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    Special Thanks to all the wonderful people, those who wanted to gift me and those who restored my Dragons to me :D



    Tinsels and Shimmers (Gold, Silver, Bronze) - short gen
    CB-low gen Metallics
    2nd gen Holly

    CB Ice (male and female)
    2nd gen Pumpkins
    yellow Dino
    CB Coppers (almost all colours and all genders)
    CB Two-headed Lindwurms (both variants each gender)

    Nice to have more of (Here a hatchling would be great as I can find/get more than enough of the eggs):
    new breeds! I missed some releases and now I am trying to catch up.
    Or have a look at my quite extensive hatchie list.

    Needing CB pairs:
    Gemshard (all colours)
    Lunar Herald (all colours)
    Tarantula Hawk
    Xenowyrms (all)


    Currently very busy in real life!


    List of hatchies I need to get to freeze:
    This list is foremost so I can check which lowtime eggs I should grab and freeze or what I should breed to lock myself for some time. But I am always running low on freezes

    u & f & m Two-headed Lindwurm purple
    u Two-headed Lindwurm grey
    u & f & m Aeon (plus male CB adults)
    u Almerald
    u Aria
    u & f Azure Glacewing
    u & f & m Baikala gray
    u & f & m Baikala blue
    u & f & m Bauta
    u & m curled alt Black
    u Gilded Blood
    u & f & m Sinii Krai
    u & f & m Bolt
    u & f & m Carina
    f & m Celestial
    u Cheese
    u Chicken

    u & f & m Holiday dragons

    f desipis
    m & f Caligene
    u & f & m Witchlight
    u & g christmas 2015
    u & g christmas 2016
    u & g christmas 2017
    u & g Valentine 2016
    u & g Valentine 2017

    u & f & m Plated Colossus
    u & f & m Coppers red (haha...)
    u & f & m Coppers green (haha...)
    u & m Coppers brown (haha...)
    u & f & m alt Green
    u & f & m Diamondwing


    u & f & m Dorsal dragons (red)
    u & f Fell
    f Frill (hoping for a rerelease!)
    u & f Gemshard (red)
    u & f & m Gemshard (blue)
    u & f & m Gemshard (green)
    u & f & m Day Glory drake
    u & f & m Greater Spotted
    u Golden Wyvern
    u & f & m Honey Drakes
    u & f & m Hooktalon (plus female CB)
    u & f & m Dark Lumina
    u & f & m Lunar Herald gold
    u & f & m Lunar Heralds silver
    u & f & m Lunar Heralds bronze
    u & f & m Lunar Heralds blue
    m Monarch
    u & f & m Morphodrakes
    u & f & m Nexus
    u Paper
    u & f & m Kyanite Pygmies
    u & f & m Magelight Pygmy Wyverns
    u & f & m Pyralsprite pink
    u & m Pyralsprite red
    u & f & m Pyralsprite orange
    u & f Ridgewing (pale)
    u & f & m Sapphire
    u & m Spirit Ward
    u & f & m Storm-Rider
    u & f & m Striped River
    u & f & m Tarantula Hawk
    u & m Undine gold
    u & f & m Xenowyrms (all)
    u Dinos