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Here's my scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Basswife26basswife26.png]Basswife26's Scroll Stats[/url]altswee.png

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    Hanging with my hubby & kids, playing games, reading, digital scrapbooking and raising dragons on Dragcave of course!!

    I am completely open to breeding any of my dragons. None have specific mates. The only thing I ask in return, is that there be a gemstone or crystal name as a last name. If you have your own system, and can work it in somehow great. If not, I completely understand.

    In response to my unnamed dragons, I have been going through a severe illness, and unfortunately had to take an extended break from the cave to focus on my health. Now that it is in semi-remission, my son, LittleManMJ3 is watching over my scroll now on days that I don't feel well, so please don't feel that I will kill any dragons given to me in trade or as a gift.

    Looking for: (Please no inbred)
    CHICKENS!! I have been trying to catch at least one chicken for years. Ideally I would like 2 so that I can breed them.

    Copper - both colors - 2 of each low gen for breeding purposes

    BluSang - 2 low gen

    Gold - 2 low gen for breeding purposes. DREAM GOLD? A 2nd gen from Midas and Shalynar. Lmao. Ya I know, but I can dream.

    Dino's - I still need to get the Yellow and the Blue.

    Any Prize Dragons, would prefer as low gen as possible, but as long as it's not inbred, I'll be thrilled.

    Halloween: Pumpkin, Cavern Lurker, Grave

    Neglected - any.

    As I said, I would be perfectly happy to breed, even if it takes multiple times to get the dragon you're looking for. Thanks for looking at my Profile.