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  1. Wow, they really do seem to look great with everything. Can't wait to experiment on them. (that sounds so wrong...)
  2. Found a few nice 2nd gens recently, and then these two (after finding the Ember I looked out for a fitting Hellfire and it was on the AP at the same time and I managed to grab it). http://dragcave.net/lineage/5P0dj http://dragcave.net/lineage/OpWv8
  3. *lol* I just had the best miss-click ever... Refreshed over a Silver which usually means that a common egg locks me for 5 hours because I click on the next egg instead - only this time the next egg was a Gold.
  4. These parents are mine Happy to see it found a good home.
  5. Just found this beauty as incuhatchable egg
  6. Oh that's beautiful! Typical! Souly has the best checker ideas! *needs to copy* (and the gif is cute )
  7. Happy you like it, the Blusang's mine
  8. Oh, the parents of the white father are mine Nice to see that someone continued with this combination.
  9. Yeah... as if they'd worry about catching eggs on the 3rd then...
  10. This - can't you give us 2 days of catching instead? One regular tomorrow, Oct. 31st, and then this additional on Nov. 3rd? I planned DC time for tomorrow but I'll very probably be without internet on Nov. 3rd, so as much as I like this gesture for all the people affected by the storm, I don't think it's nice/fair for the rest of the DC community to just cancel the date tomorrow. Noone gets hurt if there'd be two dates for catching.
  11. *sigh* sooo stupid. After a dozen tries a CB pair of Sunset and Canopy finally gave a Sunset egg... and what do I do? Forget about the possibility that it can hatch as a Sunrise. Crap... this lineage takes enough time -.- I hope there'll be another Sunset egg next time and that I then I think about the timing!
  12. Interesting combination. Just inspired me to do this and this to do --> that
  13. I found a few good ones again: this 3rd gen PB Neb - found it as a hatchling! http://dragcave.net/lineage/oWoi3 this awesome 2nd gen Vampire - imo the "parents'" colors look like they actually could be its parents! - http://dragcave.net/lineage/3pL8j this (not really awesome) Harvest http://dragcave.net/lineage/vG8D1 - but with this mate I bred and am raising for it, it'll look nice Also I caught lots of low time 2nd gens and CBs. Thanks for dropping them
  14. Oh, right now I found another beauty... I think I'm gonna keep it: http://dragcave.net/lineage/O7iqL edit: oh, and now this lovely hatchling: http://dragcave.net/view/DtNFN edit2: ...and this nice egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Hljh6 edit3: and another one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/3AZG8 Now I'm egglocked (until this last one hatches)
  15. Just found this cute thing on the AP (as a hatchling) http://dragcave.net/lineage/rt6vd and this a few hours ago as an incuhatchable egg. http://dragcave.net/lineage/crWvD Also a CB Pillow hatchling with 3 hours to live (adult now). I love stalking the AP!
  16. Yay! I'm looking forward to test the updates. Is DC lagging/really slow for anyone else? I hope it sorts itself out soon
  17. Wow, these updates sound great! Thanks! I especially like Action Log, Quick-sorting and filtering, and Summon Scaling!
  18. I caught a few interesting eggs off the AP: 3rd gen Splash. Since I'm not really fond of stairs for common dragons, I started to breed a mirror lineage for it, so I can breed an extended arrowhead in a few weeks. 2nd gen Water from Water x Ice 2nd gen Nebula from Magma x Red Neb and then this awesome 6th gen PB Sunsong. I kinda regret that I caught this one because there were three Sunsong eggs at the time, and after getting this (and locking my scroll) and looking at the line of one of the other sunsongs, I'd rather would have caught that one (Gray x Sunsong checker). Oh w
  19. Uh, pretty indeed! My latest AP catches: 2nd gen NightGlory 2nd gen Neb from Ice 3rd gen Red from Electric
  20. I forgot that this was one of the details of the Allure stats, thanks for the hint. I just checked mine, out of curiosity, I have 1,788 breedable adults, of which 981 have children (54%), altogether 1,525 children.
  21. I guess many of my adult dragons don't have offspring... I usually don't breed them, except for a lineage or if I think the offspring could bring joy to other users (like 2nd gen commons from a Holiday parent). And since I get many more dragons than those, quite a few of the rest should be childless.
  22. I don't like this change either. I liked to have all dragons on one page even though it was 1800 or so. What I would prefer, if splitting up is really necessary, is to be able to put each breed on separate pages. That would make things really easy and convenient, instead of having to search on which page this one particular Lumina or the 5th last of the Embers was.
  23. Found this canopy x old pink beauty just now, and a few days ago this interesting Electro Daydreamer. For this one I bred a mate. A short while ago I grabbed this weird Thuwed Ember. First I wanted to freeze it, because it looks so weird, but then I decided to breed a mate for it too, but it'll take at least another two weeks, before the grandchild of her and him and child of this one can be the Thuwed's mate
  24. I just found this 3rd gen Two-Finned beauty on the AP *keeps it* Thanks @Kith!