the log next to her. He landed on his hind paws as he swung Tetra's tail away from him. Zenith leapt at Crusher.
  22. Fenix laughed at Vadellia's quick elimination. He then crouched and leapt at Tetra hoping to push her off and claim her log. Zenith saw Crusher crouch and face him. He prepared to pounce back, hoping his size would help him.
  23. Zenith jumped onto a log and tested his balance. It was not too bad so he waited for the rest to get on. Or could they attack right away? He was unsure, but he decided to wait. Fenix jumped onto a log as well. His balance was excellent due to things he had to do with humans.
  24. Fenix looked at Stoneza then the logs. "Sure, though I don't want to go flying through the air because you jumped on the log I'm on." He joked. Zenith looked at Vadellia. He did not really like that tone but be had no one else to pair up with. "Fine."
  25. Zenith made his way to the fields, sitting down and yawning when he got there. Fenix yawned and walked to the fields, standing a bit away from the training area.