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  1. WOOT WOOT! Got my two blue and two orange eggs. And an extra for possible trade in 5 hours.
  2. I want two blue and two orange. I have an orange so now I need one orange and two blue. I love new releases and the hatchies are just squeeable.
  3. I'm kinda with sock. I really didn't like the final battle at all. They changed WAY too much tying to draw it out. And that was the only thing I looked forward to about the movie. Spoilers in white. First off Voldy is supposed to try to kill Nevil who he put the sorting hat on. Nevil pulls out the sword and decapitates the snake. Second Harry is supposed to sneak away not start running like an idiot. Third when Harry confronts Voldy they duel through a crowd of battle, not alone together. Fourth they stop in a crowd who watch the battle. They are not alone. Fifth there is a dome that Harry creates to stop outside interference. Sixth Harry taunts Voldy with an explanation of everything Vody did wrong. Seventh Voldy doesn't just vapourize and it is explained he died from his own curse that rebounded on him because of trying to use the elder wand against its master. As I said. Way too different. Creative Licence is fine but don't butcher the product.
  4. I have issues too. *sympathetic hug* Dust Storm, are you really a man? *obligatory sexual joke was obligatory* /shot
  5. x3 awesome. Just knew you'd throw in another anpanman reference in there.
  6. And kill braincells. Not talikg to you Rainbowsh. Just using your words a bit.
  7. Aka Super Creepers aka Mini-nukes.
  8. It's not that people like them. It's that people who like them ruin it by, in this case, spouting moronic references and mindless praises at every given moment. It might be funny at first but after the first hundred or so times of hearing 'THE CAKE IS A LIE!' or something of the like it gets irritating and turns you off from the source of the irritant. It ruins the experience.
  9. *coughthreemenandababycough* I agree that Shrek 3 was bad. I wouldn't say worst movie ever but still bad. Shrek 4 on the other hand was just the opposite. Better than Shrek 2. Shrek 1 was the best but Shrek 4 is a close second with Shrek 2 following and Shrek 3 in a very distant last.
  10. O________________O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *runs away screaming*
  11. Well, I've actually seen portal 1 and 2 so I have what I think is a good theory. My theory. If I understood the end of the surprise, with the reference to Caroline, GLaDOS is making Chell into a core. At the very least GLaDOS is making Chell into some kind of robot.
  12. Very nice. Half-Life reference=Win I can't wait for the after surprise but I like how you've explained how Chell got back in and why GLaDOS let her back.
  13. Well I would have said a 3 1/2 for FMA until Brotherhood. I really hate non-endings and FMA had a non-ending. When Brotherhood came out it seemed to make a bit more sense and it actually ended. It didn't just halt at a cliff-hanger. This knocked down the original down its half point. So a series that hasn't ended doesn't deserve a higher score? As to why it deserves more imo it has a good plot that is well fleshed out. A few holes (which is why it isn't a 5) and naruto is kind of a sue. It really isn't that bad. Of course ratings are all opinions anyway. Kinda why I don't really like these threads but I visited anyway. I don't expect you to agree.
  14. If you have it up by saturday you'll have to wait for my theory till sometime sunday or early monday. Going out of town tomorrow and wont get back till then X/ No internet. But hey, if you have it up by saturday I'll have something to look forward to when I get back. Seeing as my weekends are usually pretty boring. :3
  15. OMG you NEEEEED to write what happens afterward. Well more like 'I' need you to. I have my theory of course. Only one. I'll save that for after you write, or say you wont write, the after surprise though. If you couldn't tell, I love your story.
  16. That's the thing. People are to quick to call copy. If you actually play it, or at least watch a playthrough, you can spot the differences. More enemies and 2D graphics, just to name a couple. They are obviously similar but copy neither do. Personally I couldn't give two shits about how similar two games are. Just as long as, say. another 3D block mining survival RPG (basically Minecraft with a different name) was to be released. Then I would call copy. I like that pokemon reference too. That is a very good example of people calling copy.
  17. The game reminds me of minecraft. I'm not saying that's bad. Minecraft did something right. I'm not surprised in the least others follow suit. And it's not like they're exactly the same. I like it.
  18. I think she's slurring her speech because of blood loss. Being melodramatic however, is a regular thing with her.
  19. Penut butter jelly song. (not that 'I' really consider this a song but it is one nonetheless)
  20. I could never get through myself. Be it difficulty or lazyness you can decide. However I watched the walkthrough. Pretty epic. I mean pretty DAMN epic. GoW series is still my favourite but Portal + sequel comes close.
  21. I'm figuring the Tardis was getting mixed signals from amy's ganger and amy so the Tardis couldn't figure out if she was actually pregnant. I also think you're spot on with the weird lady. The doctor sure likes getting cloned doesn't he
  22. Imma firin' my lazzar! x3 That was the best video EVER!