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  1. Put in a voucher . Merry Christmas, all! 🎄 🎁 ⛄
  2. Thank you for my gifts!! @rihannalexis I hope you you don't mind if I gift to someone who I know who *loves* GoN kin? I would totally keep it but have the same pairing already, & I see your pair hasn't been bred before. He's always looking for fresh blood ! And the Mistletoe x Chrono pair is beautiful, @BrazenChase, I'll definitely get him a mate this year Thank you @Aqub for a great exchange once again!!! Happy holidays, all! (Edited to fix the wrong ping, sorry!)
  3. Did my best not to be a moron, but failed . Bred for this while locked & dumped a shiny 2G to the AP : https://dragcave.net/lineage/T949y But got my contributions in anyway, & hey, now you've all got something nice to comb the AP for in a couple of days. Happy hunting! And thanks for running a great game, as always, Aqub!
  4. Normal Vine/Dark Green hatchies - https://dragcave.net/teleport/a16299fa574483dedb9f5e50063fcdee Gone!
  5. Locked for a few hours, may be able to grab a few in the morning. Also, NEW RELEASE I KNEW IT!!!
  6. Thank you for my my lovely gifts, @Solaries and Anon! Can always use more pinks, & I love GoN offspring I don't have
  7. Slid in with my gifts under the wire . Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Thank you for my lovely gift & bonus, @Xuanxuan & @Natayah, & double thanks for another wonderful Exchange, Aqub!
  9. Thank you for my minty prize, @Lagie 💚! And thanks again for this wonderful raffla, Rosa!
  10. Got some space back in time to join. Hope my gifts are well-received .
  11. 3G shiny stair - https://dragcave.net/teleport/f39cde8cc0e4054b1846c495fd2ffe4b
  12. Glad it found a nice home! Was trying to get shinies for the PDRaffle, & those guys didn't cooperate, so into the AP it went .
  13. Not cooperative breeding this time from my prize babies, but managed to gat a couple of things to cough up some shinies, finally, tho the Halloweens weren't one of them
  14. Got my 5th one! 4/5 were early this morning, around 4 a.m. with dodges from the rest, so I had to wait for 2 of my fodder to grow up & keep my fingers crosses one would hold still, & it did! That's 5 kills & 7 dodges out of 12 potentials
  15. Got some donations in. Almost forgot to put them in, since two were bred yesterday & I was waiting for things to hatch so I could add a 3rd, but made it in time .
  16. Didn't keep track of what I got out of who, but am now finished breeding my BSA's - Red, White, Pink, Magi, Aeon, Bolt, & even the Purples since I keep running out of those lately & with all the new holiday dragons incoming, they're gonna need that Fertility for first time breedings! (It was over 300 dragons bred altogether, & I did get a lot of eggs, s'all I'm sayin'.)