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  1. **** 6-9 hrs until things hatch.  Sorry guys, Imma making ya wait until then to remove my beautiful gifts from your scrolls :lol:!  Please be patient with my poor breed planning skillz 🙏.

    I've now retrieved my gifts!  Thank you once again, everyone, for your patience ^_^.


    And thank you to the wonderful Aqub for such a fun raffle all summer!  Good luck in school.


  2. Two eggs just sitting on my scroll taking up space for 2 and 3 days respectively, because the people who were supposed to pick them up haven't checked their PM's/been to the forum in that time *is annoyed* :dry:.


    EDIT: Gifted the one, & thanks be the second finally got picked up!

  3. @tjenni- it just popped into that first spot where all the void eggs have been showing up when I clicked into the AP the other day, & by now I'm conditioned to auto-click Mints in case they have Upside-Down/April Fool's Day lineages.  Image my shocked face when I saw what it actually was :o!


    Speaking of Upside-Down Mints, @Lagie - you meant to AP this, right?  Right?!  Cuz Imma keepin' it, no take-backs XD(No, but, you can have it back if you need it.)




    8 minutes ago, Lagie said:

    I did, yes! Enjoy! 

    Thank you, I most definitely shall :wub:!

  4. Finally got on tonight, & got my links sent out to the winners of my donations, as well as picked up mine - thank you for the fun code parents, anon!  Caught a sinking ship Sapphire in the AP the other day that your Leodon will go with nicely :lol:!


    On ticket lottos, I guess I have no opinion?  I mean, that's pretty much how I won my Silver Tinsel, back when TJ held the raffles for Prizes at Christmas, if I remember correctly, so it was really the only time I participated in such a raffle, as I didn't feel comfortable before then coming out of lurker mode on the forums much.  It could always be tried as an experiment, & if it turned out to be too much work on top of everything else, maybe it only be an every-other-month thing, if you didn't want to cut it altogether?  Something like that.