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  1. 8 hours ago, Katiee said:

    oh my gosh. I got a gold egg from the cave! It's been YEARS since I got my first one. I just about screamed. 


    I can't decide if I want to influence it to be male so it can be a mate with my female or if I should make it female so I can do a checker ;~; thoughts?

    Congratulations!  What a great catch :D!  My vote would be for one of each gender, since you can always trade for/request gold offspring swaps from others for checkers - plenty of people breed for free here on the forums & on Discord, too.

  2. Maybe for those who feel the FoE event could use a little more time, check out this suggestion & see if you'd like to lend your support -

    Luckily I was able to nab all the eggs this year, but I doubt that would've been the case if I'd had anything else going on.  I never get the 5 minute drops either.

    And thanks to all the contributors for all the beautiful Easter eggs!  Some really outstanding lovelies this year :D.

  3. These are all excellent points and I support these suggestions.  I'm sure others will be be much more eloquent in any pros & cons they spot, but all the other holidays have been re-tooled, time-wise, to make it less of a hassle to squeeze in enough time during the day to collect the max of whatever special event item is dropping.  Doing the same for FoE would be much appreciated.


    And thank you again to all the spriters, artists, writers, etc. and to TJ, as well, for all the fun these events have brought to the site over the years. We do appreciate all the hard work! :wub:

  4. @muttduck it was incubated & caught, so the timer 'reset' - catching is when you work with another person to try to make sure the egg doesn't die when the timer runs out whether the egg ND's or not.  Usually they just hatch anyway

  5. Ha, finally had space on the right day to toss a couple of gifts into the pot.  Hope whoever gets them enjoys, but regifting is a-okay if it's not your thing!  I know I appreciate whatever I get, cuz everyone who participtes in this gift exchange is super-thoughtful :D!