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  1. I just bred an Ember-Magma pair for a lineage project and I was 100% certain that I wouldn't get an egg... and actually I got the first Legi egg out of a Legi - Ember pairing. All the other eggs I got over the last weeks from various Legendary - Ember pairing were Ember eggs and now of all times, when I didn't even expect any egg, I got a Magma? Weird But yeah, I guess it was just pure luck (the few other pairs I bred this week didn't lay any eggs, not even the common ones).
  2. Oh no, my scroll is almost locked and I don't wanna get rid of the eggs I have... guess I've got to wait.
  3. I don't inbreed. When I pick up an inbred egg/hatchi I either abandon it or if I don't have a frozen hatchi of this kind, I freeze it. The only inbreds I have left (cleaned up my scroll a few months ago) are the silver ones because I don't have frozen silver hatchis so far, so I'd like them to reproduce. But they seem to feel that I'd rather get rid of them, so they don't The lineages that Sir Barton posted look nice, though!
  4. I guess every one of the 350 users tried to catch that gold egg that was on the AP for about 5 minutes Who got it?
  5. Man, that's depressing Even though I've got a pretty fast internet connection, it's impossible to catch something I hope that TJ will make it possible to catch these eggs during the next days, too