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  1. I think if that would be anywhere it would probably be in Ansem's notes from KH1. (But I only have KH1 and KH2, so I wouldn't know if it was stated in the other ones. Time to go boot up the PS2) Nevermind. I haven't read through the reports in years and have clearly forgotten all about them. They're not what they thought they were by any means. O_o; HOWEVER, the final report mentions "the princess"... It could relate to any of the princesses, but because it was coupled with a keyblade wielder, I'm assuming it was referring to Sora and Kairi specifically. Which to me at the very least impl
  2. Precognition - yes. I have future-dreams. The most amazing thing I've ever done is predict when and where my best friend would get kissed. Under the tree in the middle of the playground during 7th period of the day I predicted it (didn't mark it down, darn). The thing is, our 7th period teacher would have NEVER let us out on the playground - She was incredibly strict and was all-work and no-play. The teacher had something come up unexpectedly RIGHT as 7th period started, and against the odds the class finished the mound of work we had. So we went outside and it happened. (My friend, her boyfri
  3. Big bad font so you guys actually read this. >>;; Magi Dragon + Water Dragon = Shallow Water Dragon I don't think it's a BSA. I think it's that. Proof this works; check lineage.
  4. Omfg I LOVE YOU :3 YES <3 Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
  5. Omgwtfbbq ahhhh D: More new eggs (sometime soonish)? o.o! But! So many already! And I haven't gotten them all yet, nooo D: And if he is just trying to panic attack us, I think it's working >>;;
  6. New shinies? o.o Oooooh. Aww, they're so cuteeee D: Wants. But I'm lockeded.
  7. Some bugs kinda scare me, but there's a lot of things I'll gladly let crawl up my arm, like this poisonous furry caterpillar we've got a lot of out here. (I keep picking them up forgetting they're poisonous and having one of my friends freak out.) I don't like scorpions, because I've seen Mom and sis get stung too many times since we've moved here. I also don't like spiders (but don't fear them) because I got bit on my left shoulder by a house spider in my sleep when I was 9. I still have the mark because my skin has issues with returning to it's natural pigmentation. I also dislike
  8. I want a fennec fox. Or a chinchilla. Or a bunny. ;_; I really want something soft and fluffy and uber cute looking, but my mom is allergic to pet fur. She says its a miracle she even lets us keep our two part-chihuahua muts. I used to have a bunny when I was really little, but now Mom is all like "You never took care of it! Dad did all the work!"... I was four! At that time I thought feeding Oreo the dandelions from the yard he loved so much WAS taking care of it! D: So yeah. No furries for me until I move out. D:
  9. O_o What the flagnog I hardly understand that, but I've got a PC anyhow. I like using Google Sketchup though! It's nice.. And a lot less complicated than that sounds.
  10. ...I want to work in Level Design for video/computer games! o.o ...I have no clue how to do that, though. D:
  11. 9 is my favorite by far. Don't ask why, I can't name it. I liked the storyline, and was really fond of Garnet/Dagger. And the music was epic. (Freya's theme and Kuja's theme being my absolute favorites) The thing is... A few years ago my family managed to lose disk 4. *dies* They still haven't replaced it, and I don't think they ever will T_T
  12. I have yet to find an egg that WASN'T on the main cave x_x; Woo. 3.
  13. Well, it's not the only one, but the only one I can remember besides that one right now is that when I was in Kindergarten I dreamed that I was at school, and during Centers a guy named Jeremy smushed red playdoh in my hair. (And it happened x_x; Playdoh in your hair... it just gives it this weird greasy feeling..) I was also able to predict fully awake (the only time I've done so) the time, place, and date that my best friend got kissed by her boyfriend. Forget the actual date now, but it was during 7th period on the playground (Which was really odd, because we had a mean ELA teacher tha
  14. Alright, so... Finally decided to post these. My repeating dream from the time I was 5 to when I was 7ish: Third person: I'm on the computer in a house I don't recognize that has two stories since I'm near the stairs. I'm playing my Whinnie the Pooh Bear game, when Dad comes in and tells me to go to bed. So I get off, and I watch myself and my Dad walk out of my view as the lights shut off and the computer shuts off. [insert about 5 minutes of blank black downtime] Scene comes back, still third person. The compute lights up, my Whinnie the Pooh Bear game boots up on its own, and s