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  1. Just got my first Shimmerscale from the party lotto on Sunday - it's a 2nd gen! <3 My lovely <3 Blessed Be! ~Rain
  2. I have this Silver egg to gift. Please PM me to claim it~ ^-^ Claimed~ Gift Report: Rainstar13 -> Prpldrgnfr: Silver egg Metallic: Lineage Blessed Be! ~Rain
  3. I have a CB ER Vamp egg up for grabs - I already PMed some listers, but nobody has taken it yet. Please PM me if you would like it. It's at 3 days 6 hours. Taken. Gift received To: Clara954 From: Rainstar13 Lineage link: Here Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No, I presume. Blessed Be! ~Rain
  4. Either I'm going crazy, or this idea has recently been implemented. I noticed the change yesterday. Anyone else notice anything? Blessed Be! ~Rain
  5. I have a 4th Gen Red Stripe if anyone would like it. My only stipulation is to add 'Patriot' somewhere in its name. Please PM me if you're interested. c: Edit: Taken! Enjoy. ^-^ I almost forgot to edit. X3 Blessed Be! ~Rain
  6. I took the baby, thank you. And my total adults & frozens is 15 as of now. Blessed Be! ~Rain
  7. Gifting: Lineage: 4EG PB Royal Blue egg Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/WwoUr Teleport Link: Claim my Royal Blue egg! Contact Owner: Yes please. --------------- Request: Mates for: 3EG Golden Wyvern X Ribbon Dancer Checker 4EG Hellfire X Silver Checker 3EG Sunrise X Val '09 Checker 3EG Royal Blue X Black Checker 4EG PB Alt Nebula Please PM me if you can gift or trade me any mates for these. c: Blessed Be! ~Rain
  8. I found this Geode just a little bit ago: It's a Purebred <3 Edit: And nabbed this lovely little Bronze Tin as well. ^-^ Blessed Be! ~Rain
  9. I want to bite/gift Forum Name: Rainstar13 PM Link: PM I don't mind being contacted? Yes/No: I don't mind being contacted by PM, but I usually gift randomly. Special requirements about your gifts? Not really. Just don't kill/trade/abandon. Freezing is acceptable for messy/inbred lineages. ----------------- And I didn't see this in the rules: What happens if a giftee does not respond in an adequate time frame(around 24 hours)? Blessed Be! ~Rain
  10. I found this in the AP a day or so ago. Blessed Be! ~Rain
  11. Request: I'm looking for a potential mate for this 4th EG PB Red Stripe - Lineage Please PM me if you can help out; I don't usually frequent the Breeding section of the forums. X3 Thank you, Dragonpuck, for gifting me two blue stripe eggs to make a mate! And thank you, Ae0nian, for offering to help as well! c: Blessed Be! ~Rain
  12. I want to be removed Forum Name: RainStar13 I just picked up another Vamp in the AP, and that's enough to complete my quota. Thank you, everyone who gifted me a Vamp and everyone who helps out in this thread! c: I'll certainly continue gifting any Vamps I happen to pick up in the AP. ^-^ Blessed Be! ~Rain
  13. Gift received To: Rainstar13 From: Yukari Lineage link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/v69Yd Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No Blessed Be! ~Rain
  14. Maybe it has something to do with League of Legends? The acronym is LoL, and TJ has mentioned he plays it... -shrugs- Blessed Be! ~Rain
  15. Maybe the clue is in the first post? This is so boggling... I want that Gardenia! Blessed Be! ~Rain
  16. I created my Google Doc: Linky Link So far I have 2 eligible Spitfires. ^-^ Blessed Be! ~Rain
  17. I'd like to join! I got in a little late last year so I kinda gave up, but this year will definitely be different. I'll set up a google doc when I get a chance later today. ^-^ Most likely they will all be frozen Hatchies, because I don't like having a bunch of adults I'll never breed on my scroll. xP Blessed Be! ~Rain
  18. I didn't feel like doing anything super fancy with my house. X3 http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/rainstar13 Blessed Be! ~Rain
  19. My guess is the lag is from everyone getting back online at once. I'm glad the forums are back online, though! Blessed Be! ~Rain
  20. I have lots of dragons. Blessed Be! ~Rain