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  1. Lessee here, what's my total? 38 kin 37 prizes Pretty even spilt from the ones that gave an egg at all.
  2. 0 success for adults, & I wasted 4/5 kills from the 17th cuz I was late by about a minute so those tombstones were disappearing as I was clicking them. Meh, I'm sick so I'll give myself a pass. But got a single hatchie revival out of three & a girl former wyvern, too, which makes the complete set of wyverns for me (I know they're not one of the dimorphic sprites so it doesn't really matter, but my OCD cares, so hush) - https://dragcave.net/lineage/L1lhb Going back to sleep 💤
  3. I hate feeling pre-disappointed, what even is this . . .?
  4. Thank you for my voucher @Sacred_DuskRose, & another big thanks to running such a great raffle, @Rosastrasza!
  5. Congrats on the shiny! I know the frustration, my guy's been giving me grief for weeks 1. Sunrunner 2. Pineapple for fruit all the way! Artichokes for veggie, any way I can get them, yum!
  6. 6-9 hrs until things hatch. Sorry guys, Imma making ya wait until then to remove my beautiful gifts from your scrolls ! Please be patient with my poor breed planning skillz 🙏. I've now retrieved my gifts! Thank you once again, everyone, for your patience . And thank you to the wonderful Aqub for such a fun raffle all summer! Good luck in school.
  7. Tossed in a couple of things, glad I remembered!
  8. @Draketeeth, thank you for breeding! I needed this guy, & I can breed him a mate at Halloween - https://dragcave.net/lineage/uhAoE And thnx to the anons who dropped the CB Sapphire & both CB Purples I picked up yesterday, too !
  9. Thank you @Aqub for the fun surprises the exchange always brings! And much love for my gift @Naraku, I love that poem, & @purplehaze, for my bonus!
  10. Thank you for all the trouble you go to for this raffle, Rosa, it's greatly appreciated! And thank you @MoonShark for the voucher *huggles*.
  11. Finally got some space to throw a couple things in .
  12. I donated! Sunrunner -> Laura-Lana | 3G Male Monarch x Female Grave | https://dragcave.net/lineage/8GxBD | accepted
  13. Put my donation in, now that my eggs hatched & I had space to breed. Hope your raffle goes smoothly this week, Rosa. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great entries from everyone once again .
  14. Sent what Freckled, Diamondwings, & Ash to the AP that I have. I'll do Spirit Wards & Monarchs, too @emetib92, & @purplehaze, could you add on any Aethers you've got sitting around gathering dust ? EDIT: DONE! A surprising number of Spirit Wards but hardly any Monarchs. Several refusals from them, too. Are Monarch ratios semi-balanced or is it just me ?
  15. Not at all, I wish you much enjoyment of him! Desperately needed the scroll space .
  16. @tjenni Hopping on your train, as I suspect the same person also failed to claim my donation, & I don't want him to get under influencing time: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Two eggs just sitting on my scroll taking up space for 2 and 3 days respectively, because the people who were supposed to pick them up haven't checked their PM's/been to the forum in that time *is annoyed* . EDIT: Gifted the one, & thanks be the second finally got picked up!
  18. I need: to contact a user who hasn't checked their PM's since Tuesday If you are @FAstudent12, please contact me - thanks! Also if anybody knows how to give 'em a poke elsewhere (Discord, maybe? I'm not on there), it would be much appreciated! Resolved .
  19. Oooo, me! Me! I'll take a reminder! (Is it that time already?! Dang it, you stubbon nebulae, one of you better spit out a purple for my Omen before Halloween!)
  20. This was once again a great round! Looking forward to the next, & interested in what changes shall be in store. Thanks for my voucher win, @wheeloftime13, & thanks again @Rosastrasza for running such a fun game!
  21. Congrats @Mangrit! Got TWO Adult sprites tonight, wow! And only 2 dodges/3 disintigrates. Former Female Day Glory Former Male Red-finned Tidal
  22. @tjenni- it just popped into that first spot where all the void eggs have been showing up when I clicked into the AP the other day, & by now I'm conditioned to auto-click Mints in case they have Upside-Down/April Fool's Day lineages. Image my shocked face when I saw what it actually was ! Speaking of Upside-Down Mints, @Lagie - you meant to AP this, right? Right?! Cuz Imma keepin' it, no take-backs ! (No, but, you can have it back if you need it.) https://dragcave.net/lineage/lFK3h EDIT: Thank you, I most definitely shall !