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  1. Forgot I was egg-locked now my 3rd gen GW's lost in the AP... aaah... I'm an idiot.
  2. Just picked up a paper (with an interesting code as well) but I've really no interest in it outside of trade fodder, what would be a reasonable thing to ask for it?
  3. My other Golden Wyvern pair must be jelly of this egg's code.
  4. Joined in 2010 but stopped playing in 2012. Needed something to do during game queues and raid downtimes... so a couple weeks back I dug up my old scroll. I'm surprised all my dragon names were intact.
  5. Blunas back in the day. There's so many cool looking dragons now though, hard to decide what to collect. I'm smitten with Aeons, Glaucus Drakes, wyrms, and Golden Wyverns.
  6. Been camping Alpine and all I want is an Aeon, but I have no impulse control and keep egg-locking myself. At least I've picked up enough Golden Wyverns to start a lineage.
  7. Managed to catch two of the gusties, whoop.