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  1. @lulubelle00 & runnerdude1: I'm pleased to see that you like the eggs. I felt like spreading a few low gen Blacks
  2. Yay, someone from here found my egg Have fun with it edit: found just now: http://dragcave.net/lineage/QmSaS As an Ember fan I most certainly keep that Also I recently found http://dragcave.net/lineage/qBNAa - already building up a mate with that line.
  3. Bleh!! "The dragons refuse to even go near each other." Guess I have to breed another pair. Found this one http://dragcave.net/lineage/iHoYK on the AP yesterday, I think I'm gonna keep it and make it a mate to an older AP find: http://dragcave.net/lineage/o9uNi
  4. Uh! YES! Absolutely! I twitched multiple times while reading Eragon, because something gave off a faint glow in the book.
  5. My most recent precious AP findings: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LSurJ grabbed that yesterday as a hatchi with 4 days something... why would someone abandon it at that low time? Maybe wrong gender.. However, it's perfect for me http://dragcave.net/lineage/bpLKb I like grays, and the colour combination is intriguing, so I decided to keep it and already bred her a mate http://dragcave.net/lineage/3TrhJ http://dragcave.net/lineage/NqAht I do not like Balloons and I'm not very fond of Neotropicals, but the combination is funny, so I kept it and plan to breed a mate for it as well to continue the lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/YQ7vJ A most beautiful low time egg find yesterday. It'll only be hard to create a mate for it.
  6. Holly Kwilosk (no christmas related name) Yulebuck Navdaj (navidad = christmas in spanish) Felznar (feliz + na(vidad) = merry christmas in spanish) Snow Angel Kledhilek (Gleðileg jól = merry christmas in icelandic, at least according to a dictionary) Joolesh (jol = christmas in icelandic) Ribbon Dancer Caracsya Sonyiket (I think I didn't give them christmas related named... and if so, I forgot ) Winter Magi Hyvaios (Hyvää joulua = merry christmas in finnish) Lykkyon (lykky = luck/fortune in finnish)
  7. I love Ancient Egypt, too. Imo most fascinating is the Pantheon; I once tried to list aaaaall the gods and goddesses and their functions and aspects... not that simple. My favourite egyptian goddess was always Sekhmet. I wish I had the patience to learn hieroglyphs and the languages, or at least one of them. Until a few months ago, there were also 2 egyptians gods painted on my walls, Sobek and Bastet. One of the walls in my room is very suitable for wall paintings, and since Sobek and the elven warrior (Bastet was on another wall) were overcoated, I planned to fill it with new life once I have more time. But I still don't know, if it's gonna be a landscape or maybe parts of the egyptian Pantheon. Also I delved into the egyptian weaponry and armoury for a while when a friend and I planned to develope an online game based on Ancient Egypt, but we abandoned those plans for the lack of time.
  8. I found so many great lineages on the AP, that I can't name them all, but here are a few: an awesome 4th gen fake PB silver Tinsel which is perfect because I have a 4th gen PB fake Bronze Tinsel of which it'll be the mate (hopefully). It's about to hatch and being fooged, so there's no use to posting the lineage link now. These ... two nice Whites This Terrae This Stripe (at least I think it was from the AP) No idea how I'm ever gonna create a mate for this gorgeous 5th gen Winter x Ice I wish I had CB old pinks... This Magi whose lineage is giving pain to my eyes, but which is awesome nevertheless ...and so on
  9. Uhm, they're losing, but already lost much of their value, except 2nd gens, a few 3rd gens and some rare 4th gens maybe. Everything else has become... well, pretty worthless. I'm glad when I get 2-3 CB hatchis for a neat stair 6th gen, don't even bother breeding most of my tinsels anymore. It's okay for me though, that way I can focus more on my (common) lineage projects without having to bother about getting my hands on more tinsels because they might have some value. Only looking for certain low gen rarer lineages now and I guess that's what most people do (except newbies maybe who have a tinsel and don't care about lineages at all and still may easily be happy with any tinsel at all)
  10. Somehow I missed the seasonals back then when examining the list of allowed dragons, so I reconsidered. But no harm done since I hadn't bred the pairs in the bottom half yet. New status report: Speckle x Magi ==> Ekeshu Keaste Comescu Pink x Gray ==> Jastey Iashikel Comescu Ember x Skywing ==> hatchling Daydream x Sunsong ==> hatchling Moonstone x Red White x Electric Sunset x Hellfire ==> egg Ridgewing x Winter ==> egg
  11. @Mustang44: Otherwise was 3 eggs (or 6, when TJ had compassion) in one cave, now it's 3 eggs in 6 biomes, so much better
  12. I'd love to participate (like I already said months ago ) but as I understand it, we aren't supposed to breed the CB parents to any other dragon outside the lineage...? If this is the case, I can't really participate because my CB dragons are not being bred only once, but when I need them, so it's likely they'll get another child from another dragon eventually. But until then, I'll try. My first 2 2nd gens: Speckle x Magi ==> Ekeshu Keaste Comescu Pink x Gray ==> Jastey Iashikel Comescu planning to do: Ember x Skywing Daydream x Sunsong White x Electric Sunset x Hellfire Moonstone x Ridgewing Water x Red
  13. @Michiyo: Did that half a dozen times already... don't see any chicken But I'll keep looking.
  14. Thanks MichiyoSaitou & becrux! Guess I need to run in circles through the forest then... Awesome event and lovely story! Thanks to all who participated in creating it!
  15. Okay, I already got to the hidden room, but I only have 39 items and running in circles doesn't help either... is it 40 items + chicken or is the chicken already included in the 40 items (just so that I know if I need to keep running in circles through the mansion or if I just need to keep checking the forest.
  16. I'd need a 2nd gen White from male CB White & female CB Magma If anyone could help with this, that would be awesome! Of course I'd be willing to breed something from my scroll in return - pm me to discuss it
  17. Desert and, when it's empty, Volcano.
  18. White in the Volcano too. Of course they really need to take a bath afterwards (or maybe they just turn into a gray or get a beautiful glow after a while) but yes, they are there.
  19. I'll let the second one mature and influence it to become a male, as a mate (though they won't breed) for the female.
  20. I just bred an Ember-Magma pair for a lineage project and I was 100% certain that I wouldn't get an egg... and actually I got the first Legi egg out of a Legi - Ember pairing. All the other eggs I got over the last weeks from various Legendary - Ember pairing were Ember eggs and now of all times, when I didn't even expect any egg, I got a Magma? Weird But yeah, I guess it was just pure luck (the few other pairs I bred this week didn't lay any eggs, not even the common ones).
  21. Oh no, my scroll is almost locked and I don't wanna get rid of the eggs I have... guess I've got to wait.
  22. I don't inbreed. When I pick up an inbred egg/hatchi I either abandon it or if I don't have a frozen hatchi of this kind, I freeze it. The only inbreds I have left (cleaned up my scroll a few months ago) are the silver ones because I don't have frozen silver hatchis so far, so I'd like them to reproduce. But they seem to feel that I'd rather get rid of them, so they don't The lineages that Sir Barton posted look nice, though!
  23. I guess every one of the 350 users tried to catch that gold egg that was on the AP for about 5 minutes Who got it?
  24. Man, that's depressing Even though I've got a pretty fast internet connection, it's impossible to catch something I hope that TJ will make it possible to catch these eggs during the next days, too