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  1. Thank you for my gifts!!  @rihannalexis I hope you you don't mind if I gift to someone who I know who *loves* GoN kin?  I would totally keep it but have the same pairing already, & I see your pair hasn't been bred before.  He's always looking for fresh blood :lol:!

    And the Mistletoe x Chrono pair is beautiful, @BrazenChase, I'll definitely get him a mate this year :nyan:

    Thank you @Aqub for a great exchange once again!!!  Happy holidays, all!


    (Edited to fix the wrong ping, sorry!)

  2. Got my 5th one!

    4/5 were early this morning, around 4 a.m. with dodges from the rest, so I had to wait for 2 of my fodder to grow up & keep my fingers crosses one would hold still, & it did!


    That's 5 kills & 7 dodges out of 12 potentials

  3. Didn't keep track of what I got out of who, but am now finished breeding my BSA's - Red, White, Pink, Magi, Aeon, Bolt, & even the Purples since I keep running out of those lately & with all the new holiday dragons incoming, they're gonna need that Fertility for first time breedings! ^_^


    (It was over 300 dragons bred altogether, & I did get a lot of eggs, s'all I'm sayin'.)