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  1. Tiny question: If I make a group of all dragons of a breed, will new eggs be added to that group automatically or do I need to do it manually still? The word group in search is not very helpful...
  2. A short genuine "Thank you" - I can now see the Dino eggs, even though I still can't see them in the Encyclopedia! Very pleasant. I checked with a common breed the reverse, and there, even though I have the entry, I can't purchase the egg, because I did not unlock the egg sprite. However for these breeds it is not too hard to get the entry. Retracting my thank you - "Unlock egg in encyclopedia to purchase" I did try for one dino, loading all eggs on 3 hatching sides giving me maybe 4-5 eggs of all dinos together. I will just plain forget about it and give up. I find the encyclopedia for a long time a big disappointment for not including the dragons already on the scroll.
  3. Short feedback: + Existence of the market at all + cap (even though it is a bit low, but it is reasonable) - missing breeds because of biomes (I hope they will be added, because those are actually the ones I would want to get) - Encyclopedia block even if one already has that dragon on scroll - The one things I always disliked with the encyclopedia, that there was no option to have the things you have recognized (voluntarily, so that those who want to click everything on their own still can). Also checking the fan sites to click non-breedable eggs is very tedious, so I give up personally... If there is a link existing for this at this point, I would be happy if someone could point me to it. I am quite fond of the overall idea of rewarding raising common breeds. Extra shards for picking them up from cave or raising them to hatchies would be good - both instances other people will be happy to grab even if you ditch them to the AP again. No extra points for breeding them, as this would just lead to walls of one breed. Site-wide community events like at Christmas (I think, with this bar) would also be good. but based on active players and not overall, as there are many half active like me) or inactive accounts around. Off side idea: Discount seasons for eggs? Seasonally for instance, that in winter water, deepsea, ice etc. would be cheaper, in summer ember etc. Off question: Are the prizes fixed or will they be linked to the quota they have and will be adjusted from time to time?
  4. Small question: Why was EATW taken of the fan site list? Or rather why are they not allowed to advertise? I was confused when adding my eggs today to some hatcheries. Thank you.
  5. ah, I did not see that contest. Thank you for explaining. Then I will breed all my olives and dump things in the AP
  6. Maybe a stupid question, I was away from the cave for a long time: Why are olive dragons good for trading right now? I saw several offers and requests for them and I am a bit confused. They are still counted as common in the wiki.
  7. Ah, there the thread went. Thank you for merging, I did not find that one. Seems even though it is considered a nice to have, there seems to be no enormous interest in this suggestion.
  8. I don't know if that was mentioned yet, but earthquake used to be a bit like that. The dead eggs did not block your scroll, so you could just kill them and pick up more "ugly" AP eggs and kill them. It was changed some time ago, which I still think is sad. Gave earthquake a usefulness for some time.
  9. I side with the "No, Thanks". It seems like an interesting idea, but there are some serious downsides, for me it opens a door (incidentally, also the door I can envision many users will walk out and leave the game). It introduces a currency into the game, makes certain things exclusive, benefits people with a lot of time on their hand above those who do not and it is basically "click button - get egg", even if you have a lag in between where you collect points, so it is a sudden egg creation. Even though with my crappy connection, I would actually be one who could benefit from it, I still think it is not a good idea.
  10. Hello, Since I did not see this anywhere yet, I wanted to start a thread. If this idea has already been brought up, I would be happy if you could link me. What I was thinking: When you go on "breed" for a regular dragon and you have a few dragons on your scroll, you get a bit of lag and then a long list of all dragons load. So instead of this terribly long list, there could be a tab system, starting with previous mates and then the breeds sorted by name and lastly rejected mates. So instead of immediately showing 15 Albino, 17 Black, etc. it only shows the tag albino and when you click on it, the 15 albino ready for breeding show up. If you have none of these, you get a default: "No dragon of this breed is available for breeding", similarly if all are on cooldown or have been rejected I know this is only interesting for people with a certain number of dragons on their scroll. It is also not crucially necessary, more of a nice to have in my opinion. Any ideas, suggestions, pro, cons?
  11. I am on the "nice, but please not retroactive" - side I picked a nice egg up from the AP, bred another to start a desipis/solstice lineage, now I can only hope,. they have the same wingcolour... I support a one time button to have this reversed. What I would now reeeeally love to see, would be a clock on dc, maybe in the encyclopedia or help. I know there are many people screaming, no spoiler and all, but this would make things more easy if there would be an indication, that now you catch a nightglory, hatch a sunset, nocturne are blue and solstice will have blue wings, etc. I know this is for lazy, different/changing time zone people, but I would really like to see it in cave, so it is reliable.
  12. Do you have javascript turned off? If so, that could be the reason you do not see any.
  13. I´ll repeat my request from the news thread: Let our dragon count in 5-6 month, so everyone who wants to explore, has it not shoved into their face and anyone, who has not the time to click and click or raise and raise, can get the dragons they already have registered. So everyone has "a clean slate" for a reasonable amount of time, no spoiler. I will not really bother with the encyclopedia and hope our dragons will be registered at one point, otherwise I will ignore it...
