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  1. Yup... I already figured someone would beat me to it in case I would win next year, so as soon as the eggs arrived, I checked the code. (however, I'd gladly do without that code if in exchange I got a CB Prize Still having a teeny-weeny hope for the redraw... against all better judgement)
  2. Congrats! This would have been the code I would have chosen, too. I guess the best possible code for a dragon.
  3. Yeah, why not. At least it gives users a choice what to hunt for Support.
  4. This. At first I didn't pay attention to linages. When I started to, I first went looking for all the inbreds on my scroll and abandoned them (or in case of Metals that had already produced an egg, killed them), and I'm just now, 2-3 years after I became first conscious of lineages, going through all my dragons again, renaming the ones that are not CB nor bred by myself, and releasing all with a messy lineage (except my oldest dragon, it will stay on my scroll for proof). I have so many dragons, I don't need the messy ones on my scroll anymore to have a full scroll I - really - like - looking - at - neat - lineages - now.
  5. Concentrating on the description of Pyralspite while hunting in Alpine, and then when the hour drop comes, I f5 and f5 and f5 and f5 and - wait... 3 clicks ago there was a "Polished" in the description. Darn! On a side note, stupid thing DC has done: 3 refusals in my lineage projects just now! What's up with that? I've done hundreds of lineage breedings and got a refusal every three months, and now 3 on one day?
  6. The one I got via trade (around Christmas) was my first ever 2nd gen Thuwed, so it must be that. I am just surprised because I thought it would only count if I get a spot on a Thuwed list myself. I guess now I know better. A bit annoying that I basically refreshed the Thuwed site every ten minutes since yesterday... well... while I was online.
  7. It says "You have recently received one or more Thuwed eggs. You cannot sign up for the list again until 1 week has passed." Does trading also count?
  8. Not a single dragon in this case, but my Ember - Cassare pairings. Bred them again... 16 more Cassare eggs for the AP (again... that makes 89:0) Give me Embers, you tough nuts!!
  9. Cassare must be the worst possible mate for a Prize at the moment. I've tried breeding Embers from my Cassare x Ember pairings... must have tried about 100x now, only Cassare eggs or nothing - and Embers are pretty common too. Good luck though, whoever tries. No doubt it will look beautiful if it's successful (or otherwise, a lot of people are gonna enjoy 2nd gen Shimmer/Tinselfails )
  10. No, it'll probably 2-3 weeks until all winners have answered and backup winners have been drawn and answered. Can't hurt though to keep a slot free on your scroll until you got the egg edit: seriously 'ed
  11. I don't think so. TJ has already drawn winners and "back-up" winners for the redraw... so I assume original winners who missed their chance won't be in the redraw.
  12. I know what you mean but that was just hilarious
  13. No, the CBs not but everything else, including their 2nd gens.
  14. I'm certain they get the "Sorry" message because that would be more than mean, getting a winner message and then not winning because there aren't that many spots for the re-draw
  15. Good point zaverxi! Haven't thought about how it'll be affecting all of us - even non-winners - since all Prize eggs will be clicked. I'll definitely be careful.
  16. I think it's cute... and it's just meant as good fun, isn't it?
  17. *lol* Am I the only one who clicks on the page again every hour to see if the page was perhaps mistaken the first time?
  18. Congrats! Now that's a first, I think! Have you checked your spam folder?
  19. Congrats! About 2-3 weeks I'd guess.
  20. Congrats! I believe it needs to be 5 characters.
  21. Congrats! @Frodo: I think it'll take a while before the egg will be put onto your scroll. Usually only when all winners have answered/filled out the form, so I guess it'll take 2-3 weeks.
  22. Yes, but I think the link tells you immediately: http://dragcave.net/holidays14/raffle edit: 'ed, too
  23. "Sorry, you were not selected as a winner in the 2014 Holiday Raffle." *sigh*
  24. Thanks for the heads-up, TJ! edit: never mind... didn't read the whole sentence, out of excitement.