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  1. 9 hours ago, Aniia said:

    are there higher chances of turning on Halloween week, not just the day of Halloween?



    Highest chances to lowest is -

    Halloween (all day, not just night) --->Halloween Week --->the 31st of a month --->Night time --->Day time
    So far as we know, the odds don't stack.

  2. 56 minutes ago, HeatherMarie said:

    I stupidly forgot about stunning an Electric hatchie, thankfully I remembered before it grew up but I usually try to stun when they are higher-timed so the 'not growing up' restriction will lift around the same time it could naturally grow up... I now have a hatchie that won't grow up until somewhere around 3d5h.

    You can bounce it to lift the view restriction that keeps a stunned hatchie from growing - as long as it's over 4 days, or has low enough views that it won't grow on someone else's scroll during the teleports.

  3. 2 hours ago, BringsTheSnow said:

    lO7Sg.gif Found this beautiful checker right after my first NR eggs grew up. Such a good color combo! (Unfortunately it shook off the influence and misgendered :dry:)

    Ah, that's one of my kids from my Xeno breeding spree last Saturday!  Shame it misgendered, but I can breed a replacement if you like ^_^.


    Thanks to the person who breeds their dergs with the 'Maih-' name - picked up 3 Brute combos I liked that grew up today!


  4. 1 hour ago, Nightmon said:

    Released a low time sapphire in hope of being able to adopt it back fast enough. Miss it. Then the one who adopt it actually abandon it, and I manage to grab it! :')

    It's a thing that you can't grab AP'd eggs or hatchies back anyway if you're the one that last abandoned them - they have to be taken and re-abandoned by someone else before you can grab it again.  So it was extra lucky that person didn't want it :).

  5. 22 minutes ago, Moranna said:

    I thought the drop would happen next week, as it's usually the last Sunday of the month

    For future reference, it's usually the 4th weekend of a month, rather than the last - some months have 5 weekends.  But August was a little wonky, with the 1st being on a Sunday, so I wasn't sure about a release this weekend either.  At least most of my eggs will hatch later tonight & I can grab a few more new eggos then.


    Another thing to note: it's also been 4 weeks since the last new release.