  14. I like the encyclopedia. I have one small question though: Would it be possible in say 5 or 6 month to have the option to "register" the dragons you have already raised into the encyclopedia? On a voluntary basis? This would give everyone enough time to explore (those that have this amount of time) and those with not so much time could still get tidbits for dragons they have already raised. I would really like the number in the encyclopedia to correspond with the dragons on my scroll, as in how many adults and hatchies of each kind I own. It is easier than counting. Edit: Ah I have another question: Is there a specific reason it is always the male variant in the encyclopedia and not the female?
  15. You are absolutely right, I never thought of that.
  16. I can see a possible (ab)use for that: For someone who normally (not currently as I have nifty accomodation-city Internet compared to my holey on-and-off Internet at home) during a release it can get very difficult to get anything, so during those 2 minutes that the new eggs actually drop you are in a frenzy and in case you get lucky enough to catch something you usually do not check until the drop is over. This can lead to having several eggs of one kind and none of the other, when several dragons are released. With self set limits, you could set the limit to maybe four, get these for one breed, disable limit and get three of the other one. Just wanted to add that thought, I am completely indifferent myself.
  17. Voted! *fingers crossed for the necromancer*
  18. I guess you would have to look hard and long to find anyone opposing one extra slot. About the one extra slot each year: I would really love to see this for loyal players whose playstyle/time does not allow them to get the badge, so after two year with no badge you get another one. So that just by playing slow and steady you could also get to 8 egg slots without the gold badge. Even though it does not concern me. The maximum amount of egg slots would stay the same. As others asked: Would this come with an increase of hatchie spots and freezing limits? These could be other time based "rewards" so after two years extra hatchie spots, after three extra freezing slots and then alternating? Maybe with a nice greeting message on you dc-birthday? "Congratulations! You have been X years on DC. Here is a small present for staying with us all this time."
  19. Voted. Just now saw you had to post to be counted.
  20. I am rather sad to see the announcement, that this should mark the end of the scheduled releases. I, for one, am not always at the liberty to check every weekend to see whether or not a new dragon is being released or not. Would it be possible to announce, within the same week, if a new dragon is being released? With a three or four days notice, people in different time zones and different responsibility have a chance to plan ahead. Otherwise it is back for me to not getting new dragons for some time. As it was before... I did not really like the way it was before. I still think these scheduled releases were a huge improvement.
  21. This suggestions is more or less a freezing revamp. The normal freezing action would only be usable on ungendered hatchies. In the action panel from gendered hatchlings another option (I have no good name, so lets call it freeze II) would appear, leading the gendered hatchling to a frozen state at the time it would normally grow up. They then would not be able to be frozen ahead of time. So then, if only gendered frozen can be unfrozen the loophole of freezing a hatchie as early as possible and unfreeze it a year later to breed the year afterwards (in case of holidays) and thus indirectly upping the hatchie raising limit, would not be present. I do not know how ´strict´ the phrase ´as long as it cannot be abused´ is. For me, leaving that loophole open, would be enabling to abuse it on the longterm (in my opinion), but I am rather strict when it comes to such things. So it would be a loophole, albeit a rather tedious and lengthy one, but it remains a loophole. I can not say if it is terrible enough to shoot down the suggestion or not. That was why I stated that idea. Also it would be more logical to me, to only be able to unfreeze gendered hatchies. How would the gender of the hatchie been decided if an ungendered is unfrozen? Intuitively I would say it remains ungendered, but that would not really be, what the action was supposed to be used for. Or would pinks be able to influence the frozen hatchie to become one or the other gender?
  22. After lurking a bit around this thread, I stumbled upon this one example. As far as I can tell, this is a big issue, because someone could get more holiday dragons. But is that not still possible, even with the 13 month wait? It would not be the next year, but the year after that. The way to use that loophole just takes longer, but it is not patched by extending it. The year later you would still have more breedable dragons. And danicasts suggestion still holds true only the waiting times are longer. So it would be something for someone patient, but as dragcave players tend to be, they are patient, so it would always be a way to higher the amounts of dragon raised. I know new suggestion in another thread are not very appreciated, but to patch this wait-loophole I personally only see one way: freezing and unfreezing only possible for gendered hatchlings and the freezing for the gendered hatchlings instead of growing up, so one always has to wait the full time. (Yeah the idea is partially stolen from olympe) So freezing ahead of time would only work on ungendered hatchies, as well as unfreezing only on gendered hatchies, that are frozen on the time they are supposed to grow up. If a mod thinks, that suggestion does not entirely belong here, a new thread can be made and this post here deleted. But this suggestion is mostly only because of the unfreezing debate. If unfreezing does not come around it is moot to change a working system.