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  1. Finished my Halloweens.  Was thinking I'd do X-Mas & Val's later, after I rest my hand.  If anyone needs a 2G from a Halloween CB, though, drop me a PM, they're available to breed.


    And if anyone's tossed Female Graves x Male Liver of Sulphur (Brown) Coppers into the AP lemme know, I need a 3G unrelated to her


    EDIT: With the Lunar Heralds turning Gold tonight (Sunday), finally got to the last of my Halloweens, & did finish off the X-Mas & Val's like I planned, too ^_^.

  2. 0 success for adults, & I wasted 4/5 kills from the 17th cuz I was late by about a minute so those tombstones were disappearing as I was clicking them.  Meh, I'm sick so I'll give myself a pass.


    But got a single hatchie revival out of three & a girl former wyvern, too, which makes the complete set of wyverns for me (I know they're not one of the dimorphic sprites so it doesn't really matter, but my OCD cares, so hush) - https://dragcave.net/lineage/L1lhb


    Going back to sleep 💤

  3. Congrats on the shiny!  I know the frustration, my guy's been giving me grief for weeks  :P


    1. Sunrunner

    2. Pineapple for fruit all the way!  Artichokes for veggie, any way I can get them, yum!