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  1. Since I'm not hugely into stairsteps, gonna pop this here, I just ask it not be used for ND/Zombie/Vamp, etc. anything-else-that-results-in-death-attempts: https://dragcave.net/teleport/dce9d241a2d22c0bbdb754a3edc3af09 Enjoy!
  2. Phew, thought I'd have to wait for something to be picked up, but things finally grew/hatched. Thank you for my lovely, lovely gifts, @bonvoyage & @rihannalexis !
  3. Not Halloween-themed, but kinda Fall-colored instead .
  4. 5 Fogged-to-death hatchies disintigrated 2 Adults from the 17th disintigrated SEVEN Adult dodges . . . and 1 Amphiptere zombified - https://dragcave.net/lineage/MXL6S
  5. *leaps at the broccoli* Thank you once again for the chance, Feesh, even if I suck at winning raffles !
  6. Re-gifting since I'm not much of a Stairstep collector, though the lineage is nice enough I was tempted to keep anyway - https://dragcave.net/teleport/7dcdc59b2327d4cbcc0094b5c8521fe0 Ghosted! 👻
  7. Thank you for the lovely gift & bonus, @Kastriia & @Anon! Will take good care of them (might be a couple hours until I have space for both, but hopefully not too long). Both eggs claimed! Thanks again for running the show @Aqub
  8. Popped something appropriately-themed into the Exchange 😈
  9. Thank you for my gift & welcome for yours @wheeloftime13. Thanks for my bonus, @Anon! Welcome to you, too @Artius, and thanks to Aqub for another fun exchange
  10. Thank you, wonderful breeders ! @Cokuruscana - https://dragcave.net/lineage/pIAUu @vasilisa112002 - https://dragcave.net/lineage/Hkc2M @XanthPenny - https://dragcave.net/lineage/LD7sF
  11. Yay, I got to join! Been locked/had poor timing the past couple of weeks, so I'm glad to have the space to able to do this again!
  12. Would definitely like to contribute to this, add me to the poke list, please
  13. This is for fun, and while we appreciate all the work that you put into it, definitely make it easier on yourself if it's possible! Hopefully you have as much fun running the Gift Exchange as we do participating .
  14. Finished my Halloweens. Was thinking I'd do X-Mas & Val's later, after I rest my hand. If anyone needs a 2G from a Halloween CB, though, drop me a PM, they're available to breed. And if anyone's tossed Female Graves x Male Liver of Sulphur (Brown) Coppers into the AP lemme know, I need a 3G unrelated to her EDIT: With the Lunar Heralds turning Gold tonight (Sunday), finally got to the last of my Halloweens, & did finish off the X-Mas & Val's like I planned, too .
  15. Aaaahhh! Just got my donations in under the wire, & though I only got kin this week, at least they're nice checkers. Added a voucher to make up for no shinies.
  16. Took a break from breeding my shiny bae to an Aether for someone else (the paiiiin . . .) to try to get him to give my Black Marrow a boyfriend before Oct. but the 4th attempt was another no egg from them! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH !@$%^&*()
  17. Lessee here, what's my total? 38 kin 37 prizes Pretty even spilt from the ones that gave an egg at all.
  18. 0 success for adults, & I wasted 4/5 kills from the 17th cuz I was late by about a minute so those tombstones were disappearing as I was clicking them. Meh, I'm sick so I'll give myself a pass. But got a single hatchie revival out of three & a girl former wyvern, too, which makes the complete set of wyverns for me (I know they're not one of the dimorphic sprites so it doesn't really matter, but my OCD cares, so hush) - https://dragcave.net/lineage/L1lhb Going back to sleep 💤
  19. I hate feeling pre-disappointed, what even is this . . .?
  20. Thank you for my voucher @Sacred_DuskRose, & another big thanks to running such a great raffle, @Rosastrasza!