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looking for 2gen Holly

Sorry for bad english...

If requested politely, I'll breed purebred eggs for free:

- up to 5gen: Anagallis, Black Tea, Blusang, Colossus, Duotone, GW, Hellhorse, Ochredrake, Pillow, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spirit, Tidal, Nhiostrife and Tri-Horn;

- up to 6gen: Two headed, Black, Bloodscale, Dark Green, Falconiform, Frostbite, Geode, Pink, Pygmy, Crimson Flare Pygmies, Dark Myst Pygmies, Nilia Pygmies, Royal Crimson and Soulpeace;

- up to 7gen: Glaucus, Ice, Magi and Red.


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    Wish list:
    2gen Holly
    2gen Tinsel
    2gen Shimmer-scale

    CB Neglected
    CB Gold

    2gen Silver egg from female Silver x male Speckle-Throated
    2gen Gold from Heartseeker
    2gen Silver from female Gold

    3gen Vine checker with Yulebuck
    3gen Rosebud checker with Holly

    2gen purebred Frilled
    2gen purebred Kyanite Pygmies
    2gen purebred Kingcrownes
    2gen purebred Dark Lumina
    2gen Risensong from female Sunrise

    2gen Dusk Pygmy from female Nilia
    2gen Red-Finned from male Nhiostrife

    messy hatchlings for freezing
    male only
    curl alt Black, Monarch, Mutamore, Chrono

    female and ungendered
    Azure, Bolt, Heartstealing, Almandine Pyralspites, Scimitar-wing, Soulstone, Tarantula

    male and ungendered
    Candelabra, Aegis, Snow, Sapphire

    female, male and ungendered
    Aeon, Almerald, Antarean, Baikala, Bauta, Carina, Diamondwing, Dusk Pygmies, Fell, Fire Gem, Honey, Khusa, Kingcrownes, Kyanite Pygmies, Morphodrakes, Nexus, Omen, Spessartine Pyralspites, Risensong, Script, Setsong, Sinii Krai, Spinel, Storm-Rider, Tetra, alt Undine, Zyumorph