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  1. 7 minutes ago, Ceiyru said:

    Well got eaten, but that's ok, I have next year to try.

    Thanks TJ and Spriters for the April Fools sprite updates, some really made me laugh.


    Could try stalking the AP when the April 1st eggs come through.  Sometimes people abandon theirs, & you might be lucky enough to catch one - but they go fast, so be quick!

  2. Congrats everyone who won, & if you didn't win this time don't give up, enter again next time!  Thank you @wheeloftime13 for another awesome round, and thanks to the person who donated my win - I can try making a mate for it!  (*psst* - if you want one let me know, I can try for you, too, they just didn't produce anything for this week's raffle, the stubborn things :rolleyes:)